Saturday, January 9, 2016


By Mansor Puteh

It is too bad that even Ibn Khaldun had failed to see the future when he said the Arabs would only unite if they are confronting a common enemy.

Maybe the enemies of the Arabs and also of Islam had studied his book and checked his words and knew how to go around the analysis when he said the Arabs would only unite if the are confronting a common enemy.

The Arabs had been given ‘a common’ enemy, but they have not realized who they are; and they are not the Zionists or America but themselves!

No wonder they are spending a lot to try and get at each other’s throats than to confront their common enemies, the Zionists.

This is probably because the mentality of the Arab leaders especially can be easily manipulated by their common enemies so that the Arabs see each other as their common enemies.

And too bad that Yemen is now in shambles being attacked from all sides especially Saudi Arabia a country that had strong religious affiliation with Yemen with the Prophet having visited the country to trade.

And for nothing the war amongst the Arabs had continued to spread and this time to Yemen, of all countries.

There is nothing more to destroy in Yemen; the country that had not managed to develop as much as the others north or to the east of it.

But soon those countries which are now relatively at peace with themselves too would be embroiled in some sort of war with each other; they are ways their real common enemies can use to make this happen. It will be just a matter of time before that happens.

And the last Arab country that will be destroyed will be Saudi Arabia. The reason being they have all the armaments provided by America that has to be demolished and depleted before that can happen, and they are using it against their fellow Arab and Muslim brothers now enemies.

Yet, despite that, Saudi Arabia had not found it expedient or necessary to establish cordial ties with Yemen, a country that is land-locked with it in the Arabian Peninsula.

They had allowed the situation to slide even further until they found the need to attack and destroy it.

Only then they decided to raise funding to offer Yemen a few hundred million dollars to rebuild the country that had not been allowed to be developed earlier that had been further destroyed by Saudi Arabian forces, with the support of other forces acting on behalf of their own forces.

I feel sad looking at the video on the news stations to see at the Yemen I had seen barely two years ago that had some semblance of peace despite the internal strife between the then president and his nemeses all of whom might be acting on behalf of some foreign countries which are bent on destroying.

But President Ali Abdullah Salleh too, had the support of Saudi Arabia and who had shown to not be such a clean person; having amassed immense wealth that he could never use in his lifetime, so said his critics and nemeses.

They had managed to allow their common enemies to take further advantage of the situation and can now see it clearly what has happened to their country.

Yemen was one of the Arab countries that were affected by the Arab Spring starting in March, 2011. Many Malaysian students were forced to evacuate from the country.

Yet, I had the audacity to go to the country I had not been to before, all because I had some friends from Malaysia working and living there who invited me to come over.

The house where I stayed is in the same area and close vicinity to one of the residences of the country’s opposition leader, Sheikh Hamid, so I was able to see men with rifles slung on their shoulders everywhere.

The next day, I returned to the Sana’a airport to see more than two hundred Malaysian students leaving the country.

I was detained by the airport security who did not believe it when I said I am from Malaysia and had just arrived in the country the day before.

That confused them. They must have thought I was a Japanese cameraman for the media because I was shooting photos and also video, but it is in an area outside of the airport terminal building where the students were gathering before they checked in for their flight.

I was released later after some negotiations handed by a local Arab man who served as our guide.

Here is a photo of the famous Rock Castle and a short of the City of Taif after sunrise.

No one knows if the photos I shot of these two places are still like this, or if they have changed beyond recognition; and if the Rock Castle is still sitting on the rock and not bombed to smithereens.

It will be sad if this had happened like Old Sana’a which I found had become the center of attacks by the rebels and many of the old buildings had been destroyed.

It is a convenient target for the rebels as it can definitely attract a lot of media attention with it being a World UNESCO Heritage Site.

What do the rebels care about such sites?

In Afghanistan, Iraq and other Arab countries that had been penetrated by the Zionist forces and CIA, many of the historical buildings had been destroyed.

I will surely want to make a return trip back to Sana’a and Yemen to revisit the places I had visited for the first time in March, 2011, to see how they are like now, when there is peace in the country.

This may not happen in a long time as no one knows the true situation in Yemen especially with Saudi Arabia and also the Zionists who are bent on destroying the whole country.

The Saudi Arabians are making a nuisance of themselves even in this Hajj season where more than two million pilgrims from all over the world are converging on the country yet they are still embarking on their military campaign that they had not dared to do on the Zionists but on fellow Arabs who are ill-equipped to defend themselves who they had failed to conjoin in the quest to develop it.

When will the Saudis and the other Arabs realize their own folly and come together to confront their common enemies who have been pitting them with each other? 

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