Sunday, December 13, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

There can be no peace for the Zionists as long as they are living on land that they had stolen from the Palestinians.

And the Orthodox or Hassidic Jews who can lay more claim to the land, have all said they would not return to Israel as what it is called now or Palestine as long as the land has not been returned to its rightful owners, the Palestinians under which they are happy to live under.

Yet, the Zionists and lesser Jews in Israel today do not agree with such a stand, despite it being the stand of the more pious and God-fearing Hassidic Jews.

There can be no peace to the Zionists and their supporters even now when they are said to have done much to inflict pain on the Palestinians and using their proxy, America, to conduct an ‘Endless War’ campaign on the Palestinians and also Arabs neighboring the country.

The logic being as long as the Arab states are made to hate and fight each other, the resources of the Zionists and their proxy, America can be put to better use elsewhere and in times of greater challenge.

But so far the Palestinian and Arab leaders especially the Saudis, are aloof to the existence of this campaign and are too happy to realize it and also to support it.

When can I return to a free Palestine?

I remember the view of the road we had to pass through in the middle of the desert as the sun was going down just before the streetlights are lit…as we head towards Ramallah in the West Bank. It was stunning and visiting Palestine for the first time.

It was at a time when some measure of peace was showing its head, but not long afterwards the Zionists started to launch a fierce campaign which was in effect to put the deal off the table for as long as they could.

So no wonder even till today the situation there has not been any better. On the contrary, it has become much worse with the Arab Spring, Part I having taken place in March, 2011 and how the Arab Spring, Part II was thwarted by the Zionists.

The road that we had to pass through was in the middle of the desert and occasionally we would see small villages and towns and camels and people doing about their business.

Entering or crossing into Palestine we had to go through the Zionist checkpoint where our vehicle was put through a series of tests ending with one that required it to be driven into a hut where it is x-rayed.

And only after we had been cleared that we were allowed to proceed to Ramallah. We stopped once to get petrol and to relieve ourselves. Here I bumped into some local Jews and greeted them with, ‘Shalom’ and they responded after realizing that I could not be an Arab.

The whole area was quiet and calm. But hidden behind all this is the uncertainty Palestinians were experiencing now knowing when the two-state solution would take effect.

I was invited to show some of my earlier works at the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center in Ramallah in the West Bank, Palestine, in September, 1999.

Because of some miscommunication I was not able to cross the border which was manned by the Israeli guards, and had to return to Amman in Jordan.

It was midnight and I did not know how to get back to Amman, after getting to the border in a cab from the airport.

Some Palestinian men offered a ride in their car who said they were going to Amman and I gladly accepted it when there was no cab at the station was going that way.

I was relieved to get a hotel in Amman and from there managed to get the Malaysian embassy officers to help secure a visa at the Israeli embassy to go to Ramallah with two of them accompanying me.

That was how I finally managed to enter the West Bank to go to Ramallah and on the way back stop by at Baitulmukaddis or Jerusalem…for the first time too to visit the Old Walled City and the Dome of the Rock and Masjid Al-Aqsa.

But I still had some convincing to do since the Arab guards did not care too much for my Arab name and still thought I could be a non-Muslim. I had to recite some verses of affirmation to the faith and was finally allowed entry into the masjid to perform a prayer.

But it was not the case of the Dome of the Rock, where one can enter it and also go under the Hanging Rock which has a small space and low with the roof which is the bottom of the rock that was said to have been suspended until the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh ordered that a support be constructed around and under the rock less there might be some who could not understand how it could float and might faint staring at the sight.  

That was at a time when the two-state solution was about to be achieved but unfortunately, not long later a new series of attacks were launched against the Palestine that caused the solution to be held in limbo…

Maybe, a one-state solution could be the final solution to the Palestinian Problem or is it the Zionists Problem?!

This can happen if America finally realizes it own folly and not be stuck with their unwritten agreement to support the Zionists and the artificial and temporary state they had created from stolen land belonging to the Palestinians, and if the Arabs too finally realize their own folly…

The Jews must start to learn how to live peacefully under the Palestinians like they had done before.

And what have the Zionists been getting by forcing the Palestinians to live under them? Nothing. They have also given their own supporters misery. Haven’t they realized this?  

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