Friday, October 17, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Russia only likes to watch America have their way…and China and India slowly becoming new World Superpowers.  

Russia’s idiotic leaders who do not have any clue as to what they are there for, with no foreign policies that they can use to exert their military and political might.

Where are the Russian political thinkers and philosophers and strategists? They do not seem to have any.

The Russian leaders only know how to dilly-dally while trying to look smart and brave; but deep inside of them, they are cowards and also idiots who are made fools of by America all the time.  

Now even Ukraine can do that on behalf of America and NATO.

What is a World Superpower? No need to answer this question. Is there such a thing as a Stupid World Superpower and a Smart World Superpower? They are.

We’ll see one Stupid World Superpower and it is Russia, who does not know what to use with their stature and how to exert themselves to get more support from the veto power they had been using to protect and support the cause of the Arabs and Muslims in the Security Council of the United Nations (UN).

How could they be so stupid so as to continue to allow America that has been using their veto power only to protect their personal interests and those of the Zionist state of Israel?

And yet, America is seen to be allies of the Arabs and Muslims and the Russians as their enemies, who they cannot trust.

It is Russia which is stupid enough not to be able to do much to gain anything from their support of the Arab and Muslim countries.

And the Arab and Muslim countries that had gained much from Russia having used its veto power are also to be blamed for being ungrateful, for not trying to find ways to show their appreciation of what Russia has been doing to try and help protect them all these years.

This is also how stupid the Arabs and Muslims are.

They, the Russians and Arabs and Muslims deserve to be with each other in this way.

No wonder they are so easy to be manipulated by America and its allies which also include the very Arab and Muslim countries that had benefited much from Russia for having used its veto power to protect them.

America is smart if not cunning and shrewd for being able to gain much trust from the Arabs and Muslims who they have not bothered to protect by using its veto power.   

America is a superpower and it knows how to maintain its position in the world by exerting it all the time, pushing its secretary of state to ensure that every country dances to its tune, while they pretend to promote democracy. But alas it is American-style democracy and not real democracy.

American-style democracy is truly Anarchy. This is evident in the countries that had tried to embrace this brand of democracy without its leaders using their heads properly.

And unfortunately, most of the countries that had caused their own country and economy to be destroyed are the Arab ones. Their leaders had failed to realize what the real aims of America to force them to go along with them to embrace democracy which a tool to create anarchy as what everybody can see happening in the countries today.

And it is this democracy-anarchy that is being used to ensure the continued existence of the Zionist state of Israel, which can only be sustained if the Arab countries around it are in the perennial state of anarchy.

Those countries that do not embrace American-style democracy will also face similar problems, but in different ways.

And what is Russia? Is it a World Superpower too? It is.

But alas, it is a STUPID WORLD SUPERPOWER. Why?

Because its leaders do not know what to do with their status, which was also given by America.

These two countries are World Superpowers not by virtue of them being permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations, but because of their vast resources.

Unfortunately, America knew how to manipulate the system and mentality of the lower cast Third Word leaders to ensure that they are embolden to America’s demands, while chiding and criticizing the former Soviet Union’s every move.

America had caused the Soviet Union to collapse. Now in its place there is Russia, which is a faint resemblance of its former self especially with the many former Soviet Republics having gone on their separate ways, some to embrace American-style democracy reluctantly.

Yet, the leaders of Russia today are at a total loss. They did not know what else they can do with their status as a World Superpower.

Their secretary of state today, Seigei Lavrov and also their President Vladimir Putin only know how to react, to play fiddle to Uncle Sam.

Even when they are embroiled in the Ukrainian controversy, they balk and do not know how to react and take advantage of the situation to benefit fully from it, while America is trying to gain mileage from it.

The only exertion Putin had tried to show is to release a statement which sounds more like a remark of how Russia is a Superpower, too.

But what he says is so hollow; it lacks gumption. It is a Superpower, a World Superpower but such a STUPID WORLD SUPERPOWER.

Russia can do much to balance the situation in the world so that America and also its allies can be contained, for the good of the rest of the world, as Americanism slowly moves towards the exit doors of many Arab and Muslim countries.

Yet, Putin and Lavrov do not seem to know what to do in such a situation.

When will the Russian and their leaders learn from the stupid mistake that they had been doing all these years so that they can finally benefit from them?

How much must they demand from the Arab and Muslim countries for each veto power they use in the UN?

Even Japan and South Korea which have not been known to be especially friendly to many Arab and Muslim countries benefit tremendously, for without the markets they had opened to their products, these two countries could go bankrupt in no time.

It’s the same with America and its allies who parasitic economies are totally dependent on the charity of the Arabs and Muslims, yet, this tool is not used by them to benefit them to tame America and its allies to submission.

The Zionist state of Israel does not provide for America. On the contrary, it is America that has been supporting the Zionist state without which its very existence would be untenable.

Russia does not need Putin and Lavrov; the country needs leaders who know how to benefit from the veto power it has and for being a World Superpower.

And unbeknownst to them, they have turned Russia into a Stupid World Superpower, as did their predecessors.    

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