Thursday, December 3, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

Imagine: If Singapore is very much part of the Federation of Malaysia till today, chances are Lee Kuan Yew might have been detained at least two times under the International Security Act (ISA) and safely seconded in the Kamunting Detention Camp in Perak together with his staunch supporters and party leaders in the People’s Action Party or PAP with their sister party, the Democratic Action Part (DAP) in Malaysia today not existing.

But he can still raise to become the chief minister of Singapore which then would have a Yang diPertuan Negara or Gabnor much like the other former British Settlements of Melaka and Pulau Piinang in Malaysia today.

And what would the Chinese in Singapore get? A lot. Unfortunately, they are not aware of that till today.

Singapore may have their currency which is pegged higher than that of the Malaysian ringgit, and Singaporeans earn a lot and they can behave like lords when they are in Malaysia and they can travel to America visa-free unlike the Malaysians who now have to get a visa to go to America.

I used to have one which was valid for life, meaning I could go to America like I did not bother to apply for one.

However, after 911, the visa was shortened to ten years, so I now have to apply for a new one after the one I got for ten years in 2005 just expired.

Singaporeans today do not realize that they could have a better life today if not for the personal follies of Kuan Yew and his vision for Singapore.

They can live a more comfortable life like the Chinese in Malaysia today and own properties and be able to drive anywhere in their battered cars without having to get the VOA certificate that allows them to buy a car.

In Malaysia anyone can buy a battered Proton for two thousand ringgit or less and drive it all over the country.

In Singapore with the land space so small, one cannot get to rev up the engines of the cars and have to cross the Causeway to do that which is a pity.

Kuan Yew’s Malaysian Malaysia concept is utterly idiotic. This means and proves that he was not a team player.

He wanted to dictate terms to the other larger states which are predominantly Melayu with a Sultanate that spanned a few hundred years with some which are older still.

How could Kuan Yew succeed in his quest to turn Malaysia into a country that it was never meant to be by the Sultans of the nine states forming Persekutuan Tanah Melayu or the Federated Melayu States, long before Kuan Yew was in college in England?

Singapore entry into the Federation of Malaysia together with Sabah and Sarawak did not mean that he could call the shots. He had to obey and follow orders that he could not accept, even being reminded constantly that Singapore is such a tiny state with no hinterland to support its economic growth.

Even Kuan Yew cried when told that Tunku Abdul Rahman, then prime minister of Malaysia had expelled his state from the Federation in 1965 barely two years after it got into it.

And what more are the Chinese in Singapore losing because it is not in Malaysia today?

In fact, the Chinese in Malaysia today would be more economically and also politically empowered that it should have become a Chinese republic long ago with the Melayu made to become lazy and stupid, since most of them were not interested to pursue any vocation and were mostly interested to wait to die so they can live happily in the Hereafter.

Most of the Melayu then will still be stuck in the villages and remote areas.

And with Tunku saying how the Chinese must be allowed to dominate the commercial sector, the Melayu, just good to administrating the country with the Indians being marginalized and happily seconded in the rubber estates.

So it would not be long before more Chinese would be brought into the country to overwhelm the Melayu population like what happened in Singapore when the British took control of it by cheating the Melayu especially Raja Hussain Shah who they appointed the first Sultan of Singapore in January, 1819 and dismissing him after they got what they had wanted, not to establish a ‘trading post’ but a country of their own dominated by the Chinese.

And with the Chinese then calling for the use of Bahasa Melayu as the main medium of communication, then surely, the Bumiputera Power that we see today in Malaysia cannot stand, with even Utusan Melayu and all the ministries and government agencies as well as armed forces and police led by the Chinese who speak Melayu like what is happening in the neighboring countries.

But alas, all this could not happen because Kuan Yew did not really have a true vision to take over Malaysia.

Maybe Tunku was smarter by expelling Singapore out of the Federation of Malaysia because he could see how Kuan Yew was trying to do what many others in Malaysia then could not see.

So in a way, Tunku was smarter than Kuan Yew.

So he expelled Singapore from Malaysia and thus limited Kuan Yew’s indescribable vision for the nation embracing the concept of Malaysian Malaysia which is still being championed by some older generation of Chinese political leaders, a concept unfortunately is also being embraced by some Melayu who did not know better. 

In any case Singapore could only survive and develop because of cheap raw water it still gets from Malaysia at basement price offered to the state when it was part of the British empire, and sand mostly from Malaysia and by cheating by saying that they had brought in experts from Mexico when they were in fact from the Zionist state of Israel and the importation of more Chinese from all over the world to counter the rising population size of the Melayu which must be stopped at seventeen percent of the population.

Kuan Yew died earlier this year, but the saga continues…

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