Monday, March 2, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

‘I totally disagree with you and what you do, but I will defend and support you…’ Who said that, and who liked to say that?

And who will say this concerning the three British-Muslim schoolgirls and Jihadi John?

They liked to say that on the issue concerning Charlie Hebdo, but not in this particular one. Why?

Can one expect to see a gathering of peaceful people who voice their support for such freedoms in the streets of Paris and London soon?

They must do that or they can be charged for practicing double standards.

They who were willing to come out in droves to support Charlie Hebdo but who are not wiling to voice and show their support for the three British-Muslim girls and Jihadi John a.k.a. Mohammed Emwazi who grew up most of his life in England and even went to boarding school there and who ended up speaking in a thick British accent. The video clips purportedly showing him with his face covered has him showing a knife in his left hand which means to say that he is left-handed.

Does this also mean that men who are left-handed cannot be trusted compared to those who are right-handed, and how Arab ‘terrorists’ and ‘militants’ do not necessarily now speak in a strange accent?

The truth is that the war theater has been moved from the Middle East to Europe and the west, and this is what’s causing Benjamin Netanyahu to plead to the Jews all over the world to come to the Zionist state where they are ensured of their safety and comfort.

Many have gone there, but some had left to return to Morocco where they claim to be able to live in greater comfort and peace living amongst their Arab neighbors who had accepted them and their ancestors for so long.

In Europe and the west, the Zionist Iron Dome does not cover the Jews there. Here they are vulnerable to any Zionist provocation and retaliation where the IDF are not able to destroy or demolish the houses of those Arab or Palestinian resistant fighters like they habitually do in the West Bank and Gaza or how every few years, the Zionists would launch incursions into the Occupied Territories just to get rid of their old weapons so that they can be replenished by their American lackeys.   

Doesn’t this sound much like what many in the West or France say, when they agree to disagree, when their own people are in such a sticky position and to defend them, they have to utter such words?

But how come when it comes to some British-Muslim schoolgirls and Jihadi John, none of those who fully support the Freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and whatever freedoms that they or their ancestors had created for themselves, for which those who live in France and the west today feel enamored to fully and wholeheartedly support?

And why the double standards? There are some who condemn those who do not define such freedoms in the say fashion as they do.

Where is Salman Rushdie? Where are those in Charlie Hebdo and their supporters in this matter?

And in this regard, where is the French President Francois Hollande and those leaders from countries that had joined in the march in Paris two months ago?

If they and everybody in the west truly believe in all these freedoms, then they must not define them in the way that benefits them only. The others too can define them in the way they want.

Otherwise, where is there freedom of this and of that?

Those who openly support and proudly claim to support such freedoms when it suits them are now completely silenced, when they are at the receiving end of the debate.

And the fact is that such freedoms do have their limits. But these limits had all failed to stop the British-Muslim schoolgirls and Jihadi John from pursuing their personal goals and aims or dreams.

They probably say, ‘If you can have your freedoms, then we too can have ours!’

The French cried Freedom of Expression when the small Charlie Hebdo office was attacked and with some of their staff killed.

But the same persons are not crying out ‘Freedom of Expression and of Assembly’ when those schoolgirls and Jihadi John used or misused such freedoms to suit their personal goals, aims and dreams.

The truth is there are no such freedoms, those of the unfettered kinds. There are limits to such freedoms.

If they are true and unfettered freedom of speech, of assembly, or expression, then it must and can only benefit the French and those in the west more. They cannot benefit those who are on the other side of the fence.

These people are charged for being the enemies of democracy of freedom.   

In more ways than one the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine is dead, one more time and this time the French who supported them in drove when they came out to shout freedom of expression and holding placards with the words, ‘I am Charlie Hebdo’, yet none of them was brave to actually hold up high a copy of the magazine.

And the unfortunate truth is that their so-called ‘survivors’ edition’ of the magazine which was released after the attack on them has not been well-received either.

Reports saying that this issue had sold more than five million copies, yet, there is no proof to back that. It is just propaganda.

The French embassies and consulates all over the world have not made it available at their premises to prove to those in these countries that they fully support the magazine and their editorial policies.

The French President Hollande too has not taken any copies to hand to the leaders of countries he visits.

Strangely, there is no button which has been produced with the design of the ‘survivors’ issue’ on it that one can pin on one’s shirt, tee-shirt or jacket’ and show everybody in Europe or the west and mostly in the Arab countries that he is a proud French person and strong supporters of the Freedom of expression, etc., etc…

That can never happen. The reason being the French are not sure of what they believe in anymore. They are just angry that the Charlie Hebdo incident had happened right before their very eyes and the ‘terrorists’ or ‘militants’ though dead, had succeeded in putting some sense in the French men and women and those who support their ideals which are not realistic or relevant anymore even in the west.

Their enemies, too, knew how to support such ideals and they had proven it, to their death, as much as those in Charlie Hebdo had done, to their death!    

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