Friday, July 10, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

They claim to want to create peace in the world. But the truth is that if there is peace in the world they will be the countries that will not benefit from it, like they do now with many parts of the world which are inflames all because of their actions and excitement to continue introducing new weapons of mass destruction, so that they can go on benefiting from a world that is fractures and torn to pieces.

So one has to study what their leaders say and not take whatever they say in toto; they speak with fork tongues while putting on a false front and behaving like the devil in disguise.

They have caused the death of millions of innocent persons especially Arabs and Muslims than the Arabs and Muslims could harm each other.

But the Arabs are also to be blamed for being stupid and not know who they are dealing with and what they are trying to do which is to cause all Arab and Muslim countries to suffer.

Haven’t the world seen enough of their action, covert and overt?

Nothing happens anywhere in the world without their hands behind it, with some more hands from the Zionists intelligence, the Mossad.

Muamar Ghadaffy could not have been killed if not for them and the leaders of the countries in the former Eastern Europe also died because of them.

But they are smart to be able to create a plot where they are not featured; those that are seen seem to be the locals who had a reason to get rid of the dictators that had caused their countries to live in relative peace, compared to what they are today.

Saddam Hussein too suffered because he stood in the way of the enemies of the world and their hidden but obvious agenda.

But alas, the law of unintended consequences will not work well for them, the enemies of the world, which is slowly becoming apparent now and will be more so in the near future. 

America and the major world powers cannot survive if there are no wars and if they do not have enemies; so they have to create the enemies who will help them boost their economy which largely rests on how much arms they are able to sell, in the open market or clandestinely. 

The Taliban, Al-Qaedah, ISIL and other groups in the Arab World and the others elsewhere could not have been organized if not for the support they are getting from America and the other countries in the west that manufacture weapons that they use liberally.

Without these weapons, these groups were left with knives, spears and shields to protect themselves and also stones to use as their most potent weapons and empty slogans.

Sometimes they used fire to outwit their adversaries especially by the Palestinian freedom-fighters who managed to outwit the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) when they rolled their tanks into the West Bank and Gaza Strip thinking that their personnel would be safe riding in them.

They were not.

The Palestinians threw fire bushes under the tanks causing the tanks to heat up and then the IDF personnel inside of them would open the hatchet to free themselves from being burnt to death.

The Palestinians managed and succeeded to stop IDF from sending more tanks to the Occupied Territories to terrorize them in this way.

So the IDF found that the tanks were not safe for them to use.

They are also finding how their Iron Dome which they said is covering the whole of their country from harm by missiles launched by the Palestinians, but it does not cover areas which lie beyond the Zionist state as what the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office and Jewish Supermarket in Paris had found out.

Pockets of Jews who had been living in all the major cities in Europe and elsewhere are now finding that their security is not ensured that they can become targets of some supporters of the Palestinian cause.

It is too bad that the Jewish communities that had lived in peace in those areas are now finding them not to be their safe heaven anymore; whereas they were able to lead a normal life living amongst the non-Jewish majority, including in the Arab and Muslim countries.

Zionism therefore has failed Judaism and World Jewry, as also alleged by the Orthodox Jews who are angry with the persecution of the Palestinians and the annexation of their land, who vowed not to go to Israel as long as the country is under Zionist occupation; they want to live under Palestinian rule.  

It has been so long how the victims of aggression have been turned into aggressors. It will take a very long time to turn the tide against the real aggressors so that the whole world will start to see them as the real aggressors and not victims they like to claim they are.

The western-dominated media has been spinning the yarn for too long that it has become their culture to cultivate hatred of the victims and glorify the aggressors who in this case are the Zionists who are also everywhere and not just in the media who also know how to make use of the hapless people in America and the west to do the bidding for them. 

Maybe these countries know to also use the Zionist and the aggression they commit on the Palestinians which have also spawned a new industry of persecution and annexation so that they can continue to manufacture more and more weapons to sell to them and the lesser quality ones to the victims, the Palestinians and their Arab and other Muslim supporters while putting a stoic face and pretending to be peace-makers of the world.

They know that there is no money for them to make in the world which is peaceful but a lot of money for them to make if the world is at war…

But the average Americans too are suffering as what we can see in the streets of some cities in the country in recent times and with the many army veterans who are disabled or who suffer from all sorts of psychological disorders.

They suffer mostly because they knew that they had taken part in the killing of many innocent people mostly Arabs.

And how many American military personnel who had reverted to Islam while they are on active duty and when they returned to their country? Can they also be said to be suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome?

America and its allies can also be said to be suffering from similar ailments that they cannot find ways to heal it that they have to pursue similar actions and find other areas to bomb as it has become their habit to do so to find fault with the others, especially the Arabs and other Muslims as their countries receive more and more of them.  

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