Saturday, March 7, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

The White House Security Summit aimed to subjugate the Arabs more and not to empower them.

And inviting those to attend it in February, 2015, who look like they were part of the problem and not of the solution to the Arab matter; with some who can be charged for hijacking Islam and not using the religion to promote and empower the Arabs especially the young ones to better themselves…

But are America and the west blameless in this?

The Arabs and Muslims suffer because their political leaders are naïve and can be easily overwhelmed and subjugated.

They are that silly; they are that dumb! And they are also that too self-centered and selfish. There is something fishy with all of them.

And because of that they can be easily manipulated because of the poor leadership quality and low intellect.

And why is the problem happening when they are so many so-called Islamic Studies Centers in all the major universities in the west and the other think tanks comprising of scholars from the Muslim and non-Muslim world who should by right have taken action decades ago to create a better situation in all the Arab countries so that problems faced by them today did not happen.

The truth is that the problems have happened and chances of them going away or being solved in the immediate future are bleak.

The Islamic scholars in the Arab or Muslim World and the west are looking elsewhere as the Arab countries continue to be destroyed by infiltration of agents from some friendly countries that had ulterior motives and to want to see them destroyed, less they are the targets of Arab scorn and fury.

Even the Arab leaders do not realize what is hitting them, even when their own countries are destroyed and their own positions threatened with some who had already been disposed and assassinated, true to what the plot demanded it.

The Arab World in shambles is good for some countries who have ulterior motives on the Arabs, those who put on a friendly face, yet, who have bad intentions on them, their spy agencies who knew how to belittle the Arabs by using the psychology that they have to create further divisions amongst them using sectarian means to achieve the goals.

The Sunni-Syiah divide was never any issue with Arabs and Muslims until it was found to be expedient to be used or misused to ensure that the Arabs or Muslims go after each other by some minor provocations. 

This is what was wrong with the White House Security Summit; first they invited a host of people who look like they are part of the problems and not of the solution.

If they have solutions and ideas to share with anyone in the Summit, then why didn’t they just use them in their own countries before the Arab problems emerged, with the creation of ISIL and other militant groups in their own countries?

And it is also unfortunate too that there were none from the Zionist state of Israel, whose participants can surely offer way on how to empower the young Arabs and not to further subjugate them.

President Barack Obama gave speeches in the Summit and also ideas or proposals but the worse of all is how the American government should continue and further check the flow of information in the internet and to block access to it by militant groups who have used it to recruit new members from all over the world especially England and Europe, and especially Jihadi John who has now been revealed to be Kuwaiti-born British Mohammed Emwazi.

There are surely other ways to contain Arab dissent against their own governments and the Zionist state which is their main focus.

But the western media have not managed to say so, fearing that the so-called militant groups could be seen by many more Arab kids as their leaders and not enemies.

There must be many young and old Arab men and women who support ISIL, but they are not able to say so publicly, especially the Palestinians who have suffered so many decades under Zionist occupation and punishment.

But this has not been discussed.

The White House Security Summit may be a whitewash attempt to put blame on the Arab freedom fighters.

The truth may not be told. And the results of the Summit may not be achieved if the participants play along with what the White House and American president force them to do.

The participants from the Arab countries which are in turmoil are also part of the blame; they are the source of the problems faced by other Arabs especially the young.

They cannot be enlisted to help fight the war on terror which had been created by the continuous 

There are other way which are more positive that can be used to put the Arab World together and none of these had been mentioned or discussed in the Summit.

Saudi Arabia too can and must be blamed for not doing its part to ensure that the Arab countries bothering it, especially Somalia and Yemen did not go in the way like it is doing now.

How could Saudi Arabia with its vast economic and religious influence not been able to put things right in these two Arab countries?

And what have the OIC, Gulf Council Countries (GCC) and Arab League been doing? Never mind the United Nations (UN).

The destruction of the many Arab countries can be blamed on the poor quality leadership of all the Arab and Muslim countries and poor scholarship and intellect amongst their scholars and intellectuals.

All the Arab countries are proud to have so many new universities and think tanks, yet, they cannot collectively create a more conducive atmosphere in the Arab World which can cause people like Jihadi John and the other to want to put their energies to better use.

Blaming all of these young Arab men and women and even schoolgirls will not do anyone any good.

The Arab political and intellectual as well as cultural and economic leaders are to be blamed first for neglecting their lot.

ISIL therefore was created or came into being because of the depravity of their intellect.

And are America and the west totally blameless in all this? No, they are not; they are also part of the problem.

Their leaders knew how to solve their racial problems in the past have failed to use similar methods to solve the problems in the Arab countries today.

And how is Hollywood involved in the problems? They had been profiling the Arabs as terrorists, now there are some of them who want to show to Hollywood, that they too can be terrorists.

Arab characters in old silent films produced by Hollywood are ‘romantic heroes’. Now they are not even ‘romantic terrorists’. 

The path from being ‘romantic heroes’ of Hollywood to ‘terrorists’ is one that was cut for a certain reason and only recently that has been realized. 

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