Wednesday, May 27, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

Of course the criminals will never admit to having committed any crime; they try to charge the others and the whole world for having done that, while they merrily go away and figure out how and where else they can repeat the crimes that they had been committing for so long.

And the stupid victims will blame themselves and groups within their own societies and countries for causing the destruction they are experiencing, without ever knowing who had originally created the mess, the very persons or countries that are now trying to find ways to solve the problems that they had meant to create in the first place.

The so-called peace-loving countries in the west are the ones who should be happy to see the destruction of the many Arab countries. What more could they ask for?

They get business for selling more weapons to the countries they encourage to get into the action.

And these countries which manufacture all the weapons are indirectly or directly gaining a lot when wars break out and are sustained for a long period of time.

All the Arab and Muslim countries depend on weapons those countries in the west many of whom have veto power in the United Nations Security Council are the real culprits; they find ways to encourage other countries to use the weapons or they would be obsolete and new ones would not be necessary to be developed.

So it is they who want to charge them for the crimes are helpless; as they are not so smart and also vulnerable to threats. So they back off and play the game started by the culprits.

And for the Arabs and other Muslims they have not realized how their own folly or follies had caused them to be where they are in countries that have been destroyed.

The poor quality leadership they have is one reason for such a problem they have to face.

The others are due to their inherence in Islam which they claim to profess but not to obey, and many more.

In the meantime, their enemies, who try to pass as their allies are the ones which have caused them to suffer immensely.

Worse of all is when their unsworn enemies are using whatever diplomatic tools that they have to outwit the Arabs and Muslims including their worse and most delibatating one which is reverse psychology, to blame the victims for the problems they are facing with them as the culprits being seen as their saviors or someone who are trying to save them from inflicting further damage on themselves.

And the real culprits are those in the White House who unknowingly or knowingly have refused to accept blame and the problems they are supposed to solve were all the ones that were created by other agencies in the American government that run parallel to it, such as the CIA and Pentagon.

Worse are the Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC and their head honcho, the Zionist prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu who controls the apparatus in America.

What he says goes in Washington DC and the White House which occasionally try to chastise him to make him look like a small kid.

But who’s kidding who here??

Of course, the western media and those in America want to profile Netanyahu as ‘a man of peace’.

But where else can this man of peace to in the world?

He can only go to America and to some other countries in the west but not to the many others, where he will not be accepted even in the countries that have diplomatic relations with his country where the Zionist embassies are located, including Singapore.

It is also telling how the Zionist leader had not bothered to pay his personal tribute to Lee Kuan Yew despite his country having diplomatic relations with Singapore and it was Kuan Yew himself who had brought the Zionist elements into his country to help build the country’s army.

Singapore and Israel have never bothered to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries and Kuan Yew too had not been to Tel Aviv for an official visit.

The Zionist president had tried to visit Singapore once but the actions of some Malaysian activists caused the trip to be canceled altogether.

The late Abdul Razak, a member of the opposition in Malaysia lay on the tracks of the railway that stopped a train to go to its final destination in Singapore and this caused the Zionist president’s visit to be terminated.

In fact, some of the Zionist generals too can’t go to England without them being arrested. Some of them were lucky because they were told to return to their country by the British who caught wind that there were some in the country that had demanded their arrest. 

So where are the successes that the Zionist leaders say they have managed to get for their people? They are all holed in this small stretch of land called Israel which is also not a popular tourist attraction. It is definitely not Zionistland like Disneyland.

And no hardcore Zionist supporter would dare to go anywhere in the world and carry the flag of his country and be proud to say he is from Israel

So the so-called White House Security Summit is really the height of folly; of those who are the real culprits who try to put the blame on the others, the Arabs and Muslims who did not know better because their leaders are mostly insecure people, they readily accepted what the White House or the western powers say and feel guilty for being victims with the real culprits being able to go on to put on an act to hoodwink everybody else.   

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