Friday, May 15, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

I don’t think they are the Hardcore Leftists. They are mostly the Confused Hardcore Leftists, those who cannot be the Confused Hardcore Rightists like the many who are the Right, but who can never do anything right.

I don’t think Malaysians who at the Left like to be where are; they have been pushed to this corner which they find to be tough to stay on without being put in a spot.

They did not want to be at the Left; but somehow, those at the Right did not get it right and caused some Malaysians to go to the Left.

It is because those at the Right did not know how to play it right that forced some to want to go to the Left from where they thought they could see better, more clearly what they could not do when they were at the Right or at the fringes or on the fence, so to say, the Fence-sitters who mostly appear in public as groupies protesting in the center of the city to create havoc and to get some measure of notoriety that they alone cannot get. They are groupies, no doubt.

They are the Pseudo-Groupies who are lonely souls who cannot do anything on their own, except perhaps when they are in the limited confines of their rooms and writing on their computers and laptops, where they spout nonsense, repeating what their leaders have said earlier, often using coarse language which they take to mean that they are that angry, when their command of Melayu and English languages to be limited.

They are not many Confused Hardcore Leftists who write in Mandarin or Tamil because they know they are not heard.

They know it is useless to be a Confused Hardcore Leftist if they can’t express anything in Melayu or English and mostly in Pidgin Melayu and Pidgin English.  

No wonder there were some Hardcore Rightists who were forced to go to the Left to become the Hardcore Leftists.

Yet, some of the born-again Hardcore Leftists, later moved back to eat all the words they had spouted to return to the Right and become the Secondhand Rightists again. They are indeed the pathetic lot, they who thought they could benefit from being at the either side, and they end up staying at the side that provides them the most.

What happened in Malaysia was that most of those at the Left were formerly at the Right.

When they go to the Left, they took with them their closes aides and mostly relatives. Their supporters could not be counted for anything especially if they are close relatives; they do not have the gumption to be their own man or woman.

They do not have leadership qualities; they are blind followers, as much as those who support them, who are their blind supporters, too, in many ways.

One thing’s for certain is that the small groups of Malaysians who are excited to take their matters, problems, concerns and silliness to the streets, are mostly those who had not been to America and to live there long enough to know better how to misbehave themselves.

From what I can see all of them are those who had not studied or lived in the country, and they think by taking their personal grouses and other petty matters to the streets, they are seen to be ‘advanced’ and liberal, like those people they had seen demonstrating in some streets in America.

But alas, what they do not realize is that the protestors in America are mostly law-abiding citizens who obey the laws of the land; they do not little or shout senselessly; they march quietly at the designated areas that allowed them to do so and for that they could get full protection from the police.

Alas, it is the Sixties America that they are talking about.

In Malaysia, they prefer to disrupt traffic and take their matters to the streets which are often congested so they can at the very least cause harm to some quiet easily even without provocation from anyone.

And the leaders are mostly those from the opposition political parties or the NGOs which side them.

In America, people from the political parties do not organize such shows; they were organized by private groups not aligned to the parties and NGOs.

And this is what the professional and regular protest leaders and their supporters do not realize.

And the sickening part is that many of those who are in the opposition political parties are there in the streets because they lack a cause; they did not know how to use the parliament or state assemblies where they are members.

And after being voted in by the voters of the Left who thought they could get more voice in these halls but alas, in those halls, they only managed to talk nonsense on issues which are mostly on their personal grouses and they do not sound like they are representing anyone much less their own constituencies, but their parties or more exactly, their party leaders.

Their supporters in their constituencies did not bother to check with the person who they had voted in because they are passive voters, as much as most of the other voters including those who had voted for the government, who did not care what their representatives in parliament and the state assemblies are doing.

Malaysia’s voters are mostly passive. They only know how to vote and mostly they vote with a lot of emotion and they do not know who they are voting either way, the government or the opposition.

I don’t think those few Malaysians who are now at the Left like to be where they are.

It is something they thought they wouldn’t mind doing as a new and exciting phase in their lives.

Many of those who were once at the Left had returned to leave the Left in haste and also full of anger at the leaders of the Left who had misled them, they claimed.

So to absolve themselves of the stupid mistake they had made, they had to become ardent critics of the leaders of the Left, whoever they are.

But those who are happy to gather at Sogo and other places especially Dataran Merdeka are mostly those who thought by doing so they would be accepted as being people who are at par with their counterparts in America.

Unfortunately, most if not all of them had not been to America before, so they think by gathering in large numbers and carrying slogans and shouting abuses, they are in America.

They are not. And they can never be there.

Because they know if they are in America they will not want to do what they are doing.

Most, if not all of the Malaysians who had lived and studied anywhere in America, do not behave or misbehave like the groupies at Dataran Merdeka and Sogo.

Some of them are groupies and who like to live in the fast lane and join those who are also like them who enjoy saying things in the opposite way. They get a lot of thrill doing that.

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