Thursday, August 14, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

I had the opportunity to visit Iran a few times and Syria for the first time attending film festivals, markets and forums, and to few Arab and other Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh, and also Indonesia.

But surprisingly or not, there are no sissies or soft or inefffimate men in all these countries.

If there were, they did not flaunt their sissiness publicly, where they know such acts are frowned upon unlike in some other so-called Muslim countries and especially the West and America, where they do so gladly, although the sight of those people even in America may just be nothing but an disproportionate media splash that can only be seen on certain programs on television especially the so-called fashion ones.

The truth is that even in America, one hardly ever see such men in female clothes except may be in closed private and Halloween parties and in certain Hollywood films.

There are, unfortunately, many of them in the so-called K-Pop activities of South Korea where the boys and young men like to cross-dress while performing in live concerts or video clips with their hair dyed blonde singing in a language which is not universal and purely for the Koreans. They and their acts are one hundred percent copied from America.

K-Pop –meaning Korean Pop, or Konfused Pop?!

It is good to know that such people were not developed in these countries, compared to the other Muslim countries which like to claim to be more Islamic than the others.

They were all created by the poor social and cultural system aided by their poor quality intellectualism and creativity which encourage such a group of people to exist.

They can only be created in America and the west, and not so much in the East and most of all in the true Muslim countries.

Malaysia, unfortunately, has a small and dwindling group of such men, but their number is getting smaller and smaller, as Malaysia becomes a better and truer Muslim country than it is now.

It is also happening in Indonesia as the country becomes more Islamic.

Brunei does not have such a group of people, because it is a true Muslim country, such as in Aceh, too, despite it not being a true Muslim sovereign country yet.

However, one can see them in large numbers in America and the west, where the creation and presence of such men have been seen as a natural process and not due to some flaws in their social and cultural system.  

Worse, when there is also the prevalent use of drugs by some of the Muslim men and women which is prove that the so-called Islamic countries may not be Islamic after all.

Yet, there are so many of them in Malaysia, and some of them are Melayu-Muslims with the rest Chinese.

There are not many Indians who are sissies. But there are some who cross-dress in India, who are happy to lead the lifestyle that they had grown up with.

Malaysian Muslims practice the Sunnah Wal-Jamaah sect of Islam, yet, the presence of the sissies draw attention on how in practice they may not fully appreciate that fact.

Otherwise, why are there so many sissies amongst the Muslims in the country?

There is no sissy amongst the newly reverted or Saudara Baru as they are called.

In Malaysia the Muslims who are sissies and also cross-genders are mostly those who may have been ‘encouraged’ to appreciate this sort of lifestyle from the exposure to western literature, cinema and television, courtesy of the government and private television stations which like to have characters of such nature in their programs.

There is a case of Muslim cross-gender who later repented and who seems to be happy wearing male clothes and behaving like a real man and also calling himself by his original male name, despite him still having a voice that sounds like a woman’s, which he cannot do much.

I have yet to see a sissy man in Iran or Syria or the other Muslims I have visited thus far. Where are they? They don’t seem to exist.

In fact, I have also not seen any sissy man in Aceh in North Sumatera where I have been to a few times. They just don’t allow the men to cross-dress that would ultimately encourage them to go on to the next step of being cross-genders and sissies.

The obvious fact is that the men did not grow up exposed to western literature, cinema and television and publications which like to trust such characters in their magazines and newspapers.

So it was nice to be in Iran and Syria and the other Arab and other Muslim countries where outward exhibition and pride for being members of the so-called ‘third sex’.

Even in America where the ‘third sex’ was said to have been created and encouraged, does not seem to have that many sissies; except that they seem to be given a lot of publicity in the media since many of them are involved in the fashion industry.

And it is also ironic how in Malaysia where the Muslims practice the Sunnah Wal-Jammah sect of Islam, yet, there are sissies.

Compare this to the other Muslim countries that subscribe to the other sects, one cannot see men who are sissies and who cross-dress.

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