Tuesday, October 1, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Chin Peng died on 15 September, a day before Malaysia Day, a day which he did not want to see happen. If he had been successful in his military campaigns, Malaysia would not have been formed that day in 1963.

And chances are the Malaysia today would be a vassal state of China.

Malaysia was formed to thwart whatever intentions Communist China had on Tanah Melayu and the region.

They had willing supporters in Indonesia though but they were also thwarted. So Indonesia did not go down the China and Chin Peng way.

The last legacy which Chin Peng a.k.a. Ong Boon Hua revealed at his death can be seen in the way he was cremated – in the Buddhist way. So he died a Buddhist, a belief he had held all his life.

It is strange for communists to insist on being buried in the Buddhist way, when they are supposed to be atheists, so that the bodies of the top leaders are not cremated or buried, but embalmed like those of Mao Zedong, Chao Enlai, Lenin, Stalin and the other top Soviet leaders including those in North Korea.

But no one has ever talked about the ‘face of Buddhist militancy’ until Time Magazine highlighted the matter on the front-page of their magazine earlier this year.

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, the issue of this magazine did not get to the shelves in the country.

The terror inflicted by Chin Peng and his men who also comprised of the Melayu cannot be described.

The reasons are also not defined.

If he had said what the real intentions of the Communist Party of Malaya or Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) were, then surely, the Melayu who were in the movement would have fled.

But despite that there was one of their senior Melayu leaders who was still a Muslim and when he married a Chinese woman-comrade, he insisted that she reverted to Islam.

How could communism and Islam go hand in hand, even deep in the jungles? The Chinese woman even got a Melayu-Muslim name.

Maybe the Melayu man was not a real and dedicated communist but a severe critic of the Melayu government.

It is not the only irony concerning the PKM. They had tried to use Bahasa Melayu in their campaigns and also their radio broadcasts which were in this language so that they can reach the other Melayu.

The radio broadcasts were said to have been done from their stations in South China and South Thailand where many of them were hiding when they were being hounded by the armed forces of Tanah Melayu who comprised mostly of the Melayu so much so that there were no non-Melayu combatants who had to suffer under the hands of the Communists.

Chin Peng was a Buddhist. And Myanmar is a Buddhist country.

Myanmar is one of the most repressive countries in the world which has been tormenting and causing the destruction of properties and lives of the Rohingyas who are Muslims.

The Rohingya people had a state of their own, but it was seized by the Myanmar government. And they behave much like the Zionists against the hapless Palestinians.

But because America and the whole world do not care too much for the plight of the Rohingyas, the problems they face are not highlighted.

On the contrary, the leader of Myanmar, Thein Swein, has been given special treatment by the United Nations and other western leaders.

But what other legacies did Chin Peng leave behind that he had not managed or succeeded to pursue and achieve? Plenty.

He aimed to cause the obliteration of Bahasa Melayu, replacing it with Mandarin so that Tanah Melayu or Malaysia today will be much like Singapore.

Singapore, is ‘a red dot in the sea of green’ could see the use of Mandarin more and more with Melayu being replaced on the official levels and left with the Melayu to use on the daily basis.

Even he who used to speak good Melayu before is now not so fluent in the language which his parents who had come from Semarang in Jawa, Indonesia had used daily.

And in Malaysia there are also some people comprising of the non-Melayu and some Melayu who are also intent of replacing Melayu as an official language for daily use in all levels of communications with English.

They dared not suggest the use of Mandarin although the matter stays within the confines of the vernacular Mandarin schools, whose continued presence is due mostly to political pressure and arm-twisting by the Chinese groups some of which are chauvinist Chinese.

The chauvinist Chinese are those who insist on giving Mandarin a wider exposure, other than to increase the number of schools that teach in this language.

And they are also the type of Malaysians who say they are Malaysians but who do not seem to support the Malaysian Constitution.

They are not known to be mixing with the Melayu and other communities or take part in the Merdeka and Malaysia Day parades, or attend the national day celebrations with gusto.

They support the opposition despite the opposition not having done anything to prop up the status of the vernacular schools in the country, whose tasks were undertaken by the Chinese political parties within the Barisan National coalition.

But despite that the Chinese parties in Barisan were thrown out by the Chinese voters in the last general elections which is a watershed election that has caused the Chinese in the country to lose more political grounds with their chauvinist groups also losing their fangs along the way.

They are now voiceless. The Melayu and national activists have created a shock by demanding that the Chinese chauvinist groups be sidelined and marginalize since this was what they had wanted to do in Malaysia to be sidelined and marginalized.

The years ahead and the next fourteenth general elections will see the trouncing of the Chinese chauvinist groups who had had their stay extended because of the Melayu who are always accommodative and charitable.

Meanwhile, with Chin Peng having been cremated and no attempt has been made to bring his ashes into the country, it now seems that his dreams to create his own version of Malaysia has also gone to ashes.

He cannot depend on the chauvinists anymore except for the so-called Leftists and so-called Liberals and other Confused Melayu and other Malaysians to do his bidding.

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