Monday, September 7, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

Maybe they did not realize this but this was what they were showing to the whole world.

It is okay for them to do that but why was Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also in the crowd?

It is quite obvious that the President of the Secular Republic of France, Francois Hollande is scared stiff of the small group of unimportant and insignificant cartoonists or caricaturists to blindly agree what the cartoonist say concerning the freedom of expression and of the press.

These cartoonists some of whom had been killed by some ‘militants’ should have known better not to impose their will on the others without getting negative and deadly reactions.

Who are they to define what freedom of expression and of the press are anyway?

They and everybody in France should know that Charlie Hebdo cannot go on using the Prophet to attract attention to their magazine and madness forever.

They knew Jesus Christ or Moses or Mary could not do much to help sell their magazine.

They have no such power to do that for them, that only Prophet Mohammad, pbuh can. 

Besides who cares with such freedoms that they defined for themselves which they cannot impose on other countries and peoples.

Only uncivilized people and countries would want to do that even if they are a superpower and have nuclear capabilities to impose those freedoms and also have veto power in the United Nations Security Council to stop any actions against them even if they are found to breach international law.  

It is not the job of the French President and other legal eagles to do that for the French people and country?

If that is so, why didn’t the French President not also allow their cartoonists to shape their domestic and also foreign policies since they know more than their own president, politicians and also professors and other experts? 

It is simple logic that they had failed to understand; and if they had thought about, then surely, they would not have led the march to support Charlie Hebdo.

Now it is too late for them to backtrack, they had led the march to show their support for Charlie Hebo and their stupid definition of the freedom of expression and of the press.

And by extension too the French President Francois Hollande can be said and charged for supporting the drawing of the caricatures of ‘The Prophet’.

But he is scared because he is not willing so admit it and to also give free copies of the ‘survivor’s edition’ of the magazine to the leaders who he had met since them who had come to Paris to pay homage to him and on his trips abroad.

He is now making a trip to Havana, Cuba, but one cannot think they he would be bringing some copies of the magazine to share with his counterparts in the country.

He can also wear tee-shirts bearing the print of the front-cover of the magazine wherever he goes and get the Alliance Francais to organizes special exhibitions on the magazine and explain to the locals in those countries where this French cultural center is, how Charlie Hebdo had helped the French government and the French people how to better define freedom of expression and of the press that they had not known of even if it meant sacrificing some of their countrymen in the process. They had not died in vain.

But why was Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also attended the rally?

Did he also mean to say he supported Charlie Hebdo and endorsed the drawings of ‘The Prophet’?

And did he bring some copies of the magazine to share with his staff at his office?

One can understand why Benjamin Netanyahu also attended the rally to represent the Zionist State of Israel even if it meant having to wearing thick overcoat, even if it meant sacrificing his personal safety looking scared.

Mahmoud Abbas painted an ugly picture of a Palestinian Muslim who should not have been there in the first place since it signifies that he agrees with Charlie Hebdo.

But why didn’t he bring some copies of the magazine back to Palestine and share them with his cabinet members and other officials?

And so far no country including France has bothered to give recognition to Charlie Hebdo or their cartoonists for sacrificing their lives for the sake of the freedoms that they cherished.

Isn’t this strange that something like this could not happen?

After all France had given immediate citizenship to a Muslim man from Africa who had given safety to some French Jews who had come to the Jewish Supermarket to recognize his bravery.

If this did not happen that the cartoonists who were killed and their magazine, Charlie Hebdo had shown unusual fortitude to uphold the freedoms they claim to support fully, then one can say that the support they got from many in France leading to the march, could be nothing but a meaningless show…   

Chances are if Hollande dares to carry copies of Charlie Hebdo with the offending caricature of the Prophet on his foreign trips and especially to some Arab and Muslim countries he will get what Charlie Hebdo got.

He is that scared to even talk about Charlie Hebdo when he is outside of France and tell everybody how proud he is of them and their cartoonists who had helped him to define those freedoms for the whole of France that they can share with the whole world.

But alas, they are the Charlie Hebdo version of the Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Press which are still vague other than their insistence that it was okay for them to defame Islam.

So in the end Charlie Hebdo was telling to the whole of France and the whole world that their own version of those freedoms are nothing but to defame Islam and no more.

They are not able defaming their own religions and country but only Islam.    

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