Wednesday, October 23, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

It is stunning how from out of the blue, the Sultan of Brunei announced on live television in the country, wearing black baju Melayu how the country will be adopting the Syariah Laws.

It is stunning how this could happen amidst the chaos in the Arab countries and controversies surrounding this matter.

The announcement which was reported in some newspapers in Malaysia today came out of the blue, when everybody was looking elsewhere and doing other things, with the Arab and other so-called Muslim countries trying to make a sense of who they are and what they have become, while counting the many of their relatives and friends who have been bombed dead or to smithereens.

That the Arab World is in shambles is not an understatement. It happened simply because the Arabs had neglected to appreciate the real and true teachings of Islam.  

Brunei, therefore, can be said and admitted to be taking the lead in this regard for the other Muslim and Arab countries to follow.

It is a shame to all the Arab countries including those which are said to be the most orthodox, yet, which is slowly trying to lift the veil from the faces of their women, simply because there are some countries in the west which are forcing them to do it.

And can one even dare to venture to ask what if Syariah or Hudud Laws had been implemented in full force in all the Arab countries and other Muslim countries, that the Arab Spring I would not have happened.

And if with such laws in place, all the Arab and Muslim countries too would become the most developed in the world today?

This can happen.

But who does not want to let it happen?

And how long must the old Arab Spring I must be allowed to continue on which has so far caused massive destruction in all the Arab countries concerned?

Surely, there must be a good and valid reason for the Sultan of Brunei to make the stunning announcement that his country the Islamic and Melayu Kingdom of Brunei or Negara Brunei Darussalam would become the first Muslim country in recent history to adopt such a legal system.

It is a shame for the other Muslim and Arab countries, for not considering such Laws in the first place, with Malaysia mulling over it.

The only problem Malaysia has is that it has a strong and confused non-Muslim majority which is fast shrinking.

And the more the population of such people continues to shrink, the more some of them will become noisy and restless.

If Malaysia were a Melayu and Muslim majority country whose population is eighty percent of the total population, then surely this problem would not have happened.

The Melayu must not be fractured by insider politickering and politicking, which only helped the cause of the enemies of Islam and the Melayu.

But despite that, the situation can change for the better with the timely exit of Nik Aziz from PAS and national politics, whose long reign in politics has caused the Melayu and Muslims in the country to be unnecessarily fractured.

But there is no fracturing of the Muslims in Brunei; so that was the reason why this country could become a showcase Islamic state, which does not fear implementing the Hudud Laws, as it was the will of Allah for all Muslim countries to do so.

The importance of such laws and its effectiveness has never been acknowledged, simply because the real and unseen enemies of Islam wanted to make sure that they are condemned no matter what.

It is also ironic that the Sultan of Brunei would make the announcement when most of the Arab countries have been destroyed internally.

It is proof that the non-adherence of Islamic laws and principles and way of life, has caused massive damage to the countries concerned.

There is no need to prove how without the implementation of such laws, that these Arab and so-called Muslim countries have been destroyed with hundreds of thousands of the Arabs killed and maimed.

Which other Arab and Muslim country will follow in the footsteps of Brunei to implement such laws?

When will the Arab leaders smarten up to realize that their only salvation is in the full implementation of such laws, as enshrined in the Holy Koran.

Why was the Holy Koran written in Arabic, is something that no Arab leader or ulama has ever tried to digress.

It’s probably the Arabs were some of the most backward people on earth, that the Holy Book had to be written in this language so that they could read it better, and perhaps understand what is written in it better too.

But this did not happen. Many Arabs can read the Holy Koran and recite it by heart, but not many of them could understand it fully to realize the important things that are said in it, and to benefit from it.

So no wonder, the Arab countries, which are also blessed with OIL, could not be developed; with some having become lackeys of the very enemies of Islam, without them realizing it or knowingly aware of it.

The wealthier Arab countries only know how to channel funds to redevelop some of the Arab cities and countries that have been demolished and destroyed by their unseen and known enemies, but they do not know how to develop them by making sure that whatever development that had happened in their countries could be sustained, without them being destroyed again and again, each time after they were redeveloped, as in the case of Baghdad and Gaza.  

And without such laws, their countries have regressed with many of the Arab leaders losing their way, thus allowing the unseen enemies of Islam to create confusion amongst them and then total destruction.

It will take a long while before the Arab leaders realize their own folly in ‘rejecting’ Islamic Laws or the Hudud Laws, which affect all of them, regardless of who commits crimes.

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