Monday, August 4, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

(This is written as a personal tribute to the Late Gary Braut, who liked to describe himself
as 'The Jew who fell in love with Malaysia and its people, who owned the Precision
Automative factory in Selayang employing more than 150 employees mostly Bangladeshi
who passed away in January, 2011, having lived in Malaysia for close to 20 years.)

Someone must write the truth about the thinking and mentality of the Zionist leaders
especially the prime minister of the Zionist state of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to expose
the factors involved.

Here is an original analysis of it, which I hope can be published so that the Palestinian
Issue can be looked at in a totally different light instead of harping on the old ones.

The state of Israel does not have a natural supply of water and it does not have natural
security features to allow it to be safe from the elements and neighbors.

No wonder before the state was established, the land was under Palestine or Jordan, which
had these factors.

No one has ever, ever done any serious study into the minds of the Zionist leaders of the present day Zionist state of Israel and how they came to be so shaped.

No wonder, one tends to get carried away and react to whatever they do, which are often those that they had done before, and continuously, to exert themselves, taking any action by the Palestinians who they call ‘militants’ for trying to disturb the peace the Zionists and their supports should enjoy living in the land that was not theirs in the first place.

The cycle of events and pseudo-events look like they are a repeat of past incursions by the Zionist forces against the hapless Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

I made a visit to Ramallah in September, 1999 when I was invited to show some of my film and television dramas at the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center there, at a time when there was talk about everlasting peace that was going to happen soon. But it was not to be.

The reason being, the Zionists would not have anything to do with it. They knew they stood to lose big if this happen, with the two-state solution allowing the Palestinians back on their lands and those lands that had been taken over by force by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) returned.

The Zionist leaders knew they were not ready for such a scenario that could be bad for them.

But at the same time they knew they were stuck in a limbo, of not being able to go anywhere towards achieving peace with the Palestinians and the Arabs who are surrounding them.

They knew whatever land they could keep, would not be sustainable, and how the Zionist Elders had made a terrible mistake for encouraging them to go to the land which was barren that could not support human habitation.

Worse when the smarter Jews refused to return to Israel leaving the state with those who were mere economic desperadoes from the former east European states and soviet union to take up citizenship who have actually moved into the new concentration camp created by the elders of Zion and being surrounded by the Zionist wall of shame.  

Land with no water and is located in an area which is not only parched but also unsafe, with poor security features.

These two factors are what had forced the Zionist leaders to become crazy in their search to steal more land that could ensure they have a steady supply of water, and which is also safe in terms of the security of the state.

Where does it say that the Zionists Elders would be the saviors of the Jews? The name or word Zionists is not mentioned in the Jewish holy books, the Torah and Talmud.

The Zionist Elders appeared to think that they are the real saviors of the Jews, when the holy books of the Jews clearly do not mention them.

And what could the creation of the Zionist state of Israel achieve? Nothing!

They did not even dare to call the state as such. Yet, they believe that Zionism is the only way for the salvation of the World Jewry.

And there are no Zionist Clubs in any university in America too including perhaps in the Zionist state of Israel where they should have established them to be much like the Boys’ Scout or Red Crescent movements which are good for the world. 

It was not even mentioned in the two holy books of the Jews.

In fact, the land that the Zionists now claim to be the Zionist state of Israel was not even provided with the barest essentials to allow whoever that live in it to survive for long.

The land can only continue to exist if it is part of Jordan, Syria and Palestine. How?

Here’s how.

The land that the Zionists call the state of Israel was not even provided with water. That was how thoughtful their Gods were when they created this land which is devoid of this basic necessity to sustain any human being and colony.

The land was also devoid of trees, and those areas that had trees were all in the other regions where the Palestinians were, before they were displaced by the Zionists who grabbed and stole the land to create their own state.

It was also so shaped so much so that it is left vulnerable to outside forces that could threaten its very existence if it is under Zionist occupation.

This is a fact of nature that the land of the Zionist state of Israel cannot exist if the Zionist leaders did not steal land from Jordan to ensure that the water it has is used by the Zionists and Jews there.

And Golan Heights in Jordan was so created to show to the Zionists that the land they had stolen from the Palestinians and Jordanians cannot be held by them for so long unless if they also steal the Heights to use as a military post like what they are doing now.

Therefore, from what nature had provided, the Zionist state of Israel could not exist on its own; it can only do so if it is part of Palestine, Jordan and Syria which can co-exist like it had happened before for centuries, until the small group of Zionist Elders decreed that they had to create a homeland for the Jews who had Zionist inclination, a political tool and philosophy that do not match with the real existence of the Jews so much so that the Orthodox Jews or Hassidic Jews do not recognize the existence of the Zionist state of Israel.

This group of Jews ought to know better what the Jews can do and must do, which is to live with the Palestinians until the advent of their Messiah. And the Zionist Elders are not the messiahs or saviors. 

The Zionist Elders did not even know simple logic and geography to realize that the land they wanted to create a homeland for the Jews with Zionist leanings to be barren and good for the dead, since ancient times.

And the Original Jews had fled to other areas and countries which are Arabic where Islam was the more prominent religion so that they were able to prosper living in these countries.

In Singapore a Jew was elected by the mostly non-Jew population including many Muslim voters to high office, that of the chief minister of the country.

And there were large Jewish communities in all the major cities in the Arab and other Muslim countries who were able to live in peace with the local Muslim population, because they did not have Zionist leanings.

Those who sympathized with Zionism and believed in this pseudo-political ideology soon found their way to the Zionist state of Israel thinking that such a move was in line with ancient Jewish edicts.

Unfortunately, they were all frustrated when they realize that the Zionists did not offer them any salvation; they had to endure persecution by being stuck in the New Concentration Camp otherwise known as the Zionist state of Israel, a state that does not enjoy cordial relationship with the majority of the countries in the world, where they are not able to shout on top of their throats, to say how proud they are for being Jews and Zionists, too.

The Zionists in the state of Israel live in fear even in this entity and scared if they leave it to travel anywhere in the world.

They cannot communicate with anyone speaking in English and much less Hebrew, the original language of the Jews.

There are also no Little Israels in any major city in the world especially in America.

So there is no way for the Zionist Leaders today to be able to return the lands they had stolen from the Jordanians and Palestinians because to do that, they will all perish living in such an unfriendly environment with no natural water supply.

And despite their brilliance, they had yet to discover how to desalinate sea water which they can get from the Mediterranean Sea, so that they do not have to continue surviving on water that is stolen from the Jordanians.

Worse, the Zionist Leaders will never be able to expand their level of intelligence because to be able to do this, they could find themselves believing more and more of what the Orthodox Jews or Hassidic Jews and Arabs and other Muslims have been saying all these years, that the real and true future of the Jews is in the hands of the Arabs and Palestinians, as what the World Hassidim says.

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