Thursday, December 31, 2015



Things seem to be quieter now on the 1MDB controversy.

SPRM or the anti-corruption agency of Malaysia has lodged a police report against Sarawak Report and its founder Claire Rewcastle-Brown, who happens to be the younger sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, over the posting of the draft of the charge sheet which would cause the arrest of Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, which the SPRM says is fake, and the Sarawak Report had the audacity to claim that they had got a copy of it from someone in SPRM itself. 

SPRM says even the format used in the fake draft is wrong. And who could not create a fake draft charge sheet anyway? It is that easy.

Turning the tables on Claire Rewcastle-Brown and her ilk and her face will turn red, and all her weird fantasies and imaginations will collapse…with Justo in Bangkok calling the shots and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) being forced to face the wall with the Bangkok Turn and Twist. 

This is what is happening now; that charges from one side can only be scoffed by being soft and meek by the accused.

What is there to get from holding on to such a posture? More charges and allegations unfounded as they may be, what do they care for their veracity when the deal is good to go along the track they had created for themselves thus far and with some in Malaysia and afar prodding them to go on and on until they finally find the hole to jump into!

The better strategy is to charge the accuser with the same venom as she had shown and she will react and overreact until her true colors are exposed and see them balk as they have now shown.

This is what’s happening now with Claire and her ilk being put on the defensive for the first time since they had a ball accusing the others, by not being brave to confront the issues head-on but by hiding behind the cyber wall and tucked away in good ‘ol England, the father of the colonial masters the world has ever known.

Now she and her ilk are feeling the heat with the tables having been turned against her and them.

Want to cry foul? Of course everybody else is cheating; but not them.

Now with Justo just around the corner with some facts, the allegations on how some Umno and DAP guys are said to have secretly met him in a hotel in Singapore, is the latest suspense.

But the Umno and DAP guys must have different reasons to want to see him….as did those from the newspaper…

And what more can she do, now that she has also posted the draft of the charge sheet which the former attorney-general had ordered his staff at the attorney-general’s office to write, which would in effect caused the prime minister and another person to be charged for some crimes?


She has gone too far and her deeds have been exposed, and sadly even British Prime Minister, David Cameron who is currently visiting the country has not said a word on her.

What will she do next?

Will she come up with more drafts of reports or information that she thinks can incriminate someone especially Najib himself?

Najib has so far maintained his innocence and put on a stoic face in public who he has to face everyday and at all times, going from one end of the country to the other end.

Not many people can manage to have such a busy schedule and remembering where he had gone to earlier and met with and spoke what.

Of course it is easier for him as his handlers and personal assistants and officers can easily help to arrange the schedule with him only attending it and reading texts that had been prepared by them.

Even then it is still difficult; not many leaders of other countries have such a schedule, what more at a time when he is put under intense pressure to buckle. So far he has managed to handle it well. But one can still see it in his face that has shrunk a bit with him losing a bit of weight too.

And his voice is also not as loud and booming like it was before.

But where is his nemesis, Claire? It is so clear that she will now not dare to return to Malaysia where she was said to be born in and who is now ‘hiding’ away in England somewhere and not brave enough to show her face anywhere in Malaysia.

In her last visit she had met with former Malaysian prime minister, Mahathir Mohammed at his office in Putrajaya and who posted some photos of them.

Now she is also under intense pressure to further disclose other information she thinks she has and who also thinks it is her duty to reveal them, in order ‘to save Malaysia’. But what other information does she have?

The last one on the draft charge sheet that was said to have been prepared by former attorney-general Gani Patail and his chambers turned out to be fake.

Some Malaysians had already begun to jump the gun by jumping in the air, thinking that they had finally found the gun, but unfortunately and also ironically, the gun was not aimed any their common foe, but at themselves.

Now the tables and also ‘the gun’ had been turned against the Sarawak Report and also its founder and editor, Claire, one now wants to wait for their latest move, if they have anymore up their sleeves.

The fake draft charge sheet could have been the most damning piece of evidence that Sarawak Report and Claire would have but it turned out to be fake.

Maybe it is not wrong for anyone in America or England to post fake charge sheets or documents or information on their national leaders as they can claim to express certain rights especially the right to expression if indeed they can use such a right.

But in many other countries including Malaysia and more so in Singapore, they can never do that. They can get it even worse if they were to do that on the national leaders of other neighboring countries. 

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