Monday, August 3, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

Do the Danish, French and American caricaturists have tattoos on their bodies? Do they have spikes on them too?

In the past the young in America and Europe liked to grow their hair long, during the Sixties during the Hippies Era which saw them doing that to express themselves.

And some would go on to take drugs and get drunk.

They would do it on themselves.

Now, there are also many of them who still do that.

But there are so few of them who prefer to look elsewhere for their source of inspiration by drawing caricatures, and not just any caricatures, but those they thought would offend the vast majority of the people who are not like them, the Arabs and Muslims.

They had caricatured their prophets in all sorts of ways and creating them in the form of human beings in films and stage plays.

But they could never take them far.

They wanted more.

They wanted to find a character that they can caricature and get a lot of publicity.

But most of all, they aimed to defame.

And they wanted to vent their anger at themselves because Islam had started to eat into them, with what is happening around them, so they start to do caricatures of Prophet Mohammad, pbuh.

And true enough they managed to get their fifteen minutes of fame, with some their fiery death, as what the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and found much to the chagrin of their colleagues.

I can imagine when they were confronted by their attackers and ardent supporters who had barged into their office in Paris, to express their freedom of expression in a way of their own choosing, the cartoonists and staff of Charlie Hebdo, knew they had found their match, the pen and the gun.

The Danish, French and American caricaturists must be very stupid, not to know what they are trying to do. Because they must be thinking the whole world is as dumb as they are.

By targeting the Prophet Mohammad, pbuh, to express their freedom of expression and drawing his caricatures they are enhancing and exposing their inner actions, which is to defame the Prophet and his followers and Islam.

Surely, if they are smart, they could use other subjects to use to express as they want, their freedom of expression, such as using their parents and also political and media as well as other popular leaders as their subjects.

But the fact that they did not choose to do this proves that they only want to defame Islam more than to express their freedom of expression to others mean something totally different.

Some of them may choose to carry arms and to shoot at random the cultural center in Garland, Texas where a contest to draw caricatures of the Prophet was taking place.

But why were the two gunmen targeted and killed when all they were doing was to express their own version of freedom of expression?

Nobody knows what had happened outside of the Curtis Caldwell Center in Garland, Texas (or the future Muhammad Curtis Caldwell Islamic Center of Garland, Texas?) which saw the police officers shooting two assailants until they were dead, with one security guard wounded.

The official version is such.

But is this the official version that everybody does not know what it is?

The police version can be questioned as much as the versions provided by them and their officers who had caused the death of some Black men in some major cities in America, until a video recording was exposed to show that that official version was not the true version.

Firebrand anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders (or the future Muhammad Geert Wilder?) officiated at the contest to caricature the Prophet where the winner walked away with twelve thousand American dollars.

There were some who were the critics of Islam and one who had led the burning and destruction of the Masjid Babri in India, who had later gone to revert to Islam which all started when Islam started to eat into them causing them to be confused so they over-reacted and tried to push the thoughts out, by doing some unmentionable things, including making hate-Islam speeches and attending a cartoon drawing contest, etc., and realized how stupid they had been, so they finally decided to give in to Islam.

So Geert has good company and also a good reason to be doing what he has been doing thus far.  

The winner may not necessarily had taken part in the contest to draw the winning caricature because he wanted to do it, but was forced to do it because the main focus was the Prophet.

It was money that was is prime motive, and he was taken by it.

And Geert who made himself available to attend such a function, must have gone there feeling very scared and worried for his safety as he must have felt afterwards after the exchange of fire outside of the cultural center.

He had caused himself to feel that way, by his own deeds. And more, he had given Islam and the Prophet some coverage in the media and not all of that is negative; with the end results which would or could see some Americans actually reverting to Islam.

The real propagators of Islam come in many ways, some of whom are in the form of some firebrand anti-Islam ‘tiradist’ and also cartoonists.

And the old-fashion Islamic propagators and officers of the Islamic Centers that we have in America and the west have been reduced to being apologists or general commentators.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders did not know better. He has not bothered to turn around and see even in his own country how Islam is taking a better and more solid foothold because of his tirade against Islam.

Now the Curtis Caldwell Center in Garland, Texas in America are jumping onto the bandwagon to help push for such a hidden agenda in Texas and also the whole of America.

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