Monday, October 26, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

It was supposed to be a forum to discuss a pressing issue, but an Italian don of sorts, was invited to sum up a panel discussion at the end of the forum but he ended up trying to become a joker who says things which was aimed to get applause.

And it was amazing how he could actually able to attract the attention of many in the audience which was small through his allocated time saying things which are not relevant to the topic and the seriousness of the occasion, which was no laughing matter!

He may be a good public speaker but not a good speaker for the topic that was given him.

He must be acceptable because he is Italian who is also considered to be ‘another white man’.

Maybe he did not think too much about the people who were attending the two-day international forum to criminalize war, as most of them were students from two schools, one a private and the other a government one.

So few were adults.

But the topics that the other speakers in the few panel discussions were not simple folks; they were brought in from few countries not to entertain anyone but to cause them to be alarmed at what has been going on in some countries which had become targets for practice by the pseudo-Christian countries.

But there seemed to be the lacking of focus; the blame should be on the organizers who had invited the international and local speakers to speak on topics which are too broad, except for the panel member from Australia, a judge, who spoke on the ‘child soldiers’ of Myanmar, who could very well be like the boy scouts that we have all over the world.

The forum was organized by a so-called peace foundation that is well-known for inviting many from abroad to talk about things which are not relevant or important, which can be proven to be highly ineffective since 2004, which has not caused the world to be better than it was before the first organized their conference and forum in this year till today.

Inviting the Italian Don is proof that they seemed not to know who can give them a better discourse to promote their cause or causes. 

In the end the Italian Don, who says he harbors the intention or dream of getting a citizenship of Malaysia, with his dozen years’ stay in the country, did not say anything substantial on the subject, which no one knows what.

Even the earlier speakers who had tried to stick to their allocated topics can be applauded for having tried their level best to achieve their aim, but most of them fell short of that too.

In the end the so-called international forum on whatever, ended up without anything substantial for anyone to grasp at.

There were three students who were said to have given the best presentation on the topic of world peace or what not, who the three judges liked so much that they gave the best prize to the three with the trophy given to each of them to keep for four months each.

But what did the three had said that could be of any use to the cause? Nothing.

There was even one seventeen-year-old student of a private and very expensive school in Malaysia who spoke in a thick stereotyped American accent, but he sounds more like a seventy-one-year old man.

Yet, the way he says his speech in his American-accented English shows that the accent is stereotyped American English since there was no slang or twang in it.

Back to the funny Italian who claims to have lived in the country twelve years and who is able to speak some Melayu words that he would say that got applause from the Melayu students.

The non-Melayu students did not care with what he had said because maybe they did not understand it.

But what did he say that is substantial? Nothing too.

No one dared to chide him for making a farce of the occasion and forum, because he is Italian, after all.

That was the first time I saw the Italian man, and heard him. And I am not sure how the organizers of the forum found him and wanted to invite him to speak in the forum to sum up a panel discussion which he never did.

Chances are he will be invited again to speak in another international forum, to say almost nothing, which is too bad.

In fact, the whole forum turned out to be nothing but a social gathering that did not achieve much or anything at all since it was organized by the same organization that has been well-known for inviting so many from abroad at huge expense without it ever achieve anything substantial; the problems that they wanted to address still remain and in fact, had become worse than they were before this organization first appeared in 2004.

They must have spent millions of ringgit to organize all the forums and conferences from this year till this year, which they could use for humanitarian efforts to provide food and other basic amenities to whoever they want to help.

They are like offering aspirin to someone who is critically ill that could not do much to relieve his pain, to help people who are incapable of helping themselves because of the infighting and civil strife they had created for themselves that had served their common enemies more than their cause.  

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