Monday, January 18, 2016


By Mansor Puteh

Where even the professors are sometimes dumb; because they had been too dependent on the very government they now loathe, the ungrateful scholars of no repute who now go to the Left to be seen and heard.

Because they could not fit into the system they were stuck with when they were begging for alms to be allowed to further their studies, with some who are trained in law but who do not know how to deal with issues by taking sides too quickly and making their own personal judgments they want to impose on the others.

How could they who put on a face and demeanor of piety but who pitifully disagree to everything that the government does?

And yet they have not said not even one thing that is good with the opposition and the sodomist and why they now favor to be on the Left.

Is it because they felt that they had been left behind in their quest to achieve greater achievement and personal comfort?

Did they quest for these?

It is sad how Malaysia has come to this and the very people the country and the Melayu thought they could count on are now not paying back to the society and country and are bent on destroying them.

Fortunately, their numbers are small and they are only vocal hiding behind Facebook postings not many read or care for.

Fewer still are those who had gone on to trust themselves in the public eye which they fear doing because they would have to be more agile and be able to put on a false front, and know how to handle issues openly and more intelligently.

The Facebook could only allow them to do so much. But it is not too much to allow themselves to be too expressive.

Some Malaysians have now learnt how to hate and be ungrateful for everything that they have got especially from the government.

Fortunately, the Melayu majority who reside further away from the urban areas and cities and towns are aloof of what is happening in FB and cyber world and the petty discourses that are created and they are the ones who are going to decide if the status quo of the Melayu Right still remains intact.

And with it the status quo of the Melayu Rulers too, whose positions had been entrenched when early Umno leaders and Melayu supporters got rid of the Malayan Union which if it was successful and the British managed to get what they had wanted, would have caused the Melayu Rulers to be no more than the ‘guardians of Islam’, like the Muftis of their respective states, and no more.

But one thing that they have not found to hate more is the ‘poor quality education’ they had managed to get that had caused them to say and do most of the things they had done and those that they are still capable of doing soon.

This is basically what is happening to some of the Melayu in Malaysia today; they think they have managed to get where they are now one on the strength of their intellect and academic qualification.

So they can become crude in their ways thinking nothing of the things they had been given since the time they went to primary school and all the way to university in the country or abroad.

Their parents were mostly farmers who survived on the land that was given to them by their own parents who lived all their lives in the remote villages.

Now some of their off-springs had managed to get a proper and more formal education with some being able to speak and write well in English having studied in schools that offered this subject and mostly when they were studying at universities abroad mostly in England and America with some in Australia or New Zealand.

So now they think nothing of the hands that had fed them.

They can turn around and blame the very agencies and Melayu political party that had caused Britain to leave Malaya or Tanah Melayu or Melayu Land to become independent, after which their future turned for the better.

The Melayu and some non-Melayu now like to blame everything on the government which is still led by the party, Umno which had managed to wrest independence from Britain on 31 August, 1957.

It is a fact that many Malaysians want to forget or to ignore completely; they are the ones who think that they are here at this time, but who had not come from an earlier era or age when their parents and grandparents who had to slough to eke a decent life in order that their offspring can get to enjoy it.

But alas, their offspring are not that grateful; they are in the blame business. They want to take it easy and have everything without lifting a finger to get it. They want to be served but they are not willing to serve their own society and themselves.

Their only achievement that they can be proud of and to show to everybody is the crass language that they can use on anything and the others especially the establishment, and being arrested or detained for some unlawful conduct is a source of pride.

But one thing that they are not yet able to blame is the ‘poor quality education’ that they had managed to get either in the country or abroad, which had caused them to be so callous and ungrateful, and how most of the things they had done to show their intense hatred of the party and government stemmed from the fact that they had earlier received the ‘poor quality education’ from government schools, which are given to them almost free of charge right up to the university.

Unfortunately this happens because they are not aware that they had been given such ‘poor quality education’ by their country because they did not demand to get it.

Besides, they won’t know if the education that they had managed to get is good for themselves or not; and they don’t care to even find out if this is the case and that is the reason why they are unhappy with themselves and the establishment and system they want to dominate or belittle.

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