Sunday, October 5, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Real religions do not have names that bear the names of the leaders or founders or creators and if they are humans, then the religion is just a belief.

And they bind its believers to behave in a certain way which often ‘infringe on civil liberties’, so they have to surrender to the demands and dictates of the higher order.

One therefore cannot have a religion or believe in one if one just admits but not changing one’s lifestyle in all ways.

Even ‘devil or Satan worshippers’ have to abide to some of the rules of the group.

Muslims, therefore, say that Islam is the only religion and the others are just beliefs.

And these beliefs are not complete, so much so that they do not curtail their believers or followers to abide with the values that the leaders and founders preached, unlike Islam which covers every aspect of life, which even has its own code of ethics, including how its believers prepare their food and eat it, to how to manage their finances as well as the way they can seek entertainment.

Islam even has a judicial system. The other beliefs do not.

No wonder the other beliefs do not ostracize their believers if they went too far astray by infusing their beliefs with their earlier pagan values and styles.

Muslim reverts who were originally Hindus and animist gladly did away with those values that are not compatible with the values of Islam.

Many Catholics in South America and the Philippines still observe their pagan and animist values and cultures even when they were chided by their Pope in the Vatican, who does not seem to have any influence on how they conduct their life. 

The Pope therefore has been turned into a mere symbol of the Roman Catholicism, whose views do not matter so no wonder and common problems faced by the Catholics in America and Cuba and amongst the countries in South America could not be solved.

Worse, the advice by the Pope to America and its allies not to launch attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq fell on deaf ears.

So how could they claim that he has strong influence over the two billion Catholics and Christians in the world? Even this number is not valid as no one knows who is a practicing Catholic or Christian, since not much is expected of him to prove that he truly belief in the religions with many admitting that they are not practicing Christians but just by admittance.   

Many old churches have been turned into masjid with some turned into gudwaras and even hotels and restaurants.

Christianity is a religion that bears the name of an ancient pre-Islam Prophet called Jesus Christ, the healer, who did not preach any new religion only to heal anyone who was suffering from deformities and medical ailment, to create miracles and thrilled everybody around him. 

And they called him ‘Son of God’.

Muslims consider Prophet Isa (allahi salam – a.s.), as one which came in line from the many others before him, before the advent of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him – p.b.u.h.).

Many therefore think Jesus Christ to be the same as Prophet Isa or Nabi Isa (a.s.), but I do beg to defer. To me Jesus Christ is just a caricature of Prophet Isa, for no sketch or illustration of Nabi Isa (a.s.) has ever been created or done and exhibited, so no Muslim knows how he looked like.

But drawings, sketches, illustrations and also statue of Jesus Christ are many. And he has also been profiled in many Hollywood films.   

No one knows for sure when the first drawing of Jesus Christ was done and appeared.

But when it did, his supporters and believers believed it was him and started to pray to it like he was still alive.   

If there are Muslims who believe Jesus Christ to be the same as Nabi Isa (a.s.) then surely, they must also acknowledge and accept the drawings of Jesus Christ and his statues that are well-known universally, and hang them on the walls of their houses, offices and stick them on the dashboards of their cars.

But so far no sane Muslim has dared to do so. Why?

When Jesus Christ died on the cross, he did not ask anyone to worship him, much less to establish a religion bearing his name.

The Europeans too had tried to call those who believe in Islam to be Mohammedans, but not long later this was shot down by all Muslims and other sane non-Muslims and other Pseudo-Christians and Atheists.

There is no Muslim who worships Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.b.) in the same way as those who worship Jesus Christ.

All of them have started to accept that Islam was not a religion for the worshiping of Nabi Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) but of Allah the Almighty and Nabi Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) was just His Messenger or Rasol. 

So Jesus Christ, did not know that what he had tried to preach had been used by some people especially Saul a.k.a. Paul to establish a new religion that Roman Emperor Constantine later fashioned into another version of the religion to be known as Roman Catholicism with the believers of the former and more original religion being described as Protestants. 

These two related religions soon seemed to have been moved to Europe and the west as its center of focus, with those who were with Christ, moving on to worship Prophets that came after him, especially and mostly, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him.

Yet, the believers of these two religions believe that their Jesus Christ will return to save them.

If he does return in the near or distant future, as his believers hope so, then surely, the reasons for him to want to do so would be totally different than what his believes had thought to be all along, although it will be for him to save them from the fires of Hell.

But it will not be for him to ask them to follow him and to pray to him, but to follow the prophet who had come after him, which is Nabi Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) 

So his believes till today have never asked themselves what would this Jesus Christ say if he indeed returns to Earth and discovers that there are two groups of people who are believers of the two religions that he did not and never tried to establish?

One can guess how horrified Jesus Christ would be if he realizes that there are many people who had been taken for a long ride by the real founders of Christianity and Catholicism with many who had died fighting a cause that he never encouraged in the first place.

Now, we can talk about how Jesus Christ would return to Earth to save them, from being further misled, so they could all follow him by acknowledging the existence of his successor, Nabi Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) that the followers of the two religions or faiths and the many churches and dominions, established mostly by individuals who thought they could interpret better the Old and New Testaments and Gospels better than the other, but who had all along neglected or refused to believe. 

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