Friday, August 7, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

American has yet to choose their president who is a Jew.

There are so many of them in the House of Representatives an Congress and other agencies in the American government, who mostly created the national policies of the country with their president acting on their behalf most of the time, as their mere spokesman who gives a face to power in America.  

This is despite the strong Jewish or Zionist Lobby who can push for such a scenario to happen, yet, America is still not ready to have such a person. They would have someone who is Black in the form of Barack Hussein Obama despite his middle name which is Arabic and also Islamic.

They can also get a woman to be president, but they are not yet ready to have a Jew man or woman at the White House.

In the United Kingdom, they used to have Jews as prime ministers, in the past, but the trend is going against that now, as Ed Milliband just found out when his Labor Party was literally trounced in the recently held general election.

Ed does not have the cut to be prime minister; his face is that of a student and he speaks in a strange lingo that many found to be like he is speaking in tongues with his lips moving in ways that those in the United Kingdom have not found to be especially cute.

His contender in the Conservative Party, David Cameron, tried to be a simple man that he is. So the voters like him for that, and the Muslim voter had no choice but to reject Ed and Labor and look at the ‘lesser evil’, David and the Conservative, for the lacking in of a better choice.

And those who had said that the 2015 general elections in the United Kingdom that was held early May, would be nose to nose, with the Conservative and Labor Parties running neck to neck were all proven wrong.

On election night before the final results were known it became apparent that the Conservative led by incumbent prime minister, David Cameron was going to trounce the Labor Party led by Ed Milliband, who many thought would become the new prime minister of the country.

He ended up later to be forced to resign as president of his party, mostly likely in shame.

So David is returning to 10 Downing Street as the prime minister of the country for the second term.

He however, has not bothered to acknowledge yet, how his Conservative Party had won 330 seats in Westminster from the 650 seats available.

And so far no one has also bothered to hazard a guess because the truth may not be palatable to many in the country and even in the Conservative Party.

The truth of the matter is that the Muslim voters in the United Kingdom have caused the Conservative Party to win big, without ever having to get other parties to form a coalition government now that it has got four extra seats to form a simple majority government.

It can never try to get other parties including the Scottish National Party (SNP) now led by Cecila Sturgeon, who took over from Alex Salman, whose party managed to get all the fifty-eight seats in Scotland that can cause the others in the United Kingdom to believe that the Scots had felt badly when the independence referendum that was held last year did not go as planned, so now they might be able to get another shot at it, by getting the referendum, to form the Republic of Scotland.

The Labor Party is now in disarray; they are going to chose who to lead it. It will take a while before they can some modicum of purpose to create a sensation in the next general elections that will be held five or so years from now.

If their members and supporters are smart they would not choose another Jew like Ed as their president, because the Muslim voters in the country won’t want to have anything to do with him, as they had shown their disdain for Ed, just recently.

How many seats did their Muslim candidates won in the election?

There is no breakdown on the number of candidates who won and who will have a seat in the new British parliament, but surely, there will be a handful of them, since there are now more areas or constituencies in the country that have a sizeable Muslim community that can warrant them to be chosen by their respective parties to run in the election.

The United Kingdom could never have a Black prime minister.

Being Black or Asian and Muslim is not like being Jew in American and British politics; where color is still looked at, other than religion. 

But the Muslims can be counted now and more so in the future because they can vote the right persons and cause the others whom they do not like to tumble like what Ed had felt recently.

But there is no such a thing as a Black or Asian vote in America or the United Kingdom that can cause them to become the kingmakers much like the Muslims who had become so that saw David’s party wining big and destroying Ed and his party.

The United Kingdom had their first woman prime minister, before America could ever imagine having a woman president that can happen in the next presidential election that will be held in 2016, among the two who have indicated that they are running for the primaries with Hilary Clinton to be almost certain to represent her Democratic Party, as the new gimmick that Barack was supposed to be when he first ran for president in 2008.

(Note: This was written on 9 May, 2015.)

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