Thursday, October 1, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

Some French are so stupid especially some of their cartoonists who had suffered for their stupidity.

They thought by defaming the Prophet, pbuh, they are exercising their right to the freedom of expression.

Is this what the French education and social and also cultural systems had taught them?

There are many other intelligent and bright and also original ways to express that freedom and also freedom of the press, but they chose the worse and bad way, which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and to some a shortcut way to their shallow graves.

Fortunately, not many even in France support the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. Only this magazine and only some of their cartoonists who are negligent and stupid enough not to observe caution and use their heads better.

In Islam, if one curses a person, the curse will return to him.

Muslims had been forbidden to caricature or draw cartoons of any of their prophets, who are to be held in the highest esteem.

After all Islam was based on the universal truth which does not allow anyone to develop regressive thoughts, ideologies and also beliefs, which most center around the creation of statues and drawings depicting their prophets or deities and other objects of adoration and admiration.

This puts Islam in a totally different league altogether.

And because of that Islam continues to thrive even when the religion is being threatened by subversive elements, especially the enemies of Islam who are out to belittle it without realizing that they are demeaning their own religions or beliefs that they had not fully grasp and who thought just because they can question certain views of their own beliefs they can be superior to them.

The problem with those religions and beliefs as they are described by Muslims is that their inherent are not forced or compelled to submit.

And because of that they are able to question without care for their limited intellect and resources, failing which they charge their own beliefs to be nothing but superstitions, and not to be obeyed.

Muslims do not generally question their own religion. They obey and they submit.

Herein lies the difference between those who believe in Islam and want to follow the religion truthfully and those of the other faiths and beliefs who had been given some measure of the intellect to allow them to think, which in the end is what’s causing them and their beliefs and faiths or religion to become extinct and lifeless.

The more they draw caricatures and cartoons of their prophets and deities, the more they demean and defame them.

And they had suddenly realized their folly, so they now want to use the same strategy to work against Islam to put this religion on the same par with their own religion.

So one by one, some of them started to try and draw caricatures and cartoons of ‘Prophet Mohammad, pbuh’, but they end up drawing out their own insecurities and failures.

Charlie Hebdo had tried to be at the forefront of this tirade, and they found out much to their chagrin how devastating it could be.

Islam was not shaken a bit. On the contrary many non-believers soon became attracted to the religion all over the world with the women coming up more than the men.

And ‘thanks’ to Charlie Hebdo and Geertz Wilders and some others in Europe who have caused this to happen.

Geertz may not be a cartoonist or caricaturist, but he is a person much like a cartoon, for behaving like one, much like a person who does not seem to realize that it is persons like him who are really serving the cause of Islam a religion he tries to curse as much as he can.

And he had the audacity to officiate the program at Curtis Calwell Center in Texas in America to encourage anyone to draw caricatures of the Prophet, when two persons tried to attack them but were gunned down by the local police with a security guard wounded at his leg.

Philosophically, what the organizers, American Freedom Democracy Initiative or AFDI who were offering US$10,000 to the winner, were doing is to defame their own beliefs and whatever religions or faiths they may profess with Geertz bearing witness to their acts.

Geertz does not seem to have the guts to show his face and come to any Arab or Muslim country to express his thoughts on Islam.

He is much like those who had shown their support for Charlie Hebdo, who even feared to carry the ‘survivor’s edition’ of the political cartoon magazine in public anywhere even in France, never mind when they are flying out of the country and worse still, to be with it in any Arab or Muslim country.

In fact, the French’s Alliance Francaise and embassies throughout the world too have not bothered to show it to the public where they are at.

And the French President Francois Hollande has also not been seen holding a copy of the magazine.

He and the many others only like to attend the parade in Paris, which was only to show their support for Charlie Hebdo, but in such a fearful way that one wonders if they were not shaking in their own pants or clothes as they were marching with the Zionist state of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wearing a very thick overcoat that may have bullet-proof lining inside of it. He looked fearful and scared.

The whole parade paints a pathetic sight.

This is how stupid some people in France and some other countries in Europe are. They think they are smart, but the truth is that they are really that dumb because they cannot see anything beyond the beaks of their noses at the wider picture.   

Terry Jones, the pastor of a small church in Florida also wanted to join in the bandwagon and shout abuses at Islam and wanted to burn the Koran but his voices and actions have been drowned down by well-behaved Americans.

No Muslim had called for the burning of the Bible or the holy books of the other faiths. They were not taught to do this.

But they were taught and encouraged to burn copies of the Holy Koran if they are found to be defaced, so no one can get hold of it.

And there is a special place at Batu 9, Cheras in Selangor whose business it is to do just that, but they do the chore by even getting rid of the ashes that they had got from burning the copies of the Koran in the most proper manner way. 

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