Sunday, February 17, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Al-Azhar University is reputed to be the oldest university in the world. So they must have surely produced many intellectuals, scholars and not to forget ulama.

But where are they? What have they done to ensure Egypt becomes the most advanced and developed Arab or Muslim country in the world which is also at peace with itself?

And what have they all learnt from the Great Pharaohs or Firaun of old? Nothing. 

What do they teach at the university and what influence it has in the Arab and Muslim Worlds and the entire world? Nothing.

Did this university supply the Egyptian government and industries with topnotch brains? I doubt it.

If they are doing this, then surely, the whole country would not have slid to become such a pariah state that it is now, almost destroyed.

Egypt, like Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and some other countries, are a disgrace to Islam. The people of these countries have not benefited from Islam and Islam has not benefited from them either. They are all still stuck in the Era of Ignorance or ‘Zaman Jahiliyah’ or pre-Islam era.

Two of the most prominent ulama in the Arab and Muslim Worlds are Yusof Gharadawi and al-Tantawi and the grand imam of Majidil-Haram in Makkah and the other grand imam of the Masjid Nabawi in Madinnah, Saudi Arabia.

And yet, there are many think tanks in the Arab countries.

But where are they? What have they been doing all this while?

If they are so important and influential and whose knowledge on Islam is so good, why then are the Arab countries suffering?

They are all suffering from poor quality leadership. And the ulama are to be blamed for this.

They have been sitting and looking elsewhere, leaving the streets open for discontent to be bred.

And all that the Arabs needed was for the Zionist and CIA elements to create a spark, and the whole country and regions end up in smoke.

Arab Spring was created by the Arabs. But its original goal which was to replace and remove Arab regimes which were friendly to the Zionists and America, has been hijacked by the same Zionists and America, to turn it into a revolution to remove Islamic-based political parties.

Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt is experiencing this.

They won in the first popular elections, post Hosni Mubarak regime, but was hijacked by the Zionists and America which did not want them to hold on to power. They wanted Islamic elements out of national politics in the country.

And the other Arab countries, too are experiencing this when one by one their popularly elected governments are being replaced at the behest of the Zionists and America, which did not want to deal with them; they also did not know how to deal with such Islamic-based governments.

And the Zionists and America feared if this was not stopped, sooner or later, all the Arab countries would turn to look at them.

The Zionist state and America wanted to have their way out of this mess, so they created the mess in Egypt and the other Arab countries.

Yet, the stupid Egyptians and other Arabs in the region did not know this.

They are not helped by their equally stupid ulama who have lost whatever influence they had by them keeping quiet.

They are so stupid that they do not know how to comprehend what is happening in their own countries.

They surely do not have any influence amongst their own people, being ulama, simply because they do not have the credibility to make them stop killing each other, by saying that such acts are unIslamic and they were all prodded to do so by their real enemies, the Zionists and America.

It is therefore ironic, how the newly-elected governments are quick to embrace America, which had caused their countries so much pain and suffering, when the people had come up in droves to Tahrir Square in Cairo and other squares to evict the regimes which had controlled them, at the behest of the same America who was doing the bidding for the Zionist state.

They Arabs are so dumb that they do not know what has been hitting them and from where the first spark had been lit, and who first bombed the buildings and assassinated their leaders.

Even the assassination of the leader of the opposition in Tunisia can be traced to some clandestine acts by the Zionists and CIA, who have exhibited similar traits before, with the Zionists now openly admitting to have assassinated Yasser Arafat.

And not only that the Zionists too have been charged and had admitted to having assassinated five Iranian scientists.

The Zionists can do it and admit it publicly without them fearing retribution, for that can never come.

But what if one of their own scientists is killed by mysterious means? Wouldn’t they want to immediate charge Iran for committing such acts even when it was a mere accident?

Therefore, it is strange and stupid of the Egyptians and Tunisians and other Arabs to not want to charge the Zionists or the CIA for committing the assassinations in their countries, because they are the ones who can benefit from such acts.

The respective governments or opposition cannot benefit from them.

It is also another insidious way that the Zionists and CIA or America can do to get the best effect of forcing the Arabs to continue to kill each other and destroy their own countries, so the Zionist state can remain peaceful, living in a region which is not so.

And luckily the Melayu-Muslim leaders of Malaysia and Indonesia are not as dumb as the Arab political and Islamic leaders.

Similar acts were done in Jakarta, where small groups were paid to cause dissent and opposition to Malaysia, but the problem was not allowed to grow.

The Zionists and CIA only managed to make those fringe groups of unemployed Indonesians to stop targeting American businesses in the city and also in Batam where Singaporean interests are.

Other than that, the Melayu-Muslims have managed to thwart whatever attempts to cause friction between Malaysia and Indonesia.

If the majority of the Melayu in these two countries are as stupid and as dumb as the Egyptians and Arabs in the Middle East, there would have been Konfrantasi, Part II or Confrontation, Part II between Malaysia and Indonesia by now.

But this hasn’t, and chances are this could not happen, as the Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia are more superior compared to the Muslims in the Middle East.

However, both Malaysia and Indonesia have not actually done much to prove to the Arabs whose first got Islam, buy teaching them how to better behave themselves, by introducing the Sinema Nusantara Melayu and the New Islamic Cinema as tools to promote Melayu Unity and World Muslim Unity.

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