Monday, July 6, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

But I do like to watch ‘Little People’ though to see Bill Klein and his wife, Dr. Jennifer Arnold trying to grapple with their lives living in a world which is too big for them and managing a family with two children adopted from China and India.

But I found ‘Little People, Big World’ to be boring especially after watching the woman who jumped into a vehicle driven by a man who she thought was taking photos of her properties, from outside of her compound and for chasing a group of people who had gone inside her barn when it started to rain when they were attending a wedding reception they were attending at her properties.

I found the woman to be rude, despite her own self and also how she looks.

The woman’s family suffers because of her. She makes the program to be boring.

And her family can join the other two Reality TV families, the Kardashians and Gutterez’ for being boring; they epitomize not the best of Reality TV but define or introduce ‘Peeping Tom TV’ instead that the producers of the programs had failed to realize to having created.

And what are the producers of ‘19 kids and counting’ and ‘My five wives’ are trying to prove? Nothing.

It only encourages the men in the two programs to have more babies or wives, without showing them doing other things. Their pride is totally misplaced.

This may be a psychological problem more than a sexual one.

‘Keeping up with the Kardasians’ and ‘It takes gutz to be a Guiterrez’ are two families in America and the Philippines who were relatively unknown before they became the focus of two reality programs that were shown on Astro.

But the reality is that these two programs are not popular in Malaysia because the Malaysian viewers are not so fascinated with them. Who are they anyway?

And what are they trying to prove by opening their homes and hearts and creating caricatures of themselves for everybody to see?

They are not some of the smartest or brilliant persons in the world or even in their own countries.

To many viewers in Malaysia, their behavior is vulgar and crude.

The two families may be at the opposite ends of the earth and from countries in the opposite of the economic spectrum, but they seem to talk in English and behave in like manner like they were taught to speak in English by the same teachers.  

One pities them if the programs they are in are stopped; what would they do? Can they survive not living and being watched and videotaped by a production crew that follows them everywhere?

Who are watching them in the first place? One can watch a program or two in the series after which one can get a good idea of what is happening in the ensuing episodes that all deal with the personal anxieties of the members of the two families, all of which are either faked or arranged.

What I hate the most about the two programs is how the producers are forcing the viewers to get into their unusual and silly lives and pretend that they are there.

The sickening part is how the viewers are forced to become ‘peeping tom’.

Is this the best of American television and American culture have become?

In England their media and the people liked to pry on their private and personal affairs of their royal family; so the more any of the members of the family behaves or better, misbehaves, the better it was for the media.

Princess Anne received a lot of coverage in the media because she was said to be unroyal-like. However, she changed dramatically so she stopped to become the ‘media darling’ that the media had managed to create from her.

Now the media in England and the United Kingdom are only centering their focus on the future King of England, Prince William whose only activity these days seems to be his and his wife’s everyday activity other than to get their first son and the next one.

So in the absence of such a family in America and with the Kennedys having lost their luster and glamor, the media in America now had to create a pseudo-royal family from amongst the Kardashians of Hollywood who willingly and gladly allow the media to get into their homes and lives to create a semblance of royalty amongst them, although their behavior is far from that.

They can never be royal; they can try to be themselves although this may be very difficult with the camera crew following each of them, as much as the Gutierrez of the Philippines who suddenly became prominent when in the past they were relatively unknowns.

The programs are said to be reality programs but they are rightly ‘peeping tom’ programs. And this is the most sickening part of all.

I am sure all of the characters in the two families won’t behave that way or even speak to each other that way if not for the production crew screwing up their everyday normal and boring lives that most Americans and Filipinos lead.

It is also amazing how the programs on the two families could go on and on…with any one of those in the families actually doing anything interesting or saying anything profound.  

But Bill and Jen of ‘The Little Couple’ are different; they have many things to share with the viewers; they do not flaunt their wealth or try to show off their different lifestyle. They try to be themselves and live as normal people do despite being hounded by the camera crew in all their waking hours as they try to raise their family comprising of two adopted children.

There is not ‘peeping tom’ entertainment. 

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