Monday, October 13, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Not everything from the west and particularly America is good for the Arabs and Muslims.

Yet, the Americans did not know this and want to impose its values on the others, especially the Arabs and Muslims who were living nicely and peacefully in their caves without care for the world.

Then suddenly they were forced to abide to the laws and rules from the west and America, which creates a lot of confusion in them, the more they try to ape the westerners and Americans.

Yet, the west and America are still at it.

They have not come to realize their own folly in wanting to force democracy to them, without taking into consideration a ‘modern’ Arab and Muslim is going to be like the freedom-fighters of old, who called for the independence of their own states that were under rule by them - the British, French, Italian, Spanish and then the Americans, all of whom had to leave the country in shame.

This is the irony of it all.

In their haste to force the Arabs and Muslims to embrace American culture, lifestyle and ways as well as their democratic system, they had failed to realize the side-effects which are evidently clear for everybody to see.

The only persons who do not accept the problems faced by the Arabs and Muslims today to have their source from the very countries in the west led by America to solve them by charging some of the Arabs and Muslims to be militant.

They had become ‘militants’ and ‘terrorists’ because their original habitat had been disturbed.

Just as some animals had started to attack humans when their natural habitat had been disturbed, the animal lovers in America and the west quickly blamed the humans for their folly and not the animals for reacting in the way they do.

However, with the Arabs and Muslims, the same people who treat animals with kindness and understanding cannot show similar compassion to the Arabs and Muslims whose countries and world as well as their thinking to be misshapen.

Now the second era of western and American colonization is happening, neo-colonization as described by many, which appeared in the form of entertainment and lifestyle change that led to political and military actions.   

And this time the method is by forcing the very countries that they had one colonized for so long to embrace democracy – or more exactly American-style democracy like it was something that is enshrined in the Holy Koran. It is not.

No wonder the Arabs and Muslims are confused because to them not to follow the dictates of the west would spell doom. And to follow to the strict dictates of the religion of the ancestors without taking into consideration the moderation Islam preaches, too, had caused them to be in the bad shape they are in.

Only pseudo-Arab and pseudo-Muslim countries seem to thrive, and this is largely due to the wealth that they had managed to earn from the oil that they have in their deserts.

But internal strife still exists when factions are created amongst those who think they can do better to develop the country and who think they know Islam better to be of better use for the people despite the fact that they had existed for so long, yet, they have not made inroads through the democratic process. Now they are trying to use other processes.

Some of them are lucky because they are able to get support and funding from outside sources, who claim to uphold democracy but who do just the opposite.

Many a country had been destroyed by them in this way. And they are bent on doing more harm to the other countries until there is ‘regime change’. 

Unfortunately, many Arab leaders had deserted Islam to embrace westernization and Americanization, their new pseudo-religion. 

What has been happening in the many Arab countries is obvious that the western-style democracy that they were forced to accept by the western powers has not given them much other than despair and destruction.

With some individuals leading the charge, with the people backing them for no reason other than to want to practice democracy.

In America and the pseudo-Christian west, they practice the democratic process properly; in the Arab and other Muslim countries they think they are practicing democracy without knowing the limits.

This explains why many of the Arab and Muslim countries are dirty and filthy with every system shabby.

There is no real western-style or American-style democracy in these countries, except for the noises that they can make to disturb the peace where their leaders can come to the front of the crowds who are basically the unemployed or underemployed to gather and listen to the same diatribes about wanting to change the political system and leadership that had been put in place by the very political system that they want to destroy. 

This was what the western powers and their intellectuals had wanted to see happen when the doyen of democracy, America, tried to force democracy in the Arab and other Muslim countries, with the main of forcing them to destroy their own countries, that had been existence for centuries.

Democracy may be good for the secular countries but is not very good for the Muslim countries.

Arab and Muslim countries need theocracy over democracy as it has democracy and more that the western-style democracy does not have or wish to entertain or appreciate.

And who says the ‘one man, one vote’ democratic political system is good?

It is good for the west but not for the Arab and Muslim countries who have their own ways that had been held together by their religious values, and bound together over the many centuries.

Now the more they reject theocracy to embrace western-style democracy, they see unnecessary dissent against their own religious beliefs.

It is the theocracy of Iran that has caused the country to be independent and stable. If the people had embraced western-style and American-style democracy, the whole country would have collapsed long ago.

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