Wednesday, August 6, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

So far only 1,867 Palestinians mostly young children have been killed by the Zionists who suffer sixty-seven casualties on their side.

This is certainly not a small number, considering how they had decided to attack Gaza just to revenge against the kidnapping and death of three young Zionist kids.

The Zionist must therefore be happy knowing how they had served the their three kids, and ignore the fact that they had caused the death of sixty-seven Zionists who were mostly soldiers and some civilians.

The excuse that the Zionist leaders had and the military strategy that they had used to launch their latest attack on Gaza is certainly a strange one.

The Zionist generals and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu must have all read the ‘How to revenge the death of three Zionist kids and pay with the death of sixty-seven Zionists’ book again and again to know that the results to be worth it.

The life of the Zionists is not that worthless after all…and the dead Zionists must be happy in the Zionist haven, thanks to the generals and Netanyahu.     

Why must the world feel sorry for the Palestinians, for being slaughtered and mercilessly killed by the Zionists? This is news. And the whole world especially the other Arabs and Muslims must feel sorry for them. This is a family affair!

And it is also news if a young Zionist kid is slapped in the face by a Palestinian, but not news if a whole village in Gaza is razed to the ground taking with it everybody in somebody’s clan.

And it is also a joke when Benjamin Netanyahu said he would seek revenge over the kidnapping and then death of three Zionist kids who he charged Hamas for the act, when there was no proof to lead them to Hamas.

The act could have been done by the Zionists themselves, who would then put the blame on Hamas.

And to get justice for the three Zionist kids, Netanyahu had to allow the death of scores of Zionists soldiers.

It was also reported by a member of the Zionist cabinet how one million Zionists had to seek a shelter from bunkers fearing being attacked by Hamas.

But the Zionists did not care to the millions of Palestinians who could not seek shelter from any bunker in Gaza or the West Bank because there was none, and those that were available had to be destroyed, because they were deemed to be ‘tunnels’ for Hamas to smuggle arms.

Netanyahu had even the cheek to say that the Hamas leaders gladly parade dead Palestinian children to the world media when their numbers had increased to the thousands.

But what the Palestinians do not want to tell all those people is how if given the chance, they would take all opportunity to kill each other.

Now God is giving them due justice for their own stupidity.

The Arabs and Muslims who sympathize with them must realize that the Palestinians themselves are not ready to look at their real enemies; they create their own from within their own community, with their leaders acting to provoke them.

This must please the Zionists who did not have to do much to get more of the Palestinians killed, by themselves.

And if they is any semblance of peace, the Zionists will make sure that they do something to create trouble in Gaza or the West Bank, so that the Palestinians cannot live in peace.

And what use is there for other Arab countries to come to the aid of the Palestinians now? They can offer their sympathy, boycott products from Israel and those companies that support the cause of World Zionism without admitting it.

This is all that the whole world can do. But this is not enough.

The Palestinians themselves must come to terms with themselves and not create enemies from amongst themselves so that they can confront their common enemies.

Unfortunately, after more than seven decades of being in such a despicable state, the Palestinians still do not know how to go about solving their problems, most of which were created by themselves, and some others by the Zionists and current leaders headed by Benjamin Netanyahu who has got it easy since he knew how to create fiction amongst the Palestinians by not allowing the two factions in Palestine to unite.

And there are more stupider Arab and Muslim leaders in Malaysia and elsewhere who like to blame the United Nations like they did not know what the UN is, which is nothing but an extension of the American state department.

Its secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon gladly parrot whatever statements the American secretary of state says. No wonder their statements often sound similar like they were written by the same person.

But the sad reality is that the Palestinians themselves are not ready to fight any war with the Zionists. They are not done with fighting with each other yet.

The Zionists only know how to take full advantage of the situation by just provoking the two warring factions in Palestine, so that they can start another round of confusion in Palestine.

The ball is at the feet of the Palestinians now. Do they still want to fight each other and then on the side pretend to confront the Zionists, or do they want to be easy prey to the rockets fired by the Zionists?

They had not made any decision on this, so in the meantime, they have to bear the consequences of being the targets of rocket and artillery attacks by the Zionists who now know better not to launch a land attack, lest they would suffer greater casualties.

Arabs and Muslims should sympathize with the Palestinians for the wrong reason; they should all sympathize with the Palestinians for being stupid for fighting over petty matters for so long.

They had not decided to confront their common problem and enemy head-on, because they still can be manipulated by the Zionists counterintelligence agents who can provoke the Palestinians to fight each other.

There may be more Palestinians who were killed by the Palestinians themselves than by the Zionists.

And it is a joke for the Palestinians to threaten to bring the Zionist to the ICC. They are Palestinian clowns who do not know what they are talking about.

And not shockingly, even Ban Ki-Moon is saying that what the Zionists are doing in Gaza is tantamount to a war crime! What a joke! What a joker! 

It looks like the Zionists know more about Islam than the Palestinians themselves. So no wonder the Zionists decide to attack Gaza during Ramadan when the Palestinians were fasting.

And the Palestinians do not know Islam that much, or else they would feel sorry for themselves that whatever they knew about the religion is not practiced by them.

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