Saturday, July 18, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

Malaysian opposition has regressed over the years; in fact it has never existed since Persekutuan Tanah Melayu or Malaya achieved its independence on 31 August, 1957 till today.

So the opposition that we have today is mostly about personality cultism and stoic support for some who have no future in Malaysian politics but who think they are still too young to move on to doing other things. Only death will keep them away from Malaysian politics which can come in the way of road accidents and diseases, and even old age.

There is nothing that one can write about Malaysian Opposition and to trust anyone from the Opposition so they can go on to speak in international forums and be respected for what they say and believe in.

Malaysian Opposition has a very long way to go before they can be compared to the opposition in America, the United Kingdom and the other developed countries; it can be comparable to those in Bangladesh and Pakistan and the other lesser Third World countries including Yeman, Libya and Iraq.  

Those in the Malaysian opposition represent mostly those who are disgruntled and angry or annoyed who do not have real issues other than the few.

No wonder none of them has spoken about the state of crime and even the arts and the cinema in Malaysia where hundreds of millions have been spent, but which does not bear the results.

They prefer to look elsewhere, where experience and training and education do not require them to bring out issues and some facts and figures.

None of those in the opposition has talked about how dirty and how crime-infested some areas are like they are happen to see all of them in such a deplorable state.

They are just a bunch or a hodge-podge of people of various backgrounds who can’t fit; some who were formerly children or grandchildren of communists, but many are those who think they can take the Muslims to their salvation when they themselves do not look like they are observing Islam properly – look at their faces and body!

If a Muslim man or woman is fat, then can not one say he or she does not follow the ways of Islam by eating properly?

And if an ustaz or ustazah is fat, then he or she will not be truthful, because he or she will not give advice to their crowd on how to eat better. They will talk about everything else but not how to eat so that they will look pleasant and slim, much like the Prophet was.

There are many who won in the elections and who are supposed to be members of parliament and the state assemblies, but what are they doing to deserve to get this position?

But some of them are only serving their own selves and their families.

The voters did not care. They vote to vent their anger at themselves.

The irony is that many of them are successful but they did not want to realize that their success was not due to who they thought they were but because they had earlier joined the government earlier in their lives and had benefited a lot from, with some who had even been dragged into court to answer some charges with one having been sentenced to five years for committing sodomy.

This was not the first time he had been so charged, twice!

And some supporters are now fervently declaring that there was a miscarriage of justice with his wife and daughter not feeling any sense of guilt or shame.

In the past, when someone in a Melayu family had been charged for stealing an egg, the whole family would feel shame.

Now even when the courts of the land had found a person for having committed a serious and heinous crime, his family can still walk tall like it was nothing; they can still turn around and blame the courts and everybody especially the accused.

And when videos were produced to show the man in some unusual situation, they blame the person for producing a video that does not show the man.

In the end Malaysian politics can be described as ‘Sex, Video and Lies…’ like the title of a film that was shown in Cannes somewhere earlier.

On the other hand, the same man could produce a video of an Indian lawyer and insisted that it was the lawyer that is in it. He did not realize that video proof is not for any one person to use but for his adversaries too.   

On the contrary, those who had voted them would not want them to serve them, to work to serve their cause, because they did not want their areas to be clean and tidy or free of crime and the roads not filled with potholes.

The voters in Malaysia are mostly passive ones; they do not know how they can bring down a person at the ballot box. They vote according to their emotions and can be easily dragged without fully understanding the issues.

All that they want is to vote in some people who will not serve them who can clean up their area; they prefer to live in areas that are dirty and where the laws are not to be followed.

And when they have personal problems like they have children who are sick or who are in desperate need of help, only then they will turn to those people and mostly those from the government.

If they have issues with the law they will go to the members in the opposition who are too happy to use this opportunity to win some brownie points; they can get some measure of publicity helping those who are in such a situation.

But most of the time, they sit idly by, with some actually not known even by those who had voted for them.

So no wonder they have a lot of time to gamble.

In the end only so few will gain national prominence, with no one able to gain international prominence even those who have been in politics of the left very long; they still can never get the respect from their brethren in the neighboring countries, especially where their communities in those countries have been assimilated and who do not look at their brethren from Malaysia despite them being successful in politics or even business.

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