Monday, November 30, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

…They criticize someone and appoint themselves as the judge and pass judgment on the person but could not get anyone to execute their orders.

Isn’t it pathetic for them to do such a thing? Of course they think that the others are as dumb as they are and who do not know what processes are available to anyone accused of any crime, before a final judgment is announced.

Just ask Anwar who…how he had dragged the process until he had exhausted all avenues that finally forced him to change his address to Sungai Buloh which is not so far away from his new home after moving from Damansara Heights. 

This is what many minor Malaysians like to do; they criticize someone with all sorts of unfounded allegations without showing any proof. And they appoint themselves as the judge and pass judgment on the person by ordering no one to arrest the person.

Yes, there are many such persons in Malaysia, the minor characters who do not know the law.

Now they are also defending the editor of Sarawak Report, who is now facing similar allegations that she had leveled against Najib and others, charging them to be unfair and biased, etc, and not truthful, etc, etc….

And there is this stupid Melayu woman living in England who said she knows of a Melayu politician who is corrupt; because her Chinese friend from Sarawak says so. I then told her if the email she got from the Sarawakian Chinese and her own go to the authorities she and the person could be charged for defamation.

She insisted that the Melayu politician is corrupt.

I told her she had tried to get her law degree from ITM in Shahalam but did not complete her course because she managed to pursue her education in England in god knows what. It is definitely not law or else she would not be buying what her Chinese Sarawakian friend had told her which she was glad to pass on to me, where the buck stopped for her.

‘This is my last email to you!’ she would say and deleted all the links to her earlier emails, to show that she was frightened by what they contained.

It is good that I do not have to deal with such a person who does not have much intelligence to start with who would call me to let me hear her curse her brothers and sisters.

Anyway let’s get to the main issue concerning Malaysians are generally introvert; they do not like to express themselves verbally or creatively. No wonder there are so few who can come up with good speeches and make off-the-cuff comments and be original, and also create literature or films and video programs.

Even the top painters that we have are mostly the introverts who had found their way of expressing themselves without uttering any word in public.

And those who use coarse language mostly do it amongst their friends.

Malaysians had not learnt how to curse in English because they lack the necessary vocabulary or compunction to do it.

Even in Melayu they curse using the most unoriginal ways and using familiar words.

No wonder no Malaysian has been known to be open publicly on anything mostly on their personal matters.

But some of that seemed to have changed with the introduction of the internet and worse, with Facebook where they suddenly become extroverts, but in secret.

They like to misuse the internet and post ridiculous comments and other postings in cyberspace and especially in the Facebook accounts they created for themselves or on the others.

Have they all become enlightened? No! They have become abusive, and not intelligent without realizing why they are now so.

But alas those who misuse Facebook and are suffering from the Facebook Curse are mostly those who are not so well-educated. This can be seen in the way how they write.
They like to pass judgment on people and appoint themselves as the moral guardian of society without them informing everybody their background in law.

They can only write one or two paragraphs in simple Melayu or English and these can never be used by scholars or researchers other than by psychologists or sociologists to determine the state of mind of the persons concerned.

In the end, it may be just a psychological matter that they are exposing to the others on their state of mind than on their politics.

How many of them have thought they had been empowered because they have the social media network otherwise known as the Face book to help them free themselves of any inhibitions and fears?

And most of them are the retired so they think they can be brash as well as crude as well as vulgar since they know and think that they are not within the reach of the law.  

And it seems that the nature of some Malaysians is to use this opportunity to express themselves in the most crash and uncreative ways; they think by doing so they are expanding on their intellectualism.

They are not. They had all felt limp with the new medium that had allowed them to be careless and also crude. They have become petty judges of the morals of the others.

They crave attention but could not get it; they do not have personal achievements to show to everybody and had not been known to be a writer of any repute.

Now Facebook has given them this avenue but alas they are not using it to write intelligently but to express their own fears and anxieties. They are experiencing the Facebook Curse without them realizing it.

And the more they realize this the more they balk. Then they toughen and become less consistent but they will never admit to it and they will use whatever words in the English or Melayu vocabulary they have to write similar attacks on the same person or persons by not actually directing what they say to anyone…which is sad.

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