Sunday, February 8, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) – Reporters Without Sense! This is what this organization truly is.

They have their own goals to achieve and aims to realize and they may not be what many other reporters especially those in the Arab and Muslim countries, would support.

And they had not bothered to find out just how many reporters in the world who do not support them.

They were quick to assume that what they were trying to do, had managed to get the full support of the reporters elsewhere.

They did not have the consensus to represent the reporters of the world; they are too French and too isolated with their views and real goals too difficult for anyone who is not French to fully comprehend or understand.

There one cannot be faulted for charging that Reporters Without Borders (RSF) does not represent all the reporters in the world; they do not practice democracy; they only represent themselves.

They are too self-serving.

They are too French and too themselves and too alone to be able to represent anyone else especially the reporters who are Arabs and Muslims.

It is a surprise that they have not been condemned for promoting strange views on journalism and the freedom of expression, which they say in their slogan, ‘Freedom of Expression does not have a religion’.

Who are they to say so? They are just French. They are Secular; so they are against Christianity and Catholicism. They are not against Islam. Their constitution says so and quite explicitly.

But they are not aware of that because they are also not fully aware what a secular state is. It is not what they think it is. It is something else.

And journalism supports religions and religions support real and useful journalism.

It’s the atheists who do not support real or useful journalism but anarchy.

Now they have cartoonists, albeit, the French ones who they consider to also be journalists who do not support religion but anarchy and they were willing to offer their lives to prove their staunch support for their ideals however ridiculous they may be.   

Not many reporters in the world support them and their views on many things, especially when they try to be political and infringe on the alienable rights of those who are not like them, the Muslims.

This is what they say about themselves:

‘Reporters Without Borders was founded in Montpellier, France in 1995 by four journalists, Robert Menard, Reimy Loury, Jacques Molenat and Emeilin Jubineu. This association registered as a non-profit organization in France since 1995 soon took an international dimension.

Under the direction of Christophe Deloire, Reporters Without Borders organized its team of researchers by geographical area. The organization also gradually developed two essential and highly specialized spheres of activity; one focused on Internet Censorship and the New Media, and the other devoted to providing material, financial and psychological assistance to journalists assigned to dangerous areas.

Reporters Without Borders is registered in France as a non-profit organization and has consultant status at the United Nations and Unesco.’

What they are saying here does not say much. It shows how little they know of the rest of the world. They want to live in a secular world, the ideal world for them, which they do not want to realize could lead to anarchy that they seem to want to promote.

No wonder too they have this slogan that they post on their website, ‘Freedom of Expression has no religion’. Says who?

They have such contorted views of what journalism is all about and what the whole world is about.

And they also have contorted views of cartoonists as defenders of the Freedom of Speech and also of Expression, without realizing that cartoonists too can become terrorists who use their pens worse than the others and especially the killers of some cartoonists in Paris, who use the weapons, which were all made in the west.

There is no Arab or Muslim country that makes weapons in the same fashion as those few countries in the west do, these countries who like to be seen as the defenders of democracy and freedom, yet they are the best manufacturers of those weapons that have killed so many and destroyed many countries, mostly Arab and Muslim ones.

The French mostly export their Airbuses, but they can never export their ideology on journalism. Reporters Without Borders can never be exported to any Arab or Muslim country because what they say do not make any sense to anyone who values religion compared to the organization who can be charged for promoting atheism and backwardness.  

France is better known around the world for exporting their Airbuses, but not their own peculiar and weird brand of journalism and Freedom of Speech and also of Expression.

Where can a French man or woman go to express his or her freedoms? They are even not able to proudly show the ‘survivor’s edition’ of Charlie Hebdo to anyone outside of France or even carry it proudly anywhere in Paris or all over France; they prefer to hide the copies they have.

One can only trust and believe their President Hollande who insist that France supports and uphold such freedoms if he shows to the media and public in Paris and anywhere in the world the copy which he has not said he has seen or bought a copy of.  

Reporters Without Borders too have not posted the cover of this edition of the satirical magazine like they are proud to list and show the photos of the journalists around the world who they claim to have been persecuted by the governments in the countries where they work in.

The strangest thing is how come Reporters Without Borders and the French government and their leaders and liberal organizations seemed to support the banning of the burqas worn by some Muslim women in the country, when this should also fall within the ambit of the Freedom of Expression.  

Sketching the Prophet of Islam to them is okay but wearing the burqas is not  

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