Friday, August 1, 2014


By Mansor Puteh


But they did not say is that the Zionists are defending the land they had stolen from the Palestinians! And the Palestinians cannot do anything to wrest it back from the Zionists!

One cannot forget history, or history will forget one… so said someone insignificant at the stall somewhere in Malaysia sometime ago.

Yet, the Zionists seem to think that what they are doing and what they have been doing all these years, which is to create the Zionist state of Israel was to highlight the misdeeds that the world had done to their history.

Yet, in the very end, it will be history which will tell them that what they are doing is wrong, when the time comes, when the table turns around against them.

Adolf Hitler thought he had had it all until his fortunes changed.

Hitler could very well be the Hero of the Palestinians and Arabs and other Muslims, since it was his main goal to see the extermination of the Jews in Europe and the world, and if he had been successful, could cause the Middle East today to be more peaceful.

The person did not refer to anyone; he did not know about the existence of Benjamin Netanyahu as the remark was uttered to no one in particular, which caught into my eardrums, as Netanyahu was yet in control of the Zionist state, but Ariel Sharon who died in mysterious circumstances after he felt remorseful at his earlier actions against the hapless Palestinians.

Sharon went into a deep coma for years, before succumbing to his death, not so long after Nelson Mandela, a serious critic of the Zionist state of Israel and of Apartheid that is practiced in the artificially created state, whose only claim to fame was that it was supported by the United Nations and the veto power of America.

The person at the stall somewhere in Malaysia has left the earth, but what he says and has left behind resonate loud and clear even today and especially in the Middle East.

And the person he might have well been referring to is Natanyahu himself, The Beat of the Middle East.

The Zionists have military arsenal that they had to get rid off, because they had been sitting in the godowns for too long; and before they can replenish it with new stuff from America, they had to do something ‘useful’ and also give target practice to their new generation of Zionist soldiers, in their civilian army who had not tasted firing the rockets and missiles or bombs.

The logic is: If these Zionist kids did not have experience hating the Palestinians when they are young, they can never grow up hating them all their lives.

And what better time for the Zionists to launch their attack on Gaza than during the start of the Holy month of Ramadan, when the Palestinians and all Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, when they are said to be less agile, when they are not able to retaliate with ferocity than they could in other months.

This much the Zionists seem to know about Islam. But what else that they do not know or do not wish to know about this religion?

That Islam can triumph whatever that comes their way.

Losing some land in Palestine to the Zionist does not make the Arabs and other Muslims to lose their minds or sleep; because they know they are gaining grounds all around, especially in the West – Europe and America, where more and more Arabs and other Muslims are congregating through the system that had made it possible for them to be there, when they should remain in their own countries and in their caves…

So sooner or later, the whole of the west and America will be dominated by them, thus causing even the small and shrinking Zionist and Jewish community in America to lose grounds to them, including in politics and academia.

In the meantime let the Arabs and other Muslims sell newspapers at the subway stations or stalls in every street, a chore many hot-blooded Americans find to be repulsive to them to take. They prefer to stay homeless than to take up those jobs.

So far one thousand Palestinians have been slaughtered or assassinated by them. This is not a good score as it cost a lot to achieve this target which falls short of the expectations of their officers and especially Netanyahu himself, who definitely would like to see a higher figure.

Unfortunately, Netanyahu and the high Zionists military officers had failed to realize that they too suffer from casualties.

So far forty Zionist soldiers including two civilians and a Thai worker have been killed in retaliation by Hamas.

This is not a small feat, considering that Hamas was not capable of launching the type of attacks using similar weapons as the Zionists who also have their Iron Dome security blanket they had constructed to cover the whole of the Zionist state.

Yet, the number of Zionists who have been killed can be described as too large.

There is no cause for the Zionists and Netanyahu to celebrate as much as Hamas too have not much cause to do the same.

Netanyahu and the Zionist leadership also do not seem to favor sending their dead by giving them any dignity as ‘heroes’ of the land; so they are buried quietly and away from the glare of publicity that heroes are often given in other countries.

In America and the west, even cats and dogs are given better treatment when they die and are buried.

What is there for Netanyahu and the Zionist leadership to be proud of when they are the reasons why the Zionist soldiers and the others had died, a useless and senseless death at the hands of their mortal enemies, Hamas and from mortars which are inferior to those rockets which are more superior that the Zionists are using to kill more Palestinians.

In the end, the kidnapping and murder of the three Zionist kids, for which the Zionists are using as an excuse to retaliate against Hamas, cannot add up, since the death of more Zionists have happened and the number can rise in the days ahead, with more Zionist soldiers and some civilians becoming unnecessary casualties.

Yet, till now the Zionists do not have any proof to show that Hamas or the Palestinians had kidnapped the Zionist kids; who could very well become pawns in the game played by the Zionists themselves, who might have committed the deed even on its own selves, just to show that Hamas done it.

Yet, till now the six Zionist soldiers who were implicated for the murder of a Palestinian kid, who happens to be American, too, have not been charged.

America does not care about its own citizens if they are killed by the Zionists like they did not care about U.S.S. Liberty because they too had done pretty much the same deed on Iran Air Flight 655, even if the plane had more Americans on board as much as the Iranians.  

Three of them have admitted to the murder, yet, the case has not been brought to trial.   

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