Wednesday, July 22, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: A police officer was shot in the head in New York City with the suspect in custody. But who in the city will care about the officer?)

However, one can never get this sort of incidents in the Muslim and even the Chinese areas in any city in America, or even in Harlem for that matter.

Most likely the police officers doing the beat in Harlem are mostly Blacks, so they know how to relate better to those other Blacks living in this area.

It seems that every few weeks incidents like these would happen when everybody in the country thought the last of it had happened and everybody, the police and the Blacks had learnt a valuable lesson from the incidents of this nature that had happened.

Then it happened in Baltimore in Maryland.

Six Baltimore police officers have been charged for homicide for the murder of Freddie Gray whose only ‘crime’ it seemed was that he locked eyes with one of the officers who detained him and tried to charge him for possessing a knife which turned out to be not illegal for anyone to carry.

And the case will come to it closure with some judgment.

But alas all is moot as the dead Gray can never find total justice from the six police officers, three Whites and three Blacks. He should have known better.

All the Blacks also ought to know better.

The streets of Baltimore as much as the other cities throughout America have seen senseless death, followed by protests which also gave some Blacks the opportunity to loot.

They also do not seem to realize that it was the video recorded on cell phones that had finally done some police officers in, and it is the same cell phone and other devices, too, that could do them in, since what they do, the looting and carnage, are all recorded from many angles.

So it was not a surprise that some Black men in Baltimore had been arrested for destroying public property and also looting. 

And one can never be sure what sort of scenario or plot that will emerge until another young Black man is killed for some unusual reason by some other White police officers.

The best is to get the Blacks to behave themselves more properly when confronting some White police officers in order to avoid any untoward incident from happening that could lead to his death.

The Black men are also not totally blameless.

Blaming the White police officers may be nice but the Blacks too must bear some of the blame. The White police officers cannot be given any chance or opportunity to harm anymore Black men.

And the onus is on the Black men, while the White police officers must be asked to show more tact; their brethren have shown the lack of that in many instances and yet, some of them have never learnt much or anything from them.

But let’s not get carried away. The problems some Blacks in America are having with their police have a strange dimension.

The Blacks in America are not up against the police in the country over the death of some other Black kids who died in police custody or due highhandedness, as some alleged.

They are not Muslim-Blacks in America who are doing that. This particular group of Black or African-Americans does not get involved in such controversy; they are better behaved and hardly ever take to the streets to express their views against the police there.

The Muslim-Blacks do take to the streets but once or twice a year to parade in the Muslim Parades or to pray during Eid Mubarak or Hari Raya Puasa.

So far no Muslim-Black in America has ever been involved with the police with dramatic ending.

There must be a very good reason for that to happen.

The truth is that the Muslim-Blacks in America normally behave better than those who are not Muslims. 

The main reason why some young Blacks in America are killed or died in police custody is because of their lifestyles and other ways which cause them to become targets with some who suffer because of that.

They should take greater care of what they do and how they behave in public driving cars or even walking and standing on the sidewalks.

And they must take due care when being confronted by police officers especially if they are White.  

Driving with broken tail lights in America is against the law and the police officers can stop a driver and issue him a summons or ticket as they call it in America.

In Malaysia, the police officers do not do that sort of thing so there are many people driving vehicles with broken tail lights and also, tampered license plates, so that their car registration numbers are not recorded by the AES traffic cameras.

The motorists in Malaysia are only taken action on by the police once or two times a year, and the operations are often announced by the police especially their inspector-general who said that from a certain date, the police would go after motorists who have features on their vehicles which are illegal.

But the operations normally do not last or are effective; the police get some publicity doing that but the general motorists can still go about their daily lives driving their vehicles which have faulty or broken tail lights or illegal features including small or tampered car registration numbers.

And they had to wait until more than one and a half million motorists who had been issued traffic summons but who had failed to pay them, yet, they were not arrested, until now when the Malaysian police say they would go from house to house to ferret them out.

Are they saying that for real or it is just another sick joke? This is not the first time they said they would do that.

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