Wednesday, January 27, 2016


 (A tribute to the confused and cunning organizers
and supporters of the Bersih protests…)
by Mansor Puteh

He was a rebel without a cause.
That’s old Hollywood.
James Dean is dead.
He died in his Porsche speeding along
a deserted highway.
Days after he had recorded a film clip on road safety
America mourned, with him gone
And learnt Hollywood films and stars can shine
and also crash.
He was a rebel with a crash…

Here in Malaysia where they hardly ever watch
much American films or TV
They think they are James Dean in
Rebel without a Cause.
He died speeding in his Porsche.

Here, we have many who like
to Babble without a Cause.
They think they know what to say
But they end up being caught red-handed
for being rude and a nuisance
many dare say

They think they are the whole country
But who gave them their backing?
Some foreign funding…to do the bidding for them?
They did not run in the general election
Because they feared losing
They choose to be choosy going to places
where people are aplenty
Here they choose words which sound coarse
But no sense did come out of the mouths
or in any meaningful discourse

They have too many a-times said
the same things
When the whole country had moved on
They prefer to be stuck in America’s of the 1960s
Thinking that by dragging the Sixties,
they can forget
That they are soon to past their sixties
Or are approaching their seventies…
and beyond

And who would soon be gone… 

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Ayako Endo High said...

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