Tuesday, February 5, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

This is my reaction to those who had found the time to comment on my latest piece 'MALAYSIA NEEDS MORE LEADERS OF ALL TYPES AND NOT USELESS AND PATHETIC ACTIVISTS AND PSEUDO-POLITICIANS WITH SECOND-HAND VIEWS' which was published in Malaysia-Today some years ago.

And if I care so much about what has been commented on what I have written, I would have stopped writing long ago.

For those who could not understand this; it does not refer to any particular group of persons, but to all of them, including Khairy who has been known and seen to have gone to the US embassy to demonstrate.

As someone who had studied in England, and not America, he could do that. But I doubt it if he is willing to do the same in front of the British High Commission.

Anyone who had studied and lived in America for a long period of time will not dare to do it in front of the US embassy unless if he wants to be seen as an ingrate. Because he will be able to find other intelligent ways to relate with the officials of the embassy and engage them on any debate on any issue.  

To those who had commented on my article I say, Stick with your own views and take them everywhere...expand them and write a book on them and see how far they go.

Your views and opinions are only respected by the others from the way you show your respect to those whose views you wish to comment on.

(This is where the mainstream media has an advantage, that they do not publish nonsensesical comments on any issue but once and not of the same type by the others. They only publish views that are totally different that add up to the healthy debate on these issues. They do not allow the commentators to belittle anyone or worse, his or her parents.)

Don't just write using pseudonyms and in few sentences or paragraphs when you can expand your views and come up with books that can be published and shared with many, unless if you have important facts to divulge that can cause other persons bodily harm.

However, if your views are plain views, then why fear to identify yourselves? 

Therefore, I find it also ironic that many of them have demanded writers of articles to expose their identity, while the commentators and critics prefer to remain anonymous.

The strange part is that most of the short comments or criticisms are so general that they are applicable to almost all issues. And no wonder they are written by almost the same persons and from the way their comments are written, they all look like they have similar academic and professional backgrounds and level of understanding of English.

One does not need to be a psychologist to be able to tell this. I only studied this subject as a course at college to know it.

This is prove that these people do not favor democracy which allows for the differing of views and opinions on everything, and they want to force everybody to think like them, when they, themselves are so scared to reveal their identity and write their own pieces for others to see how good they are.

Many do not have any real issue to highlight in the first place, and only know how to pass judgment on those that they read. Can they be respected for doing just this?

It is always better to write original essays or articles than to comment on those which had been written by the others.  

Remember this: In any debate, it is the original speaker who has the final say in it, and this previlage is never given to those who ask questions or comment on his speech or presentation.

This is my immediate comment on all those nameless persons who had found the time to write their views. Don't they know that the right to freedom of expression is a universal right even if that right extends who only wishes to use it to shame themselves?

This they often do if they try to shame the others first. In Islam, once a person does that, it is they who are shamed. The names that they give others, are those they should have for themselves.  

Worse, is when they called the names of other people's fathers, especially if they are long dead.

Ninety percent of what they have written do not have any academic quality; they do not make any attempt to be serious other than to belittle. While I have always adopted a non-confrontational approach to what I write.

They are only engaged with the play with words while not fully comprehending what the main trust of the articles are.

Did Tian-Chua or for that matter all the 'Tuan-Chuas' mind? After all, he has also been known to parody others, too.  

I thank Malaysia Today for allowing me space to voice my opinions on issues that attract my attention so I can share them with those who wish to listen and hopefully, be affected by them. However, I will only do so until such a time when it becomes necessary for me to create my own website.

And this will only happen when I get to publish the 60 books I have written in Malay and English in a special world record edition. They are books of many genres, particularly novels that are set in many of the 33 countries I have visited so far to search for interesting stories.

A record like this has never been created by anyone in the world and it has happened by chance -- by the grace of god and the introduction of the computer which has allowed me to write even faster than I could think so much so that.

And you cannot be like any average person -- Mat, Chong and Samy -- if you can do even half of what I aim to do.  

For the first time I am responding to some of those who had written about what I had earlier written that some of them had picked on the issues that are not there in the first place.

They have the right to respond. Who cares what they say anyway, especially if they do not do it correctly? Some of the writers have turned the Malaysia Today website into the walls in public toilets where they scribble nonsensical comments that stink as bad as the toilets themselves.

They do not respect the power of the words nor the toilets for allowing their ideas and comments to be flushed by the next person who uses them.  

Do they think they are more superior that they can judge the views and opinions of the others while not exposing their true identity and tell everybody what their academic background and professional experiences are?

If they do not do that, they are just releasing hot air.

And do remember: In any discourse or debate, it is the proposer who is often given the right of way to rebuke, with those who oppose having to accept it, unless if they want to propose anything by offering their own views and opinions by writing their own pieces and post them in the website.

This is what happens each time I get invited to speak in public and there are people from the floor who come to the microphone during the question-and-answer session. They ask few questions and immediately rush out of the hall. Why? Because they fear that their questions will elicit answers that could floor them.

Speakers and other individuals who are invited to speak in public forums to present papers are respected persons, otherwise, they would not have been invited to speak in the first place.

And all of them are there not because they are able to speak, but mostly, because they are also able to answer questions however tough and senseless or even stupid so that they can see some brilliance in the stupidity of the others and pick on that to explain.

Unfortunately, the nameless persons are not familiar with such a situation and think they have the right of way and the original speaker does not have the right to rebut.  

But did they also want to admit that I also have similar rights as anyone to voice my views? If the don't think so they are not liberal and educated humans.

Did I ever call any names? They misspelled mine and my dead father's name. My father who died on 15 September, 1998, had left behind 20 children with his two wives, whom he married one after the other, after his first wife died at child birth, marrying my mother who was a widow with one son. So with him, we have 21 persons.

If those who think I am a coward who hides behind a pseudonym like them, they are wrong. I can speak in public like what I have done, including in many countries and on television. Just last week I was on RTM1 live for one hour with Rosyam Nor on his 'Fenomena Seni' program. And I might be speaking in another forum in Johor Baru and in Banda Acheh, Sumatera in August.

I am sorry to hear the things that those nameless individuals have written about me. They have not actually written about what I have said and charged like a bull, and ending up knocking their heads on a concrete wall, taking all the 'Tian-Chuas' with them.

The essay is not about one Tian-Chua, a fellow Melakan, but all the 'Tian-Chuas' who are brave to do some of the ridiculous things in the streets but not at places where it matters such as the parliament where he is now one of its 222 members.

Bung Raden Mokhtar is 'smart' in a stupid way. He is able to manipulate the parliamentary system to trust himself, while the others remain mute and coy. For this reason people like the Bung are able to get space, which was provided by the mute MPs.

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