Thursday, September 12, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

The world is definitely not better today than it was in 2004.

Maybe it was better in 2004 than it is today, with the Arab Spring not yet happening. It would take nine years before it happen.

And it happened not without a cause. It had many causes or reasons to happen.

But till now no one had ever dared or knew what had caused it to happen and for what reasons.

Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF) started to organize their Perdana Global Peace Forums since 2004.

One would have thought or guessed that because it was organized with good intentions, some good would come out of it.

Many waited, and continued to wait. Until the Arab Spring happened seven years later.

And they continued to organize more of the same global peace forums and on the Palestine issue.

Yet, nothing happened. On the contrary, worst things had happened while they are discussing on the same tired issues, by inviting the same group of speakers from the same countries, America and Canada and also England and some Arab countries.

And they only talk about the same things.

They get the space to express their thoughts which are limited in scope and intellectualism. No wonder the local press almost spawned the forums that have been held, giving them scant regard by reporting the statements of the more or less interesting ones.

Yet, when one cares to look at it, none of the statements or even resolutions have come to anything more than the expression of anger, frustration and confusion.

But the speakers and organizers want to claim to be doing good to the cause they are into, but none of the Palestinians in Palestine has benefited from their charity and support.

In fact, some had even died when some ‘peace missions’ which wanted to send goods to the people of Palestine in Gaza were shot and killed by the Zionist forces.

No retribution was given and the relatives of the dead did not get any compensation.

Gaza continued to be under siege by the Zionist forces.

And PGPF continues to organize more of the same forums whenever there is a regional crises, mostly those that involve Arab countries in the Middle East, with their latest forum held in August that brought the same motley crowd who said the same things which did not end up to benefit anyone, even to themselves.

Not only that they also organize the kangaroo court or tribunal called the Kuala Lumpur International Tribunal to hear charges they leveled against some ‘war crimes’ including George Bush, George W. Bush and Tony Blair, who have all been found guilty, with them not represented in the tribunal.

A lot of money had been spent to organize these forums, all of which could easily be used to spend on things and good to support the Palestinian refugees and also the Rohingya refugees who are now living in Malaysia.

And over the years they have organized similar forums which invited fewer and fewer international personalities, who often-times repeat what they had said in the same forum earlier.

Unfortunately, none of the international panelists who mostly come from America or Canada and England has anything interesting or new to say; they like to blame America and the Zionists.

None of them had said anything interesting enough that what they had said could be implemented, by some of the sane Arab leaders and countries.

In the meantime, the wealthier Arab countries who had benefited from Islam and the OIL that their countries were blessed with look at the other side and continue to seek the others to marvel at their first or world-class airports and tall buildings, all of which are built by non-Arabs, with many of the facilities also managed by non-Arabs, who are not qualified or trained to do the job.

Many Arabs had fled from going to America or Europe for vacation and to collect some misdeeds pretending not to be Arabs or Muslims, so they flock to Mumbai, Bangkok and sometimes to Malaysia, where they can flash their cash and do what they please without ever being charged for any misdemeanor or crimes, which in their own countries would merit these action against them.

Nine years of the PGPF forums have not come to anything. The world has changed a lot, with the Arab world almost destroyed. Yet, PGPF would continue on with their blind mission to discuss issues which had happened.

PGPF would not come up to the level when they become smart enough that they are able to see what had caused the Arab Spring to happen and how not to be angry or confused with what is happening in Palestine especially and in the other Arab and Muslim countries to give views which matter.

They will continue to be political and not engage the others to hear what they can and have to say on the same matters.

PGPF did not care for the other intellectuals only those professors of history or political science who they think deserve the attention.

Alas, most of them are nothing but armchair experts in the field; they are also blind to the cause not knowing how the issues in the Arab World and on Palestine were, to know how to solve them using the same methods that the others had used to allow them to do and get what they wanted.

Blaming them would be futile. They do not care about anyone blaming them for doing whatever they think they had to do, because their books told them to do these.

PGPF has organized few forums, the last one in August; but they will continue to organize more forums in the future, in a world which continues to be fractured, with the Arab World and Palestine becoming worse than they were in 2004 and also are today.

One can expect PGPF to organize a much bigger forum next year to mark the tenth anniversary of their first forum held in 2004 with the same speakers in attendance who say the same things that they had said in 2004, when the world was much better then than it is now.

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