Tuesday, August 11, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

Why didn’t the Malaysian government and anyone in Malaysia get angry when a Malaysian Tourism Malaysia official who was posted in Stockholm, Sweden was arrested with his wife over allegations that they had physically harmed their children, who told the school about it?

And why is everybody in Malaysia not offering any moral or legal assistance to Nur Fitri the twenty-three-year-old Mara scholar who is studying Mathematics at the Imperial College in London for possessing thirty thousand images and photos of nude children he had downloaded from the internet?

It is obvious that he had miscalculated his action because he was not aware or did not know that the authorities in England could find out his identity and make an arrest which they did.

Yet, no one at the Malaysian High Commission in London and in the government in Malaysia has offered to support him.

And when he was sentenced to five years in jail, everybody including Mara pounced on him, like he had committed a serious crime more serious than physically abused some children or murdered someone.

The Australian government was proud of their two citizens who were charged and found guilty for drug smuggling in Bali, Indonesia and were sentenced to hang, which finally happened after a prolonged delay.

But the Indonesian government did not take heed of the personal request by Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, yet, the same Indonesian government was angry when one of its own citizens was found guilty for killing her employer and had her head chopped off in public after Friday prayers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia recently.

The Indonesian government also took great lengths to protect the interests of any of their citizens who were arrested and charged in the courts outside of Indonesia.

The Malaysian government too would go at length to protect any of its citizens who were caught and sentenced to jail for drug smuggling.

But the smugglers are often described as ‘mules’, meaning they were being used by the drug smugglers who asked them to carry luggage that has drugs in it, which they all claim not to know of.

How could anyone take a luggage from a complete stranger who offered him or her to go abroad to a country he or she had never been to before, to do what?

And how many of the so-called mules had actually escaped detention and managed to earn a lot and be able to go on another trip to carry drugs?

The Australian government, however, did not claim that their two citizens, one an Indian and the other a Chinese, were mules.

And the Indonesians had tried very hard to explain to the Australians and the others how each day forty to fifty Indonesian youths die of drug overdoes, and most of the drugs are those that were smuggled into the country.

However, in the case of Nur Fitri no one died with him downloading nude photos of children, from websites that the British authorities had failed to block.

And if pornography is not illegal in England and much of the west, then why must be downloading nude photos of children become a crime?

A member of a Sixties rock band in England was also found to have downloaded pornographic video by paying it with his own charge card and he was taken from his house to the police station for questioning. But till now nothing has happened to him.

But in the case of Nur Fitri, they all behaved differently, with Mara saying that the scholarship that was given to him to allow him to study at the Imperial College would be terminated and that he could not file an appeal.

Nur Fitri has to return to the country upon serving his sentence and continue with his studies at any university in Malaysia.

Are they saying that murdering someone and being involved in drug smuggling is less worse a crime than possessing nude photos of children?

The British authorities alleged that Nur Fitri had wanted to sell the photos. But this he had not been found to be so.

So the allegation is just that.

But Nur Fitri had admitted to guilt. And this is his fault. But the real fault lied in the Malaysian authorities for not extending any legal assistance.

Maybe they had tried to do that, but the reports did not say so.

Even if the Malaysian officials at the High Commission in London had tried to do something to help him fight his case, but the matter did not resonance in the country where he was further criticized.

How could a mathematical prodigy come to such a level when he could be involved in such a scam that he knew he could not benefit greatly from?

Did he mean to make it his new vocation so that he can earn a lot to support himself while he studies in England for a few years?

Have the Malaysian officials or anyone from Malaysia ever tried to seek permission from the authorities in England to see him and get some answers from him?

There are many Malaysians who buy counterfeit DVDs which are sold openly in the night markets of pasar malam throughout the country, and openly, yet, the authorities have all failed to act on them.

Yet, a government agency or ministry had the audacity to produce a video clip which features some prominent persons in the film industry including the prime minister himself asking the public not to buy counterfeit DVDs.

Anyone in Malaysia can see this video clip and then walks out to buy some of the counterfeit DVDs, many of which are pornographic DVDs, too; and the clip is not watched by those who are involved in counterfeiting DVDs.  

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