Thursday, July 2, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

The Melayu in Malaysia normally disdain and even chastise those Melayu who have been charged for stealing an egg. And those who are charged and found guilty of any petty crime will be ‘islanded’ or ‘pulau’ meaning that they would be sidelined by everybody in the community.

That was then.

But these days any Melayu who has been found to have committed a crime is not looked down like those in the past who had to suffer indignities.

Worse, there are still some Melayu who do not even care if someone who had been charged and found guilty for rape or even sodomy, which is a serious crime in Islam and in Malaysia.

The mentality of some Melayu has changed, for the worse.

When there are some other Melayu who are proud to organize their wedding events in a big way, and be proud of that with the society not batting an eyelid, then surely there are some other Melayu who do not care less if there is someone who had been charged and sentenced for sodomy because they feel that they are also charged and found guilty for having supported the person before.

And this is why and how Anwar Ibrahim who was charged for sodomy and found guilty can still get the support from some Melayu, who might also want to feel guilty by association and who are not charged for supporting him and who now want to do whatever they can to seek his release, after a royal pardon was not given him.

His supporters kept quiet when the courts found him not guilty of the charge, Sodomy II, but want to find faults with them when the Federal Court upheld the decision made by the Appeals Court.

Anwar has not asked for pardon from God, openly, although he may have done so in his heart.  

But the situation in America is totally different than it is in Malaysia.

Even though being gay or homosexual in America is not a crime and having such relations openly is also not frowned upon, and there are also some who are people of this type that have been elected to office, yet, America still frowns those who aspire for high office to be people of high morals and upright in all ways.

So, President Bill Clinton had to be outed, by their own CIA as some people claimed or the Mossad Zionist agents as some others claimed.

In any case, this proves that even with not much evidence, Bill had to leave the White House.

America could not trust such a person who denied having any sexual relationship with another woman, who happened to be a White House internet by the name of Monica Lewinsky or whoever…

Her laptop was seized and the CIA recovered the data in it especially the emails she was exchanging with Bill that finally brought him down to his knees.

In Malaysia, the Anwar Sodomy I and Sodomy II cases had not seen such effort being used by the police to draw information from possible email exchanges between Anwar Ibrahim and Azizan and Saiful.

They’d rather bring mattresses to the court and other evidence.

There was also no mention in the court about how Anwar had communicated with the two men by phone to show how close they were, even in the Sodomy II case which closed finally it the conviction of Anwar who is now serving a five-year sentence at the Sungai Buloh Prison.

He did not want to be sent to the Kajang Prison because it is an old one.

Bill and Monica did not have to spend a day in the court; they disappeared from the scene with Bill leaving the White House.

But he would be back in 2016 if his wife, former American First Lady, Hilary Clinton-Rodham is elected as the first woman to be president of America, so Bill can be the first, First Husband of the country too.

Yes, despite the achievements that America had made since its independence on the Fourth of July, 1776, they still lack other ‘firsts’ that the people could do and craved.

They got another ‘first’ by electing Barack Hussein Obama as the first Black president of the country although he may not be totally black because his mother is as white as snow.

The other first that has never been mentioned is how he had also become the first Black president whose father is not American, but Kenyan.

And Donald Trump would want to add that Barack may also be the first president of America who is also not a citizen of the country, but a Kenyan, born in Hawaii, and he still believes that he has the proof of that.

After so long and with Barack in the last two years of his presidency, Donald my not triumph after all.

Is Donald an American president wannabe? He can bet on this if he chooses to run in the 2018 presidential elections and win.

He has the means to distract many in the country, but that does not necessarily mean that he can win the race.

But Malaysia’s prime minister wannabe, Anwar Ibrahim is another sort of a dude.

Even after being charged for sodomy, which is a serious crime in Malaysia which is an Islamic state, he still insisted that he was good to try his luck to be Malaysia’s next prime minister.

And he has his supporters from the DAP and also PAS which claims to be an Islamic political party but which does not seem to have negative views on sodomy amongst Muslims because they do not agree with whatever opinions or views on Anwar concerning this matter even when the Federal Court had found him guilty of the crime.

Maybe Pakatan Rakyat’s intense desire to upseat Barisan Nasional in the general elections is too strong that they can look elsewhere and still want Anwar to be prime minister of Malaysia someday.

Their problem may be because they do not have anyone of the same stripe and stature or experience as Anwar to hold such a post.

If they do, they would have anointed the person and push him forward to show who he is to their supporters.

But that day may not come soon as he may still have to be in his cell in Sungai Buloh when the next general elections take place in a few years’ time, unless if Anwar is given a royal pardon, which to many seems to be too farfetched to believe that that can actually happen. It won’t.

Some other people involved in other cases had been pardoned, but not in cases involving sodomy.  

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