Friday, September 11, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

But how come no one in the world has ever talked about this as a major human rights violation when new and even old immigrants to the country are given better opportunities than the natives who they had displaced that allowed them to rule the country, courtesy of British colonialism?

The percentage of the Melayu in Singapore when the country was expelled from the Federation of Malaysia on 6 August, 1965 was fourteen percent.

So this is the percentage the PAP government of the country wants to maintain so that the Melayu do not become more dominant and are easily spreaded all over the country mostly in the HDB flats.

The Chinese population will also be maintained at sixty-five percent of the population despite them not being able to procreate fast, so much so that the government had not choice but to bring in more of them from the neighboring countries especially China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and also Malaysia and Indonesia.

If this could not be done, chances are the percentage of the Chinese in Singapore would be much less.

It may be okay for the government to stick to the fourteen percent of the Melayu in the country, but what is not okay is how the same government did not wish to ensure that the economic pie of the Melayu is also relatively fourteen percent.

From what can be seen, the percentage of the economy of the Melayu in Singapore is much less around one percent.

They ended up being nothing more than laborers and staff of the many government agencies and some private companies.

There is no other country in the world which is doing this which is to ensure its minority race to not grow, except for the Zionist state of Israel which has a sizeable Arab population who could not be expelled from the country because they were living deep in the land that was seized compared to the other Arabs who were near the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

And Arabs tend to procreate a lot faster than the Jews, so the Zionist leaders had no choice but to bring in more Jews from Eastern Europe with some coming on their own from America and also France

But how long can the two countries do this to hold on to this way of ensuring their political stand?

Sooner or later with the many Chinese from China will be more pronounced and become the majority even amongst the Chinese with those from Singapore being sidelined as they do feel now the more China becomes a more developed country with Singapore becoming more and more dependent on China not only for the people it needs to serve in the country.

And there will also come a time when there won’t be too many Jews from Europe and America who are keen to go to Israel for resettlement and when this happens the size of the Jewish population in the country will shrink compared to the increase in the number of the Arabs.

Lee Kuan Yew won’t be able to see this happening as he had just died; and Benjamin Netanyahu too may not live to see his country slide.

And what they two have done to develop their countries may very well be on behalf of some others who in the future will take over the countries with the Arabs controlling Israel to become Palestine.

And Singapore can become a colony of China, in more ways than one or a SAR like Hong Kong and Macau today.  

Singapore and also the Zionist state of Israel can never be fair to their minorities who they or their earlier colonial powers had earlier displaced, so much so that they are now allowed to rule the countries.

Without this sort of policies, they are not able to rule the countries in the way they are doing all this while.

The main trust is for them to make sure that the Chinese in Singapore and the Jews in the Zionist state are in the majority no matter how the Native Melayu and Arabs in these countries are continuing to expand their population size by natural growth, by them using all sorts of methods to bring in more of their kind to balance up the population to ensure they are in the majority.

This is normally done by giving the new immigrants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and also Indonesia and elsewhere for the Jews, so that they are able to consider coming to live and work in these countries.

On the other hand, the Melayu in Singapore especially have had their old villages or kampung taken for development and there are no pockets of Melayu living anywhere in the country, because they are spread thinly in the HDB flats and given employment in the government agencies with not many of them who can excel in their given posts.

The two Melayu areas in old Singapore were Geylang and Geylang Serai and also Kampung Gelam. But these areas have been totally redeveloped so much so that they do not have Melayu features other than the food court in Geylang where some of them meet to eat and to socialize.  

Istana Kampung Gelam which was the palace of the old Sultan of Singapore has been taken over by the government and turned into the Malay Heritage Center leaving the descendants of the sultan scurrying to live everywhere.

And the Pretender to the Throne of the Sultanate of Singapore is now happy to assume his role in the most quiet and less dramatic way trying to dress like a sultan but who does not have the gold awards that sultans normally have on their golden songket ‘baju Melayu’ and surrounded by court officials.

Even roles of sultans in bangsawan stage-plays are better dressed and adorned even with fake gold and jewelry.      

Even the so-called Malay Department at the National University of Singapore (NUS) conducts business in English.

The few symbols of Melayu presence in Singapore are in their national anthem called ‘Majulah Singapura’ and how there are now many masjid in the housing estates, but their features are constructed in such a way that they do not look like masjid that we see in other countries.

There are so few Melayu in Singapore who had gone abroad to live and work especially to Malaysia if they are performers and singers where they can find better employment opportunities.

But most of the other Melayu are stuck in the country and have nowhere else to go. And many find some measure of collective strength by filling the masjid at the Makam Habib Nor, which was to be demolished to make way for a highway, but which was said to have magical powers that managed to convince the authorities to leave it alone so much so that the highway had to make a slight diversion to avoid the mausoleum.

I visited the Makam Habib Nor in 1963 and have not returned there since. So I will make sure I go there the next time I find myself back in the country.


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