Tuesday, May 19, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

America does not know what they have been trying to do; which is not to protect their national interests although their leaders often like to tell everybody this is what they want to do.

This is their claim each time they embark on any military or political aggression on any country or introduced a new bill of congress.

But the intended consequence of what they do can be seen in the way their national flag called affectionately by them as the Star-Spangled Banner flies nowadays in the other countries and especially embassies around the world.

Even their president and high and even low officials cannot go anywhere they like to anymore with the American embassies looking like haunted houses with heavy security and no activity. The locals are scared to go near them. 

Even their ambassadors and officers in their embassies are not in direct contact with the people in the countries they are said to want to relate to and communicate with.

They have to depend on the effects and influence of Hollywood and American music to sustain their country’s influence in the other countries.

But for how long can this last, and when can the Hollywood and American Music influence last?

Once they are gone, American prominence too will be gone taking with it the many years of relationship and goodwill that their early leaders and officials had done to create respect for their country and whatever they stood for them.

That the world has changed is no secret. But what about America? How much the country too has changed? It is beyond description.

But do their president and CIA and citizens know that they are now living in a totally different world than their predecessors, up to the time when John F. Kennedy was president? And also before the Zionist state of Israel was established in 1948?   

President Kennedy introduced the American Peace Corps and sent thousands of young American men and women to distant lands in countries which were said to be still under-developed.

So the American Peace Corps volunteers were able to live for up to one to two years in remote villages in those countries and live with the people there who accepted them totally.

But no American can dare to do that these days without him or her being taken as hostage, and if no ransom is paid, he would be beheaded with the video of the act being posted on YouTube.

America has changed. It has changed the world through dubious foreign policy initiatives purely to protect the existence of the Zionist state, and in the process put its own citizens in a lot of harm.

While there are still many who want to go to America to become its citizens or to reside there as permanent residents using the ‘green cards’, yet, there are many Americans who also cannot leave the country since there are now more countries which are unfriendly towards it, because of the actions of their leaders and their CIA agents who control even the White House, leaving their president to be their spokesman and apologist.

No groups of Americans can even dare to sit in any Starbucks restaurant of Hard Rock Café in those countries and in the many others without it being targeted for retaliation.  

So no wonder the American embassies worldwide are heavily fortified, which is to defend themselves from their failed foreign policies. Even their ambassadors do not go about freely like they used to especially in the 1960s.

They do not seem to be a welcome sight and they try as much as possible not so say anything or to do anything.

Where are the Americans these days? One can only see them in the films Hollywood produced and their entertainers on television.

But there are caricatures, created by Hollywood who likes to show them to be larger than life individuals who are over-confident with themselves.

This is not the truth.

But more and more people are getting bored with the Americans they continue to watch in films and on television and also in music videos, because they do not represent the true Americans, those who are smaller in stature in real-life and who are scared.

In fact, even the British are also feeling smaller these days.

They and the French, too are feeling the effects of the actions of their own kinds, especially those at Charlie Hebdo who had caused France and the French people to be looked down upon.

And where are the Americans on the streets?

Even the American embassies are now fortified more than ever before especially since 911 which also seemed to have crashed their notion that Americans are accepted everywhere like their credit cards.

But not anymore.

These days, even in friendly countries, Americans cannot just walk about wherever they like. They have to live in those countries quietly and not talk too loudly.

The American embassies are now like the embassies of the former Soviet Union, which were walled and difficult to enter without any good reason or formal appointment.

The American ambassadors also do not move about freely like they used to; and they seldom attend formal functions or gatherings.

If they had to, they would arrive quietly with any fanfare and most likely, they also do not eat the food and drinks served by their hosts for fear that they are poisoned.

The American ambassador to South Korea was recently attacked by a South Korean political activist while attending a formal function in Seoul, there.

This is the most serious attack on an American ambassador since the death of his counterpart in Tripoli, Libya who was killed when the American embassy there was attacked.

The Star-Spangled Banner does not seem to fly proudly at the American embassies these days. They look limp being blown by the winds.  

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