Thursday, October 22, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

This is basically what I found in the book concerning former American President George H Bush who seems to be suffering from some sort of a mental disorder.

But the real victims are not him but America itself. The New World Order that he introduced on 11 September, 1991, seems to have caused more disorder in the world than order.

This unfortunately could only happen when the United Nations itself seemed to have become accessories to the attack on Iraq when China which is a permanent member of the Security Council did not actually vote for such a drastic action preferring to abstain.

This would mean that the Security Council had no legitimacy to allow America to conduct any military aggression against Iraq without getting the full support of all the permanent members of the Security Council. But strangely the matter had escaped everybody’s attention in their haste to agree to the plot hatched by George H Bush.

Yet, this matter seemed to only get space in this book and nowhere else where it matters. But alas it is too late.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis mostly civilians were massacred by new American military machines that they had never used before.

Yet, unfortunately, America and the UN have not learnt from being the aggressors as much as the hapless Arabs and other Muslims who are the victims whose leaders who are safe from harm, do not care to look inside and within themselves to find ways to ensure that they are not being used for target practice by the aggressors pseudo-Christian states ever again who are definitely ‘winning the losing game’ without them realizing it.

And it is not anybody’s fault that this is happening to them, because they had ‘rejected’ Christianity long ago so they are now seeing it everywhere when one by one a church is turned into a masjid. 

But when looked at the whole episode today in relations to what George H Bush had done while in office especially his creation of the New World Order, one can say that the victims seem to have benefited more than the aggressors.

George H Bush and his son, George W Bush have now become international pariahs themselves for not being able to travel much outside of their country and to say anything on anything.

This proves that despite who he thought he was and what ever influences he may have with his cliques in the Skull and Bones group at Yale University and in his business dealings, surely, none can ever come up to show their faces anywhere in the world and including in America.

Yes, Saddam and now Ghadaffy had been assassinated, and many Arab countries had been attacked and destroyed, but the Arabs generally and mostly Islam had triumphed.

Only time will tell how much more that the Arabs and also other Muslims and Islam can triumph.

The rejection of Mitt Romney who had tried to use some Zionist influencing by going to Tel Aviv to pay homage to the Zionist masters, failed and he was trounced in the last presidential election when the majority of the American voters retained Barack Hussein Obama back to the White House.

The episode on George H Bush happened right before the very eyes of the Americans who had voted for him the first time when he ran for elections but not the second time.

The fact that he did not become an international statesman post-White House, proves that whatever he had tried to do while there, were not exactly what many approved.

His son, George W Bush, too suffered the same fate.

In fact, if he were to go to some countries, he would be arrested.

It was therefore stunning how George W Bush was turned in as president not for one term but two.

Yet, recently, his other son, former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush says he is bidding for the White House, he who has a colors wife who had produced grandchildren for Father George, some ‘brown grandchildren’.

I have just read this book which is very thick which is what I like in books that are thick. It has many big words that most Malaysians do not use.

But it also has equally many typographical errors. This should prove that I had indeed the book from cover to cover, but the Malaysian edition that has the other title and not the original one.

George W Bush introduced his ‘New World Order’ philosophy on 11 September, 1991 and exactly ten years later 911 happened in 2001, which truly became the start of the New World Disorder.

From having read the book I came to the conclusion how George may be suffering from an unusual and equally strange disorder which prompted him to launch a massive war against Iraq which put into order a series of weird incident that eventually created the Arab Spring, Part I in March, 2011, which is almost exactly ten years after 911.

Nostradamus would not have created such a scenario in his book for everybody to see decades or centuries later. No one has given him that much credit till today.

What was most sickening that I managed to read in the book was how George H Bush had engineered the arrest of Panama President Manuel Noriega, and also the First Gulf War to attack Iraq over its claim over Kuwait which his son who would later launch the Second Gulf War in a pretty much the same way and style that his father had earlier used.

The reasons for the Gulf War I given in the book are equally sickening; it was meant to distract the American media and public away from the allegations concerning George H Bush’s other son, Neil.

But who were actually using them? The CIA and Mossad, it seemed, and also the then British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher and the Saudis and some other Arab leaders who did not know better.  

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