Tuesday, September 15, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: I am reading the book, ‘Sins of the father’ in May, 2015, which is an unauthorized biography of former President George Herbert Bush, which was originally titled, ‘George Herbert Bush: An unauthorized biography and have just read the first fifty pages of the book. But this article was written before that.)

It is good for America to have another Bush – Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida – running for presidency? He had given the indication that he would long before anyone else had said so including Hilary Clinton.

But till now he has not said that he would.

The authors of ‘Sins of the father’ would certain not like to see that happen as they also wished the two earlier Bushes had not but did and won the presidency.

America became worse for that.  

It will be an unusual presidential election between the Bush Dynasty and Clinton Dynasty, which may even ‘force’ Chelsea Clinton to bid for it in the years to come the more she ages and gains more experience from having lived in the White House once.

Three Bushes are better than two Bushes? Maybe not! Even one was that bad.

Former President George H Bush and his son, Former President George W Bush are two of the four former presidents of America who do not seem to be going anywhere upon their retirement from office. And this is a bad sign.

George H Bush tried to go to Kuwait once but then Iraqi President Saddam Hussein welcome him with a barrage of rocket attacks which compelled his successor to launch a counter attack on Baghdad.

While George W Bush went to an African state but a group wanted his arrest, but which the host country declined to submit to.

Now the two Bushes are not about to go anywhere with George H Bush doing the skydiving once in a while as he ages slowly, to show how he has changed beyond recognition.

The two Bushes do not utter a word on anything much less world or even American politics. And this is also a bad sign.

The greatness of a president of America or any other country can only be seen when he has left office if he is still able to attract attention from many and what he says still rings.

This does not seem to be the case with the two Bushes.

Former President Bill Carter seems to be the busiest of the former presidents followed by Bill Clinton.

Former President Ronald Reagan seemed to have got some things to do when he left the White House being invited to speak in Tokyo and being paid handsomely. But he did not manage to travel far and wide to speak much on anything.

He was left with Alzheimer’s Disease which finally caused his death many years after he left office.

The two of them are still accepted as elderly international statesmen. But not for the two Bushes, whose lives seem to be miserable upon their retirement from office.

Where in the world had they been to upon retirement? Almost nowhere! And who listens to them? No one.

They are basically dead former presidents who do not have a life after leaving the White House.

It is not everybody else’s fault if they are living in such squalor, a degrading the American presidency.

And yet, there is another Bush who wants to make an attempt to live in the White House? He must be joking if not nuts!

Two Bushes at the White House was bad. A third one there will make it even worse for the American presidency and also citizens who should know better what legacy the two Bush Presidents had left and the America they had turned into.

If the two Bushes cannot be accepted anywhere in the world now, it must mean one thing, which is that they had performed horribly badly when they were presidents.  

This is definitely the case of the more the merrier. If one Bush was bad enough, two was worse. If there is yet another Bush, what calamity has befallen America and the world! 

What more can the third Bush do for America that his father and elder brother had not bothered to do so earlier?

Can the American voters trust the third Bush, Jeff, former governor of Florida to be their next president? God forbid!

It is better for them to vote in Hilary Clinton-Rodham than anybody else. It is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, no doubt.

And regardless of whom the American voters choose as their president, in the end it is the Zionist Lobby in Washington DC which will influence whatever he or she does.

They had shown their true colors when the two Bushes were president, but not so when Barack HUSSEIN Obama is president.

They could have done more if Barack is not the president.

The voters in America can show their disdain for the Lobby, by voting in someone who they thought could serve them and their country better.

But what the voters cannot do and can never do is when a person of their choice had been voted in, he or she will somehow be at the mercy of the Lobbyists and the other establishments and networks as well as institutions that the Zionists had put in place including Hollywood. This is not fair.

The White House therefore can never put things right to serve the people and they will end up serving the Lobbyists.

But sadly this is how the system works in the country where their policies are not devised by their president but by those who worked behind the White House whose policies the president of the country carries on failing which he will be removed from office either by assassination as in the case of John F. Kennedy or by scandal as in the case of Bill Clinton and perhaps by Richard M Nixon too.

It will take a lot of time before the system can be changed so that the voters really get the person they vote for and the reasons why they had voted him or her as their president.

In the meantime, the American voters will be tricked into believing that they had voted someone who represents them, but in truth he only serves the Lobbyists and their agents who are all over, who decide what America does.

Barack Obama has managed to outwit them by some measure, but the two former Bush presidents could not and did not. The third Bush will be an extension of the two earlier Bushes.

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