Tuesday, November 3, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

…All Americans must be brave to set the White House free from any lobby groups who represent so small a community and weird and out-of-date personal interests and with so crude a behavior! Give America back to the voters! Take it back from the Lobbyists!

‘In the past if Americans were faced with adversity they would ask themselves, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ Now they ask, ‘Why did the Arabs (not they – the yet to be determined people!) do this to me?’ Americans should start to ask the earlier questions their parents and grandparents would have asked when 911 happened.

I returned to New York City on 1 April and after visiting my alma mater, I traveled by land across the country to end up in Hollywood before turning around to return to The Big Apple and on 16 April, 2013, I visited the WTC Memorial for the first time.

New York City was where I grew up by leaps and bounds intellectually and culturally as well as politically, when I was studying and living there some year, and many years ago, to see a view that I was not familiar with – with the WTC or World Trade Center or Twin Towers missing from view.

I walked around the two ponds which were the base of the former Twin Towers looking at all the names that are etched in it, on thick bronze plates, and not seeing any one I knew, which was a relieve.

I shot many photos but not any video because my camcorder broke; and I also forgot to do some sketches which I did on my travel across the country.

These will be good reasons for me to want to return to the country and city and Memorial which I hope to happen soon once I had renewed my visa which I had been given that I could use for ten years.

I was given one which was good for a lifetime and for free but after 911 it was shortened to ten years.

The first time I looked from the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan the towers were standing proudly, barely few years ago after it was completed.

I then managed to go up to the rooftop observatory in the summer of 1981 to see a view of the entire city spread all around me. Now the view is gone, bombed by two commercial airplanes, American-owned no doubt.

And in their places are now two ponds where the names of the more than three thousand persons who perished in the crash of the Twin Towers are etched, some are Arabs and other Muslims including a few Malaysians.

I still have the tickets, one in red and the other orange, I got to go up to the rooftop observatory of the South Tower or Tower Two, which was opened to the public, which the WTC Memorial Museum does not seem to have. And no one has ever posted them in the internet or their website for everybody to see how they look like.

So despite the WTC having given scores of million of that to their visitors since the South Tower or Tower Two, not many, if ever, have been saved. Mine may be the only two left.

Everybody must have thrown away the tickets after using them to enter the South Tower without realizing that some day in the near future this and the North Tower would collapse in a pile of dust that had created a storm that is still being felt till today.

The more than three thousand persons may have died in the crash of the Twin Towers but the story of how they feel still lives on…with no certainty of how that had happened. 

And what have America and the Americans learnt from 911 till now? Not much. And they can never ever learn anything from it.

Not because they are not able to discern anything from what had happened more than fourteen years ago, but because they know they can never find out truly why it happened in the first place.

Assassinating Osama bin Laden and some of the top leaders of Al-Qaeda have not done much to assuage everybody especially the conspiracy theorists.

Maybe the problem with America is how the White House is too dependent on the Lobbyists especially the Zionist Lobbyists in Washington DC who had done a lot of harm than good.

America is the only country whose president is at the behest of the lobbyists. No other country in the world allows the existence of such a system whereby the elected leader or the top executive of their country is beholden to lobbies.

And the lobbyists in Washington DC have been known to only care for their own interests and those of the Zionist state of Israel.

So in the end the voters who had turned in their president cannot be given the power to decide their own fate and that of their own country, but that of the Zionist state alone.

Lobbying is also another form of corruption. Yet, the Americans do not realize this and allow the groups to continue to exist even when they are suffering more with each time they succeed in shaping and reshaping the foreign policies of their country.

In the end America can be charged for being a proxy state of the Zionist state that does its bidding in the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly and other international forums.

America is good in telling other countries especially those in the Third World and mostly in the Arab and Muslim World how they should embrace democracy, yet, this is one reason why these countries are being destroyed.

And America too has not practiced what it tries to preach when they misuse their veto power in the United Nations to purposely cause harm on many innocent countries just because they are ordered to by the Zionist leaders and the Lobbyists.

What America desperately needs are a new set of political, social and cultural system that suit the present era to serve the majority.

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