Monday, October 5, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

The civil war in the Arab countries have not stopped; they have not done enough to serve the cause of the Zionists who knew they could not be directly involved in the destruction of the Arab countries, so they had to use proxies.

They, however, have been working clandestinely to cause confusion and destruction in the Arab countries whose leaders did not know better how to study the filthy minds of the Zionist leaders.

They only know how to react and over-react even when they can see what they had done everywhere to destroy their own properties and kill their own kind using weapons they did not know how to manufacture, but those that were given to them and made by the others, the real enemies of the Arabs and of Islam.

These Arab leaders and their people have embraced Islam longer than any other Muslim elsewhere, yet, they are still in the Age of Jahiliyah.

They have been made to look at themselves more especially now that they have OIL and a lot of that which they can now use against the fellow Arabs.

And from the looks of it, it looks like they have not benefited much from it or anything at all, worse of all American-style democracy that the country had tried to introduce.

Can anyone deny this?

The Arabs and Muslims are not truly benefiting from Islam; it is those who do not believe in the religion who accept Islamic ideals who are benefiting more from the religion. They only do not accept Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.

It is not that they also accept Christianity; they do not. They also started to reject this faith and this has led them to go astray which prodded them to do the unimaginable.

Even the Zionists do not accept Judaism like the Orthodox Jews who care for it. The Zionists are anti-Judaism, the Orthodox or Hassidic Jews charged.

They may be right, since they are the true believers of the faith and not the Zionists who cannot use secularism but Zionism a philosophy that did not exist until fairly recently.

This is also how some Arab states have become pseudo-Zionists, too, in more ways than one, for their hatred of fellow Arabs and Muslims who they did not care when their countries were at peace, and who are only too quick to destroy them when they are at the weakest point in their existence.

So it’s too bad the infidels who do not believe in Islam are the ones who are benefiting from the religion.

It looks to me that those who do not profess the religion of Islam are the ones who are truly practicing the religion while those who profess the religion are not practicing it.

One needs to look at the countries in Europe which for now is pseudo-Christians and secular, because their early leaders did not have much faith in their own religions, so they did not wish to establish Christian states but secular ones instead.

They cannot be faulted.

But this does not mean that their countries are backward, even if they did not profess the religion of Islam, they know they can still benefit immensely from it.

Whereas the many Arab countries and their leaders have all failed to show to the world how much they had benefited from the religion they profess, which is Islam.

Their countries may be Muslim ones, but they are now Islamic.

And in this regard there are now more and more Muslim women who are wearing the Muslim clothes, covering the aurat, yet, their behavior is not Islamic.

They like not to keep their surroundings clean, they burn openly and they do not observe traffic rules, because they think these are not religious rules or laws, but civil ones that they can do away.

They are wrong.

They are telling everybody that they are being influenced by the Devil, Iblis or Syaitan, or all of them.

And yet, there are many who do things which are against Islam such as committing adultery and also sodomy, yet, who can charge the others for defaming them. They do not trust anybody but themselves. They are blameless!

Because they have some who go along with their logic and protestations that they thought they could become a force to reckon with and even topple the government slowly but surely.

Most of them are Muslim in name but not in practice, they commit those crimes openly and unabashedly without shame.

It is always nice to be able to be in Europe or any country in the west and especially in Japan or South Korea where everything is in order.

But it is not so being in many Arab and other Muslim countries especially Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and even Yemen which are all mostly dirty and haphazard. There is nothing Islamic about these countries.

But Iran and also Brunei are totally different; their country is very clean and tidy, and from what can be seen the people exhibit a true Islamic way of life and also attitude which is obvious for anyone to see. 

And these two countries are able to keep their countries balanced and peaceful because they had rejected American-style democracy that the other Arab and Muslim countries had tried their level best to copy, that has brought them a lot of anguish and destruction. 

Even the American lifestyle that the people in these countries had tried to ape has also brought a lot of confusion in many Arabs and Muslims.

They can’t even watch football matches without causing a lot of damage to everybody including the death of many? 

When will they finally realize their own folly and find a way that is useful for them that can cause them to gain a lot from and to be able to develop their potentials and capabilities so that they can become self-sufficient in anything that they need without ever needing to find them from the other countries especially America and the west?

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