Thursday, September 19, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Few years ago a Melayu man was charged in court for causing the death of his young daughter. This may be the first case of this nature that had been brought to court.

She was left in his car while he went into a shopping complex – the only past-time or hobby of many a young Melayu and non-Melayu men and women these days, especially of those who do not have real past-times or hobbies.

They are people of the ‘Lonely Generation of Malaysia’ those who have education but not too much, and who also did not get enough of foreign travel, so they are vulnerable to the pull of the advertisements who draw them to the shopping complex, where they buy and buy many things they do not need, or do things they do not know of.

In the process, they drag their children who are taught to behave like them when they grow old and are married later.

And when the Melayu man of the Lonely Generation of Malaysia returned he found her dead.

Yet, in the court, he had the temerity and audacity to tell the judge that he had taken his daughter with him and she left to return to the car which was parked outside in the hot sun until she died.

Yet, the good judge believed him, so he was acquitted of the charge – he who had taken his daughter for a ride for which she had died, and now he also took the good and sympathetic judge for another ride for which the judge believed in what he says.

But at the same time the prosecutors did not produce a CCTV recording that could show what the man had done if he had taken his daughter with to enter the shopping complex and that she had returned to the car to sit inside it and died.

Didn’t all shopping complex have CCTV systems which record anything that moves around and within their premises?

The court also did not ask if it was plausible or logical for the young girl to find her way back to the car, and how she managed to get the keys to the car to open the door and sit inside it.

And didn’t the prosecutors also asked those same questions to the man they had charged, and also what was the girl’s reason to return to the car alone, if he had any?

The question may be moot since she had already died.

And how come her father did not know she had left him until he returned to the car to see her inside of it, and dead.

But surely, he would be alarmed when he realized that his daughter was not with him. And he would definitely want to find her, to get the authorities in the shopping complex to make an announcement for the girl to go to a certain place and wait for him there.

But this did not happen.

But what did the prosecutors do that allowed the man to be acquitted of the charge that they had leveled against him?

And recently, a Melayu woman found his daughter dead in her car. She had taken her with him to her school where she was teaching.

And when she returned to the car six hours later, she discovered her dead body inside of it.

Yet, she was not charged for negligence, because the authorities and also some members of the public said she had suffered enough.

She may have suffered enough but the large members of the public have not.

She must have been charged for negligence, inspite of what she had suffered as a result of the death of her daughter, which was purely her own doing.

It is like the prosecutors not charging a man for killing his own mother or grandmother, because he had suffered enough.

The law does not take into consideration about a person who is said to have suffered enough; it rests on an act which under the law must be punished, severely if the court says so.

And there is also another case of a young Chinese woman who abused her daughter until she finally succumbed to the injuries she had suffered.

And when she finally died, the woman who had earlier been charged for physical abuse, was now charged for murder for which she could be sentenced to hang.

A Melayu man was sentenced to eighteen years jail and given ten strokes of the rotan for the charge of raping his daughter.

He was again given a similar sentence for raping his other daughter.

And another person was charged and sentenced in court for molesting his own daughter.

So it seems for molesting and even raping, the man could be charged in court and given the sentence, yet, for someone else to have caused the death of her own child, she is not charged, because she has suffered enough.

What the authorities should do is to put here in a lie detector test to see if what she says is true, that she had forgotten that her daughter was in her car.

And it also seems that to kill a person by knocking him with a car is less severe a crime for which a person can be fined a paltry sum, compared to the person actually killing him by shooting him with a gun.

There are many people who had died in road accidents, by people who drive recklessly, yet, they are not given a harsh sentence including to hang, despite the many people who had died in their hands.

So no wonder, there are many bus drivers who drive recklessly because they know they can get away with it by blaming the faulty brakes, not enough sleep, etc.

The companies concerned and their directors have hardly ever been taken to task.

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