Saturday, October 10, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: This was written on 15 June, 2015.)

I don’t think the leaders of countries who are elected to office can count on their special relationship with each other; they are they to serve a purpose and a function or event or a controversy.

They can never count on such relationship for future establishments and most of their encounters are all due to the events that were created by organizations and their countries to solve certain specific issues and matters.

Even the golf games they are said to have enjoyed are also for show and they cannot be counted on to help them to establish greater cooperation, once they are out of office.

The only real and personal relationship that two world figures had managed to establish was probably between Queen Elizabeth of Britain and Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Father of Independence or Merdeka of the Federation of Malaya or Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, whose relationship lasted to the very last days of Tunku’s life.

Queen Elizabeth came to Malaysia to open the Commonwealth Games in 1988 and she made sure she paid him a visit, but by now asking for him to come and see her at her hotel but for her to go to his small and modest residence in Bukit Tunku that was provided by the Malaysian government upon his retirement in 1971.

Queen Elizabeth had never done anything like this before and she came with her husband Prince Philip.

And barely a year later, Tunku died on 6 August, 1989 at the age of eighty-six years.

But then again, Tunku had visited England many times after he retired as prime minister of Malaysia from 1957 to 1971, but not once did he managed to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace or anywhere.

He did not have any need to see her for anything and he was off to England for personal visits mostly.

But for most other international statesmen or political leaders, none can ever expect to continue with their relationship with their counterparts in other countries including those countries that are described by them as their allies.

Once they leave office they lose this special relationship.

This goes to show that such relationships that are born out of mutual convenience do not last; they are created to serve a purpose which they are embroiled in.

And they can never be further developed to go beyond their official relationship.

No one world leader has ever reconnected with former American presidents once the later left office.

Many had met them at the White House for a few occasions and described each other as their friend, but the relationship does not go beyond the White House and the glare of publicity and media coverage.

In the end the real people in the countries who are the real political masters of those countries are the technocrats and the propagandists and lobbyists who had managed to gain control of the systems and establishments and also the media and the networks who are working at the back while their appointed or elected political leaders take center stage and give their countries a modicum of power that everybody can see and who most of the time express the personal feelings and decisions of the lobbyists and propagandists.

In America they are mostly the Zionist leaders. And in the other countries, they are mostly the Zionist-influenced leaders who do not show their faces but who still do the bidding for them, be in through the media they control or the international organizations they manage.

In the end the American presidents are nothing but mere spokesmen for the Zionists.

And sadly even the secretary-general has also become their unofficial and unabashed spokesman for the Zionists, too, without him realizing it.

In the meanwhile, the American president and the other world leaders can continue to meet, have meals together and sometimes play golf with each other, but this is just for show.

The real show is being conducted behind their backs while they are appearing in public making statements that give everybody the impression that they are in full control or playing golf.

No, they are not in full control of their country that had voted for them; they are being controlled by the lobbyists and other agents, and they know it.

This should explain why once they leave office they are not bothered with, except for a former prime minister of Malaysia, the longest-serving one at that, who still refused to accept defeat that he was literally thrown out of his office in Putrajaya by ‘people power’ of the Malaysian type, that did not force anyone to go to the streets to demand for his resignation but who used common sense to compel him to resign, which he finally did in 2003.

In fact he offered to resign in the Umno general assembly in 2001 but the other delegates who were shocked to see his antics at trying to distract the proceedings that had not been well-attended when the Star published a photo of the empty Dewan Merdeka at PWTC on the front-page, which forced him to offer his resignation.

And immediately the news became a sensation and changed the cause of the Umno general assembly.

Dr. Mahathir officially resigned or was forced to resign in 2003.

He has never been known to be friendly with the many world leaders who he had met officially or unofficially before and had met some of them casually but without any substance since he is no more prime minister of Malaysia.

But he can still attract or distract the attention of many with his post-prime ministerial antics which is really aimed at trying to divert attention on him and his family.

This is his strategy like he had said to some when he was in office on how he would deal with issues. He said he would create other issues to distract the media and everybody from the more pressing one to the less important one.

So now Najib has found who his real nemesis is, the person who had offered him the office of the current prime minister of Malaysia.

So even within the same country the leaders who used to be very friendly with each other can sometimes become less so in the years to come.

What more amongst those from the different countries.

Mahathir had met the then President George W Bush at the White House but did the later care for the brief meeting?

Their relationship and those that they had had when they were in office could never be counted on. They are superficial relationship that is useless once they are no more in office.

But Tunku will forever remain in the minds of Queen Elizabeth despite him having died many years before. .

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