Saturday, February 2, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

America is proud to have eliminated Osama bin Laden. But they do not realize that they have eliminated his physical person.

But they are not able to eliminate Osama bin Laden, the hero of many Afghans, Arabs and other Muslims.

Osama will rise the moment American forces flee from Afghanistan, as it was what Osama aimed to see happening.

It may not be realized when he was still alive, but chances are it is happening soon.

And no one knows what the Afghans will do the moment American forces leave Afghanistan, if they are going to celebrate and ‘reinstall’ Osama’s stature as the real liberator of Afghanistan.

America does not realize what the near future holds for them, when their forces leave or flee from Afghanistan, in shame.

They don’t even dare to admit the many thousands of the American forces who have died in Afghanistan, and how many more who continue to suffer psychological problems.

The problem with America is that their SEAL’s unit can do anything to anyone in the world, to eliminate their enemies, but what they cannot do, ever, is how many more enemies they are creating, with one enemy they eliminate.

Therefore, the more America eliminates its enemies, the more they create new ones.

This is something that the FBI, CIA and NSA officials and the American diplomats all over the world have all failed to realize, that they have neglected to forward their views on the matter to the senior officers in Pentagon and the CIA Headquarters that could impact the political decisions of those in Congress and also the White House.

America therefore, has to realize quickly that they cannot be proud that they are able to contain and eliminate their enemies who they had created in the first place, without suffering the side effects of getting new enemies.

It is also ironic how some of the enemies of America are from amongst those in the country itself and they may not necessary be Muslims, but true-blooded American pseudo-Christians and pseudo-Catholics and whoever.

How many of the domestic terrorism activities had been inflicted by loners in America?

They are not real loners, who did not know what they were doing. They knew very well what they were up to and who had prodded them to doing what they had done, killing schoolchildren in public schools and other places.

These loners who have access to guns, like to choose such premises, because they tend to be able to create the best impact in the minds of the Americans and their media.

But they are not able to fully comprehend of explain what they were doing other than to do what they had set up to do.

The truth is that there are many Americans who are affected by what their leaders had done on the others, the enemies that they had created from amongst the Arabs and Afghans, and now the Iranians.

They are the invisible enemies of America that America creates who operates ‘one-man’ forces which their FBI, CIA and NSA could not detect, much less know who they are until they have made their presence felt, in the form of which they too could not comprehend other than to expect the worse and most original.

America does not know how to make friends from those who have been helping to develop their economy – the Arabs and other Muslims, who have been giving them much of their talent and natural resources, notably OIL, for without which America could not survive for long.

More than that, the Arabs and other Muslims have also been providing America with the vast markets of their products in all shapes and forms.

But what if the Arabs and other Muslims become smarter and start to realize how they can make America go bankrupt by simply stopping to get those products from America and make these themselves?

This can happen. In fact, this has been happening in small ways. The effects are being felt now with the meltdown of the economy of America and especially those few countries in the European Union which are suffering now.

The situation cannot become better for these countries and the spillover can extend far and wide, including to America, too.

So when this finally happens, America has only itself to blame for having caused the Arabs and other Muslims to react in such fashion.

And that finally happens; can America depend on the Zionists to help prop up their economy?

At the present time, America and the Zionists can only hope that the Arabs and other Muslims to continue being stupid and do things in haste and to react to the political and military actions of those two countries, without knowing what the effects on their countries are, even when they are being destroyed to smithereens; yet, the Arabs are still lost in their own narrow views of world politics and to continue to hurt each other, more than they can ever hurt their real and unknown but obvious enemies.

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