Wednesday, February 4, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

Muslim political and intellectual leaders today are all trying to prove to everybody who are dumb and dumber…so they are willing to do the unconceivable by fighting with each other purely based on the slight provocations from outsiders who agents habitually infiltrate their organizations, governments and countries like they did not better how to counter them, each time it happened.  

The Muslim and Arab World seemed to be more peaceful when there were not too many so-called smart people, when the leaders and wealthy people knew Islam better than they do now.

Islam spread around the world not by the sword but by trading and intermarriage and no Muslim country had invaded another country unlike Catholicism which used the sword and force the people they had colonized and dominated to join their faith.

The people in the Philippines were Muslims before the Spanish came to conquer them. However, they were not able to move south which still has a Muslim majority.  

Many Arabs especially in the old days were living simply in caves without care for their personal well-being because they only cared for the Hereafter.

However, when the Arabs and Muslims became more modern and better educated, with the number of their ulamak increasing in number as much as their intellectuals and so on, they started to think that they are smarter than the other and in the end, the Arab started to fight with each other with some provocation from the Zionist and CIA and infiltrators from other countries in the pseudo-Christian west.

The Arab and Muslim leaders have not become truly smarter in many ways, but sillier and stupider because they had allowed themselves to be pawns in the game played by the superpowers and pseudo-Christian crusaders who were not happy that their predecessors had lost Baitulmukaddis to the Arabs.

And this is what is happening in the Middle East or the Arab World today, which stems from the fact that all the Melayu and Arab or Muslim leaders have become dumb!

Their efforts to enlighten the ordinary Arabs and Muslims have failed miserably because instead of becoming smarter, they had become dumber as can be seen with the establishment of the so-called Islamic Studies Centers at Oxford (Oxis), at Cambridge and also Harvard including the SOAS at London University which has failed to educated Arabs and Muslims so that in the end, their world could benefit from their presence.

Oxcis and the other so-called Islamic studies centers have been around so long, yet, what have they contributed to the well-being of the Arabs, Muslims and also Africans, despite most of them are being established in some of the more prestigious universities in the world.

What have their scholars and researchers been doing? Why are they so highly regarded, when all that they have done is to discuss on issues that are not relevant to the pressing needs of the Arabs and Muslims?

Millions of dollars are being spent to sustain them every year, but they are not giving back anything worthwhile for the Arabs and Muslims to benefit from their wisdom and scholarship. They are nothing but for show. 

I also blame the many so-called think tanks that we have in all the Arab and Muslim countries including in the west. There scores of thousands of such think tanks all over the world. What they have been doing?

I also wonder why there are the so-called prestigious universities in the world, the Ivy League and Oxbridge and other top universities in the world who have all created scholars some of whom have won the Nobel Prizes in all fields.

Yet, the world today is worse than it was before Al-Azhar was formed.

And now we have the hundreds of thousands of scholars and experts in sociology, psychology and history, economics etc, and not counting the millions of ULAMAKS all over the Muslim World and the non-Muslim ones; yet, they have individually and collectively not been able to do much.

The real solution to the problems faced by the Arabs and Muslims is how all the stupid Arab and Muslim political and religious and other intellectuals and think-tankers have been looking at the other way, and also at how they self-centered they; they who want to trust themselves by sidelining the very people they are supposed to study and elevate their status.

The real solution to all the problems faced by the Arabs and Muslims and hence, those in the west, is the non-existence of the NEW MUSLIM CINEMA.

I presented a paper called, 'Muslim Cinema as an antithesis to Hollywood' in the First International Muslim Filmmakers' Conference in Tehran, Iran in February, 1994. If whatever I proposed in this paper had been taken action by Malaysia or the OIC, Arab Spring - Part I and the carnage we see today in the Arab countries and also the west and the fears CIA, the White House and the French have would not happen.

The French now say, 'We are not afraid!' Yet, none of them dares to carry the caricatures of the Prophet. They are scared.

How much does it take to develop the New Muslim Cinema, by developing the Melaka Film City? US$2 billion only.

Tan Sri, if you think what I say can stir inside of you own self and intellect and emotions, let's have a discourse on this, to teach all the stupid Arab, Muslim and other non-Muslim leaders to come to their senses, if indeed they want to see peace in the world.

I hope to be able to work on my PhD on the New Muslim Cinema and to propose ways to use this cinema to restructure the world that was first structured after the Second World War, to benefit the Zionists and America and the west.

If this is not done, all the resources that the Arabs and Muslims have will be used for wrong purposes.

Farhan Ahmad Nazimi's lecture he gave at Putrajaya was stupid; what has it said that could be implemented?

I am the only Ivy League-trained filmmaker of Malaysia; I cannot be stupid. The Melayu leaders of Malaysia who have tried to stop me from making films to promote peace in the world through the medium of the cinema are stupid.

They hate other Melayu who are brilliant. Mahathir lied when he said he wanted to see more and more Melayu excel in their studies, yet, he does not care any of the Melayu who had studied in the Ivy League and also Oxbridge universities.

The problems faced by the Melayu, Malaysia and the Arabs and Muslims are caused by the collective stupidity of the Arab and Melayu and Muslim and non-Muslim leaders in all major fields.

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