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By Mansor Puteh

Unfortunately, about one and a half years later, Sultan Hussain Shah died. And he was buried at the Masjid Trengkerah in Melaka where his modest mausoleum is still well-looked after.

Even his descendants may not be aware of him being buried at the masjid in Melaka as I have not heard of any of them visiting it or talking about.

I also tried to find some photos of Sultan Hussain from anyone I knew but failed to locate it.

I am surprised that they are no photos of the sultan even at the Melayu Heritage Center which is the new center of the Melayu in Singapore that was created from the Istana Kampung Gelam.

Surely, the British would have got someone to draw pictures of him and also him with Raffles when he was installed Sultan by Raffles at the padang in Singapore in 1824.

There are many drawings and paintings of Raffles and Farquhar, but none of Sultan Hussain Shah, who the British had used to ‘steal’ Singapore from Johor and the Melayu.

If Farquhar could bully Sultan Hussain Shah when he was alive, his successor, too knew he could not do much.

In the end, the Sultanate of Singapore fell into disgrace with the British finally managing to tell everybody that Singapore had now become a British colony and with the British were to quickly importing Chinese coolies and Indian laborers into the island with the sole intention of displacing the majority Melayu there.

They could not take other Melayu in the region especially Tanah Melayu or Indonesia or Jawa b because they wanted to dabble with statistics to later on displace the Melayu and turned Singapore into a Chinese island/country.

If it had remained a Melayu-majority the people could definitely want to take it back to the Sultanate of Johor.  

And it is this British colony that Lee Kuan Yew and his predecessor David Saul Marshall who was chief minister, got and for which Kuan Yew thought he could use it to affect the racial balance in Malaysia if the country was formed with his ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ concept which sounded redundant as it was devious and worse, evil.

It was stunning for a Jew in Singapore to have gained the trust of so many voters in the country, despite him being a Jew and a member of such a small community there.

But that was before Zionism and the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

Who then gave the British the right to colonize Singapore? After all Raffles only wanted to establish a mere ‘trading post’ so that the EIC he was working for could trade with the neighboring countries.

And didn’t anyone realize that Singapore at that time was not a state, but was still very much a part of the Sultanate of Johor?

Why was it necessary then for Singapore to be given British colony status, for which Kuan Yew was said to be the champion calling for independence, for which they were finally allowed by the British to hold a general election or referendum to decide if Singapore would remain in the British Commonwealth or to become an independent state? This happened in 1959.

And from there Kuan Yew managed to maneuver around to get ‘his country’ to become part of the Federation of Malaysia, when he realized that Singapore was too small and too vulnerable to be an independent state, and worse, with no natural resources.

He thought by doing so he could also manipulate the status he would get to introduce the unusual concept of ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ thus displacing the nine Melayu Sultans whose states had earlier agreed to merge to form Persekutuan Tanah Melayu or Federated Melayu States.

On 16 September, 1963, the Federation of Malaysia was formed, but barely two years later Singapore was expelled from the federation by Tunku Abdul Rahman, because he did not want Kuan Yew to continue misusing his status as the chief minister of Singapore, now that the state is just one of the thirteen in the Federation, to push for his personal agenda which is to establish the Malaysian Malaysia concept where everyone is equal and no one race is superior to the other.

But all this could not happen if the Natives and especially Melayu in Tanah Melayu or Melayu Land were not charitable and accommodative as well as supportive.

If they did not have those traits, chances are the Chinese immigrants would have got it tough, with many of them leaving back for China if they did not want to fully assimilate with the locals as their brethren had done in all the other countries in Nanyang or Southeast Asia. 

(Note: No one knows why Malaysia was formed on 16 September, 1963 which is Kuan Yew’s birthday, when he was forty years, if it was a coincidence.)
He did not seem to realize that Malaysia could only be formed with the consent of the nine Melayu rulers and Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was already a Melayu state with a vast Melayu majority.

With Singapore in the demographic makeup of Malaysia changed drastically seeing the total population of the Chinese to be almost the same with the population of the Melayu.

With this Kuan Yew must have thought that if there was a general election is PAP could win it and he could also become prime minister of Malaysia, and from there turn Malaysia into what we can see in Singapore today which is a Chinese majority state, with the Melayu there looking like displaced citizens.

Tunku was right in evicting Singapore from Malaysia, which ended Kuan Yew’s personal agenda.

But Tunku was also not right in doing so, especially when he did not realize how the population of the Melayu then as it is still today expanded more than that of the Chinese, especially also when many Chinese would opt to return to China.

And Malaysia too can start to import more Melayu in the region an from Indonesia to cause the population size of the Melayu to further increase like what it is today in Malaysia, with the percentage of the Melayu now at sixty-five or seventy percent compared to that of the Chinese which is at twenty-five percent, a reduction of fifteen percent.

By 2050 the population of the Melayu in Malaysia would be eighty percent and the Chinese at just fifteen percent.

So who was smarter, Kuan Yew or Tunku? Tunku was only smart in expelling Singapore from Malaysia but he was no so smart not to know that he could manipulate the population status to benefit the Melayu.

This may have also ended Kuan Yew’s secret mission which is to turn Malaysia into a republic with him as its first president, since he did not seem to agree to have the Melayu as a dominant race in the country, where everybody is equal which could also mean that he would also do away with the Melayu rulers altogether, much like what the British had tried to do by introducing the Malayan Union concept which the Melayu and rulers rejected outright.

The Communists did not reject this idea, as long as it would mean that the Melayu dominance of Malaysia be diminished or destroyed altogether.

There many Chinese who had fled South China to come to Tanah Melayu and other countries in Southeast Asia or Nusantara Melayu or the Melayu World, who had found their pot of gold, so they could return to their villages in triumph, showing to his relatives and friends that he had succeeded, and that his trip to Nanyang or South Seas Lands proved successful.

The Great Famine in the early 1900s had forced many young Chinese men to flee their remote villages to save their lives and to find their pot of gold working as coolies in the tin mines. They also took with them the negative aspects of life in South China with the gansterism and decadent lifestyle.

So if not for the Great Famine, the Chinese would not have bothered to also come to Singapore to turn the island into another state with them having a majority and by deceit created by Raffles and the British caused it to become a British colony.

Perhaps if the matter is taken to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Johor can reclaim the island back. 

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