Saturday, March 28, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

This is really not much of an issue. But did anyone anywhere in the world miss discussing or raising the matter? Isn’t it also important, as it can bring out a lot if that has happened, because it would reflect a lot on many things and issues surrounding it.

And why must someone from Malaysia raise it?

Just how many white couples in America and everywhere especially in South Africa and the other former British colonies in Africa who had adopted Black children? The number may be large.

But just how many Black couples in these countries who have adopted white children? There must be some, but so far I have not heard of any.

Maybe there are some Black couples who have adopted white children, but how come they are not celebrated and mentioned and also turned into novels and films? They make such an awfully interesting story and experience that can be shared by many, not only in America but also elsewhere.

If there are no such cases, then who will be the first black couple to adopt a white child? Is there a white couple out there somewhere in America and Africa who want to create history by being the first to do so?

There are many white couples who have adopted black children over the many decades.

But one cannot find even one black couple who has adopted a white child.

American performer, Madonna adopted not one but two black children from Africa. She must prefer original black children over the Americanized ones that are plentiful in America.

A white person adopting a Black child can be seen as the person trying to save the Black child; but for a Black person adopting a white child, he is not seen as such, even if he is wealthy.

Maybe this is what’s causing many Blacks in America or anywhere in the world especially in Africa to not want or even think of adopting a white child, when he can adopt a Black child instead, which many must have done.

There are also some white couples in Europe who would go to Africa to adopt a Black child and rear him as their own, which is good.

Except that the problem could be because the white couple is seen to be ‘saving’ the Black child. They could have adopted a white child or a child from the orient, and the issues involved are totally different.

So even in countries in Africa that have white minorities, there is no black couple who has adopted a white child.

Therefore the black couple who adopts a black white child will definitely create history of sorts be they be in Africa or America.

It makes a white couple look good to have adopted a black child and the whole of America looks up at them.

But will the same America looks up at the black couple who adopts a white child, even if the black couple can afford it and who are wealthy too?

What’s holding back such a black couple to do such a deed?  Fear for being criticized and for what?

I have not seen any film produced in Hollywood or any other country in the world especially in Africa that deals with such an issue.

And I have also not seen any novel or short story that deals with it too?

Why are they not able to do something like that?

We see all the time how white couples would adopt Black children with the most celebrated being the adoption of not one, but two black children by Madonna, who went to Africa to get them; she wouldn’t want to get them from America, but from the source – Africa so they are authentic African or Black children who both won’t grow up to become any whiter than they were still in Africa.

Many find her and the other white couples in America and anywhere in Europe to be marvelous and brave for adopting Black children.

And there are many white men or women who had married Black women and men.

But there has never been any Black couple or single men or women who had adopted a white baby or child, ever.

What’s stopping them from doing this?

Even in former British colonies in Africa where they were white minority governments such as those in South Africa and Rhodesia now Zimbabwe, we have not seen any incident of any Black couple adopting white children or babies, after the countries gained independence from white minority or apartheid rule, as they were described by the Blacks and the international community.

Many international personalities from the Black community in America prefer to offer charity that benefits children of all colors, yet, none of them had ever dared or wanted to adopt even one white child to help him grow up.  

Even the wealthy Black couples in America or South Africa have not adopted a white baby or child before.

The first Black couple to do that will surely make history and their experience looking for one and getting the white boy or girl can make for an interesting novel which can immediately be turned into a feature film produced in Hollywood no less for the whole world to watch and appreciate.

But can this happen anytime soon?

Maybe not.

Maybe there are some Black babies or children who are adopted by white couples in America everyday, which go unreported.

There are shows where some of these white couples who have actually brought the Black children they have adopted who talk about their experience for doing that, and there are also some in Europe, too.

But there is still no incident of the opposite happening where a Black couple adopts a white baby or child. 

One can see white men and women marrying of dating Blacks everyday, with some marrying them.

But chances of a mixed couple adopting a Black child may be smaller compared to them adopting a white child. 

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