Saturday, May 18, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

The majority of the Chinese voters distanced themselves from Barisan Nasional because Barisan gave them too much ‘face’.

The mentality of the Chinese especially is such that they are not enamored with offers of assistance that had been given, but those which they still clamor.

So it was not such a surprise that they gave their votes to the opposition, so that they thought by doing so they could get more goodies in the future, since Barisan would be more desperate in wanting them to support them and to get their votes, that they could not get in PRU-13.

So how could Barisan woo the Chinese voters back to support them, to give them their votes in PRU-14, which is expected to be held in four to five years’ time?

Easy: Just ignore them!

Since they had voted the opposition, let the leaders of the opposition serve them and offer them whatever they want and demand.

Barisan should turn away from them and only deal with those who had supported them, especially the Bumiputera of Sabah and Sarawak and the Indians.

So it was good that the Najib Cabinet II sees more involvement of the Melayu and Bumiputera and Indians.

Especially so when a Hindraf leader, Widyamorthy was elected to be in the cabinet too.

The Najib Cabinet II reflect the real and true Malaysia of today. And it is time for the well-being of the Melayu and Bumiputera and Indians be given priority, since these groups have been coy enough not to made demands in the past that their economic standing had fallen.

The country had given the Chinese too much favors, the more they demand, the more they get.

The trend was started by the British colonial masters who favored the Chinese who they thought were more loyal to them, so they wanted the Chinese to prosper instead of the Melayu who if they are economically empowered, they could create a serious threat to the presence of the British in Tanah Melayu.

So the British wanted the Melayu to remain poor, with the Chinese enjoying the benefits of their repressive regime for so many years.

The Chinese voters in Malaysia thought they had been empowered and could test their limits in the last general elections by voting en masse the DAP, PAS and also PKR.

They did not care if PAS is an Islamic party and PKR is also a Melayu-majority party which tries very hard to fashion itself as a multiracial one.

PKR is like DAP and also Gerakan which also tried to pass themselves as multiracial parties.

How could they be multiracial when everything about them say that they are Chinese-dominated, especially DAP and Gerakan and PKR a Melayu-dominated party.

The Chinese voters especially the younger ones and also the older ones, had been misled by their own miscalculations.

They wanted to try and get rid of Barisan Nasional.

But what happened was something so shocking that many Chinese voters in Malaysia are having nightmares of the backlash that had just happened yesterday, when Barisan listed a new Najib Cabinet II with Melayu and Bumiputera with few Indians and only one or two Chinese.

The composition of the new cabinet truly signifies the new and real Malaysia of today.

However, if the Chinese really want participation in the government of the country, they cannot count on voting the opposition anymore or more exactly DAP, PAS and PKR, whose limits have been exposed by the PRU-13.

The mentality or psychology of the Chinese in Malaysia especially the Chinese with vernacular Mandarin school background, and especially those who did not go up in education dropping out after standard six or form three is peculiar.

And those who protested in Taiwan by carrying the Malaysian flag upside-down are mostly those with such educational backgrounds, they who could not get admission at universities in the west because their command of the English language to be negligible; they thought they are better of studying in Taiwan than in England or America.

They are the Chinese who live amongst themselves and who hardly ever mix with the Melayu and Indians, so their mentality was so shaped that they only see Malaysia and the whole world from such a blinkered vision.

Their counterparts in Singapore, too, are in the same boat as themselves.

But they were all not like that before. In fact, the Chinese who had studied in Taiwan and Singapore and who are now working in Malaysia have distanced themselves from the actions of the brethren in Taiwan, especially.

These Chinese and Taiwan-trained or educated Malaysians have been back in the country so they have confronted the realities. Compared to those who are still there who are aloof to them.

But they can be wooed. How? Only those who know them will know how to woo them.

Umno does not know how too woo the Chinese of this type. They behave differently compared to the Chinese who have ‘sekolah kebangsaan’ background and those who are conversant in English as well as in Melayu.

They are easier to approach and to talk to.

The Chinese who have Mandarin school background and those who live amongst themselves who also do not mix with the Melayu and the others, must be treated differently if Umno and Barisan want to woo them.

The way too woo this group of Chinese who comprise the majority of the Chinese in Malaysia is too ignore them.

They will start to look around and will slowly come forward and show their support to the party that ignores them.

Barisan Nasional lost their votes in the 2013 elections because Umno and Barisan showed too much interest and also ‘too much face’.

This caused them to react and negatively, so in the end, the results have spoken for themselves when the Chinese voters voted en masse against Umno and Barisan.

Giving them too much also can cause them to be less enamored to Umno and Barisan, as they will feel that it is still inadequate; they will in the end not feel grateful.

This is the nature of the Chinese who do not know how to feel grateful and to say ‘thank you’ or ‘si si ni’ or ‘kamsiah lu’.

The more Umno gives, the more they want.

This group of Chinese who do not have much of an education and who do not know much Melayu to be able to communicate with people of the other races, know that it is the responsibility of the government to provide them.

And who says the Chinese voters were influenced by the social media? They do not even know how to use the cell phones properly and hardly communicate using it.

They only make their decisions based on racial sentiments. 

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