Wednesday, October 29, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Maybe Prem Rawat is happy with what the Zionist leaders have been doing all this while to create peace on the land that they had seized from the Palestinians that he did not see any need whatsoever to go to Tel Aviv or Haifa in Israel to preach peace to their leaders and also to the laypersons.

He has also not bothered to go to Gaza Strip and the West Bank to try and create peace within the Palestinians who have suffered more than seventy years.

As for Africa and India, he too, does not seem to think it fit to go there to preach peace to the Africans and Indians.

Maybe he realized that there was no money to be made in Africa and India; the people could not afford to invite him.

And probably he is also not aware of what is happening to the Middle East vis-à-vis Palestine whose citizens had been forcefully evicted from their own homes and lands, for him to be able to find ‘from within himself’ to offer any advice so the Palestinians can accept their fate and just leave it to that.

In the end, one can find Prem going to countries which are considered to be at peace with themselves, including Malaysia because he knows that they could still do with some more of the same words that he can offer them.  

Prem Rawat, the master wordsmith who uses simple English to convey simple and often naïve thoughts and ideas on how he thought peace could be found ‘within you’, seems to have missed the crowd.

He seems to prefer those who are well-endowed who are mostly the educated and English-speaking, but who still could do with some lessons on how to speak in simple English, with the theme on ‘peace’.

After listening to some of his ‘lectures’ one can surmise that he can go on and on saying pretty much the same few things, without ever saying anything else.

And the crowd that come to hear him are not those who had real personal issues or problems to solve; they are just social listeners, the people who enjoy being in crowds.

Unfortunately, since Prem has been ‘traveling around the world for forty years to preach peace’ the world seems not to have gained much from his speeches or lectures which to many and especially me, sounds more like soliloquay.

He should go to the Zionist state of Israel and the Arab countries which are in turmoil and also those countries in Africa where the people live a substance life, who can benefit from his speeches and lectures, so hopefully, they too can find ‘peace within themselves’ as much as those in the countries in the west and developing countries, whose are showing signs of lethargy who can benefit from hearing from him.

One wants to ask what has Prem been doing all the forty years he has traveled around the world to promote peace.

The world has become more fractured and some countries, especially the Arab ones completely in ruins, with many of the Arabs fleeing their countries to live in refugee camps.

Prem should go to Israel and preach peace to the Israeli leaders. He should also go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya to do the same.

If he does this and can cause the leaders of these countries to be able to have some semblance of humanity in them, so that they can then bring about peace for their people, then surely, Prem will deserve to get a special Nobel Peace Prize unlike those that had been given to the earlier winners of the Prize.  

But why isn’t Prem doing this?

Why does he still prefer to talk about peace in London where he was given a Key to the City of London recently?

That Prem can go on saying pretty much the same for the last forty years, is just remarkable if not stunning.

Is he also at peace with himself, for doing what he has been doing all this all over the world all the forty years he says he has done, yet, he does not seem to realize that the world he aimed to create is not exactly what it has become?

Forty years ago, when he first started to go around the world to preach peace ‘within everybody who listens to him’, the world was a much better place to live for everybody, especially in the Middle East.

Prem started to preach his ‘words of peace’ forty years ago in 1974 when the world was a lot better than it is now, when once could travel on planes without being frisked and passengers are allowed to go to the cockpit to watch the pilots maneuver the planes on the flights like I did when I was invited by the in-flight staff to do that when I was flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Jakarta in Indonesia.

Now the cockpits of all airplanes are fortified and the doors are locked with no access to the passengers except for the few in-flight staff.

American Peace Corps volunteers could go and live in any village in any Third World country and were accepted by the locals.

Today, Americans are not safe sitting in Starbucks or Hard Rock Cafes in some countries and all the countries the American Peace Corps had been sent to, are now in shambles. 

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