Sunday, October 18, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

This book is thorough; it is insightful and most of all it is damning against an American president, who his predecessors had done what the authors of this book charges.

The ‘Anywhere but America Tour’ description of George H Bush for his penchant to travel abroad and creating a rather ‘unpresidential’ - unprecedented record of sorts for being the president who had traveled too much is interesting, that signified how an American president had gone rock bottom.

But all the media in America could come up with was that description, despite them having caused an earlier president Richard Millhouse Nixon to resign in disgrace.

He deserves other worse accolades which he can blame on his hyperthyroid that had affected his views of the world.

Did the majority of the American voters care that his father, Prescott’s business had direct links to Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust, which is exposed in this book?  

Did he actually do any harm to America and caused the Arabs to become belittled in due course? I do not doubt it. The Arabs did not seem to know what had been hitting them.

His grand plan could not be determined by his hyperthyroid and also influence from he having been a member of the Skulls and Bones fraternity at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

What is equally stunning is how the book mentions about the Black boy and some White boys George H Bush was said to be especially close with. That was supposed to have happened when he was younger and not yet interested in politics.

By George, later grew up to have some interesting and colorful descriptions of the people of color by even describing his own grandchildren as Brown.

But he did not seem to hate them too much to want them extinguished like the many Iraqi Arabs who perished in the Gulf War I, and more later in the Gulf War II, orchestrated by his son-president.

This book was published in America by people who are charged for being ‘conspiracy theorists’, but one like this in style and nature could never be published on any Malaysian political personality.

But conspiracy theorists will have a hard time inventing facts when they are so many abound that they can fish and create a scenario from the events that had happened to study the mental state of the major characters they are trying to expose, their stupidity and callousness and sometimes also ‘the right mistakes’ they might have made.

Did George H Bush make any (many) of the ‘right mistakes’ being a one-term president?

It is obvious that the majority of the American voters knew better after seeing how he had performed in his first and only term as president of their country to know how to get rid of him from the White House.

This move by the voters in the 1992 presidential elections was what might had caused George H Bush to finally solve his hyperthyroid problem that even the topnotch White House specialists could not even after administrating five different medicines to cure his ailment which also seems to run in his immediately, as his son, George W Bush might also have it, including George Senior’s dog, Millie.

Now we are seeing another Bush, Jeb formerly governor of Florida making his presidential bid in 2016.

Does America need another guy from the Bush clan as their president after 2016, which can see them voting in their first female president in the person of Hilary Rodham-Clinton who fortunately could not belong in the Skull and Bones fraternity and has not been known to be suffering from hyperthyroid?

America can also get her back to the White House and turn her husband, Bill Clinton into their ‘First Husband’, a designation which would certainly not go down well with him with his wife being in full control of their house.

‘Sins of the Father’ a.k.a. ‘George H Bush: An unauthorized biography’ comes in as an intriguing and almost a scathing indictment or commentary or expose of a former American president who was known for some incredible personal traits, and an effort which seemed to be insurmountable to achieve and put out in such a fashion.

But how much of it is true? Most of what is written is true, but the rest may not be false?

Since there has never been any challenge made against what is written then surely one can surmise that it contains the truth.

The authors did not sound conceited and wanted to smash a popular myth about the invincibility of their war-time president, a war that was created during his term and one that was not ‘offered’ to him. It could be a ploy to also help save his son, Neil’s neck.

Even despite having caused a law to be passed whereby a president can only hold office for two terms, meaning for eight years, it can also be useless as anyone with the right intentions can do much to harm much within the four-year-term especially if one had a CIA background and direct or indirect involvement in industries or commercial activities that are volatile to international influences. 

It is not something that the Bushes would want to check out; the whole of the Bush clan could very well appreciate how the so-called mirror had been put before them, with many who might not be familiar with President George H Bush outside of the house or family behaviors and actions, who will think he is their patron saint.

So did the authors of the book mean to say that there was a ‘madman’ in the White House?

Is it ‘fair comment’ or an unfounded claim which the Bushes did not care to rebut?

And was it the CIA who had assassinated Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and his son, Rajiv Gandhi when he became Prime Minister as stated in the same book?

I thought Rajiv died when a Tamil woman exploded herself when he met Rajiv at a gathering in Tamil Nadu, with her being a supporter of Tamil Eelam or Tamil Tigers who were seeking independence from Sri Lanka.

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